Real Secrets of Using Social Media


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Learn how to successfully use facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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Real Secrets of Using Social Media

  1. 1. Real Secrets of UsingSocial Media Effectively
  2. 2. Top 3 Mistakes when Using Social Media 1. Not posting well. 2. Only self promotion. 3. No engagement with fan base.
  3. 3. Three Secrets to Social Media 1. Post Interesting Content 2. Engage with Fans/Followers3. Use as Customer Service Tool
  4. 4. facebookPost Interesting ContentPost content your customers/followers are interested in. Business offerings Articles Call to action Special events Motivational contentTypes of content Video Images Text/Links
  5. 5. facebookEngage with Followers/Clients/Customers/Fans Its a dialogue platform, not a monologue platform. Like, share and comment on other peoples posts. Respond to users.
  6. 6. facebookUse as Customer Service Tool Allow user comments. Resolve service issues. Notify clients of business changes.
  7. 7. facebook image from New facebook look coming soon.Larger images, going from 403px to 552px
  8. 8. facebook
  9. 9. facebookFacebook Advertising Cost Per Click (CPC) Shows up on the right side bar Can target audience through location, age, interests, connections Types of Advertisements  Ads  Sponsored Stories
  10. 10. twitterMicroblogging - broadcast medium in the form of blogging.(
  11. 11. twitterPost Content Only 140 characters HashtagsEngage with Followers Comment RT Shorten URLs –, hootsuiteUse as Customer Service Tool Customers express service issues. Set up separate account for service announcements. Mobile companies - Tweet location of services.
  12. 12. twitterBrand identity - Create a custom background, header image in line with your website.
  13. 13. LinkedInLinkedIn – social platform to organize, connect and grow your professional network. 1st 2nd You Degree Degree
  14. 14. LinkedInWays to Use LinkedIn for BusinessPersonal PageConnect and grow your network through personal connections. • Profile is online resume • Add a photo of yourself • Endorsements • Increase your network through connection invitations
  15. 15. LinkedIn Business Page  Highlight service, product offerings  Follow button  Add content  Link to your website  Add top image  Add your logo.
  16. 16. LinkedIn Groups Engage in conversations with group participants, find new contacts and grow network.  Establish yourself, your company as a leader and expert in your field.  Add articles  Search members for connections.
  17. 17. LinkedInLinkedIn ads Pay per Click (PPC or CPC) New program Select target audience Ads show up on profile pages, businesspages, home page, inbox, groups andsearch result pages. Closely monitor and adjust ads based adstatistics.
  18. 18. LinkedIn 1990 Linked in Todays LinkedIn Add link to email signature Create a custom LinkedIn URL What you add and post is a reflection of you and your business.
  19. 19. PinterestWhat is pinterest?
  20. 20. PinterestPin Content• Create “boards” and add images, video• Add text to your images Use hashtags Connect your facebook and twitter accounts Add content promoting your services and products Add other content as well; pinterest frowns on only posting your own selfpromotion content exclusively.
  21. 21. PinterestEngage with Followers Repin content you see that is interesting. Create community/group boards, invite others to pin. Comment on other pins. “Like” other pins.
  22. 22. PinterestRepin – Like – Comment
  23. 23. PinterestProfile and Boards
  24. 24. PinterestVespa and Kate Spade Contest #ridecolorfully
  25. 25. PinterestZazzle St. Patricks Day T-shirt Contest
  26. 26. Other Social Media Instagram  Flickr Tumblr  Youtube MySpace  Slideshare Tout  Digg Google Plus  Reddit Foursquare  Meetup Blogs  Any site where people can comment/share
  27. 27. Social Media Universe is VastKeep it simple, start with one or two; engage, create community and do it well before moving on to other platforms.
  28. 28. What is Your Social Media Goal?
  29. 29. Contact Informationbikerunyoga Carolyn Cummins@bikerunyoga 512-576-1672 magichotline.combikerunyoga