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Resume of magicli

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Resume of magicli

  1. 1. Magic li • Chinses name : 李云峰 • English name : Harvy • • Ps : Don’t read my English name as “Harry” , I’m not a magicianO(∩_∩)O.
  2. 2. • Age:21,from the capital city,Beijing,Shunyi District. • Actually,I’m not from the urban area,so it’s not as as you think,but I promise it’s a beautiful place that you will fall in love with the first time being there.
  3. 3. • My voice:
  4. 4. • Here is a cute boy, don’t fall in love with me,I already have a girlfriend,I think we can go to the endO(∩_∩)O
  5. 5. • Ha, I don’t have a tasty tongue,so I can appreciate many kind of food as “delicious”, but I still have favorite food- Jiaozi, a traditional Chinese food ,if you havn’t have it before ,just go ahead,no disappoint !!!
  6. 6. • Hobby:basketball, of course,I can play any position in the field,anywhere I was,the nightmare cameO(∩_∩)O • Maybe we could play basketball together sometime you are free~~
  7. 7. • Hero:so many heroes people have created to fill in their empty hearts,yahh,I pick some,the Superman,the Iron Man,etc • Don’t take to heart, I’m kidding you~~ • Actually,I like the Premier Zhou best,he is the forever hero of this nation······
  8. 8. • My future:hopefully,I would like to be an orgnizer for big ceremories,plan every thing in advance that may meet in the live,deal with lots of huge or tiny decisions that may face up with,keep working!
  9. 9. • Software language:so far,I meet with a few types of Software languages,such as the C Language(good at),the Compile Language(a little) and no more··· • Though I’m a laymen in this field,I can do well if I wanna,just keep moving !
  10. 10. • Actually , I havn’t create any programs so far,no C programs,no compile programs··· • But,you can not use this to evaluate me,think I can do nothing but to click the mouse.i wanna study through my whole life,I wanna be a stronger.
  11. 11. Thank you !!!