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  1. 1. Learning Task:Farm animal barrier game.Description:This activity is done betweentwo children, one of which haspictures of farm animals withtheir names. The second child Languagehas the same pictures of farm Subject Strand:animal, but without their names. VocabularyThe first child read the name ofan animal, and asks second child Subject Topic:to pass him the picture of the Oral Communicationanimal that match with name.Then second child ask first one if Background Information:the picture is right or not. Children need to know how toLearning Task Adapted from: match the animals with their names, so from this activity theyEnglish classroom, Child Care learn how to match things withCenter, Sultan Qaboos their name in their daily life.University. They need to know the names ofAge Group: things around them which enrich their vocabulary.5 to 6 years. Student Learning Outcomes:Subject Area: Vocabulary: farm animal names Oral Communication:
  2. 2. • asks questions  Has background about • listens and responds orally farm animals. to language patterns • follows directions Learning Theory & • communicates needs to Instructional Strategy: peers • articulates English/Arabic o This activity is based upon sounds in speech a cognitive approach where children make linksStudent Characteristics with different experiences (seeing, listening, matchingAccommodated: and reading). • This activity o This activity responds to accommodating kenestetic children’s way of learning intelligences as children through hiding pictures match between the picture they are asking for. and it’s name. o The activity prepares • This activity provides social children for social connection between the connection with others. two parties of it. Introduction of the LearningPrerequisite Concepts, Skills, Task:& Values:  Show two children  Child has to have reading the location of skills. activity in the shelf.  Has matching skills  Put barrier between between things. them to not allow them to see the cards
  3. 3. that each of them answer is wrong, but has. say try again. Tell the first child to  Tell the first student take the cards with to place on his side of it’s name, and second the barrier as a child to take the cards record of the without their names. response made by the second child. Help the first child to read the name of  Show the children animal like rabbit and how to tidy up the help him to ask activity. second child to pass Preparation: him the picture, so help him to say like, Search for pictures of farm "Please pass me the animals, and their names. card with the picture Print them out. of a rabbit". Cut them, and stick them in hard Help second child to papers. choose the right picture, and to say Laminate the cards. "This is the card with Checklist of Tray Items: the picture of a rabbit.”For example. Tray. Tell the first child to Plastic bag. not say wrong if the Box.
  4. 4. Extension Activities:  Does not use names of farm animals; may notExtend the difficulty level of the have expressive vocabularygame by adding more cards of to do so.farm animals or have additional  Begins to position objects/sets of cards with different kinds uses picture thatof animals. demonstrate names ofEnrichment Activities: farm animals.  Position objects/usesExtending the pictures to include picture that demonstratepicture of the food that the farm names of farm animals.animals eat.  Identifies all names of farmAssessment Techniques: animals.Teacher observes children whilethey are doing this activity. References for the Rubric:The teacher makes anecdotal Sue Hathway, Language Rubric,notes about: Child Care Center, Sultan QaboosLanguage: vocabulary: name of University.farm animals. Feedback: Suggestions:Matching skills. Please make sure that you haveAlso review the final set of cards space between each other.that the first student has lined Read to me the name of animals.up in pairs with the children to Please follow the oral sentencesee if there are any mis-placed model, so the first one of youcards. If there is one in the should say like, "Please pass meincorrect place there will be the card with the picture of amore. rabbit", and second one say likeEvaluation Rubric:
  5. 5. "This is the card with the pictureof a rabbit.”Please make sure that youchoose right picture.Please let him try again.Vocabulary:Farm animals, cards, pictures,barrier game.Comments, Hints, & Suggestion:Store the cards in food bags tosave them from dust and dirt.Key Words:Read, pass, try again and match.