Automated testing web application


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Automated testing web application

  1. 1. Automated Testing for Web application Kiattikhun Prathumma June 21, 2012© Copyright 2010, Accellence (Thailand) Ltd.
  2. 2. Agenda • What is Automated Testing • Automated Testing vs Manual testing • Automated Testing Framework • Demo • Q&A © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  3. 3. What is Automated Testing “…Test automation is the process of writing a computer program to do testing that would otherwise need to be done manually…” Source: © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  4. 4. Advantages Automated Testing Manual Testing If Test Cases have to be run a small If you have to run a set of tests number of times its more likely to repeatedly automation is a huge gain perform manual testing Helps performing "compatibility It allows the tester to perform more testing" - testing the software on ad-hoc (random testing) different configurations It gives you the ability to run automation scenarios to perform Short term costs are reduced regressions in a shorter time It gives you the ability to run The more time tester spends testing a regressions on a code that is module the grater the odds to find continuously changing real user bugs Can be run simultaneously on different machines thus decreasing testing time Long term costs are reduced © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  5. 5. Disadvantages Automated Testing Manual Testing Its more expensive to Manual tests can be very time automate. Initial investments consuming are bigger than manual testing You cannot automate For every release you must everything, some tests still have rerun the same set of tests to be done manually which can be tiresome © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  6. 6. Use Automated Testing? “…It only makes sense to use automated testing tools when the costs of acquiring the tool and building and maintaining the tests is less than the efficiency gained from the effort" John Overbaugh, Senior Lead Software Development Engineer In Test (SDET) at Microsoft © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  7. 7. Use Manual Testing? “…Once a team is good at managing testing risk and test coverage and applying the right testing techniques, then talking about automation makes sense." Mike Kelly, Software development manager for a Fortune 100 company © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  8. 8. Other factors • The performance of your test tools • The knowledge level of your testing team • The continuous growth of software to be tested • Number of necessary regressions © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  9. 9. General approaches to test automation 1. Code-driven testing - Testing frameworks such as the xUnit frameworks 2. Graphical user interface testing - A testing framework generates user interface events such as keystrokes and mouse clicks, and observes the changes that result in the user interface © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  10. 10. Automated Testing FrameworkTool name Produced by Latest versionHP QuickTest Professional HP Software Division 11.0HTTP Test Tool Open source 2.0.8IBM Rational Functional IBM Rational 8.2.1TesterLabVIEW National Instruments 2011Maveryx Maveryx 1.2.0Oracle Application Testing Oracle Corporation 12.1SuiteQF-Test Quality First Software GmbH 3.4.7Ranorex Ranorex GmbH 3.2.3Rational robot IBM Rational 2003Selenium Open source 2.20SilkTest Micro Focus 2011 © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  11. 11. Automated Testing Framework (Cont.)Tool name Produced by Latest versioneggPlant TestPlant 2012EiffelStudio AutoTest Eiffel Software 7.0, Nov 2011SOAtest Parasoft 9.2TestComplete SmartBear Software 8.7Testing Anywhere Automation Anywhere 7.5TestPartner Micro Focus 6.3TPT PikeTec GmbH 4.0 TRICENTIS Technology &TOSCA Testsuite 7.3.1 ConsultingVisual Studio Test Microsoft 2010ProfessionalWATIR Open source 3.0Telerik Test Studio Telerik, Inc. 2012.1 © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  12. 12. Watir • It‟s a Ruby library • Multi browser (& OS) support • Has a rich API • Has a „Simple‟ class (for non-tech users) • Watij & Watin (Java & .NET) © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  13. 13. Watir Users Source: © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  14. 14. What kind of automated testing doesFacebook do? © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  15. 15. Watir at Facebook * Steven Grimm, Facebook‟s test engineering tech lead © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  16. 16. Watir Demo © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  17. 17. Selenium • Multi browser, OS & language support • Install server-side or as FF add-on • Has its own IDE • Record and playback tests © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  18. 18. Selenium Demo © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  19. 19. Q&A Problem? © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  20. 20. Reference • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.
  21. 21. Reference (Cont.) • • • • • • • • © 2010 Accellence (Thailand) Limited.