Learning task for the arabic ph


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Learning task for the arabic ph

  1. 1. Learning task adapted :from Child Care Center, Sultan Qaboos University :Age group 5to 6 :Subject area LanguageECED 4080 Creating :Subject StrandMaterials for Use by ReadingYoung Children :Subject Topic Oral communication:Learning Task ((letters phonicShort phonics if the :Background Informationletters Children need to know:Description the correct sound of theAfter children learned letter in order to helpthe letter formation; them to pronounce thethey start to read the words correctly. Thisletters. This activity learning task helps themhelps child to know the in this stage by repeatingcorrect pronounce of the .the phonic several timeswords. With this activity Student Learningthere are objects that :Outcomeshave different :Languagepronounced for the Read the Arabic phonicsame letter. Therefore; .letterschild will take the object Prerequisite Concepts,or picture and will put it :Skills, & Valuesin the correct place and Follows class routines .1will pronounce the for selecting, using and.phonic of the letter
  2. 2. returning individual students enjoy.learning tasks organizing and matchingSmall muscle control .2 the pictures with theto hold the objects or .phonic of the letters.pictures The activity provides .2Learning Theory & the opportunity for the:Instruction Strategies child to move theThe activity follows .1 pictures and put them inthe constructivist theory .the correct placeof learning that the child Child engages in this .3learns about letters activity when they arephonic by actually able to construct abuilding the letters mental image of the.themselves .letter phonicThe teacher .2 Introduction of thedemonstrates the :Learning Tasklearning task for the Show the child how to .1child initially, and then .remove the activitythe child works on his Take the learning task .2.own to an open space at aChild will work with .2 .tablematerials that appeal to Demonstrate how to .3the sense and that can take the small parts outbe touched, moved from the small box, and .about and rearranged arrange themStudents Characteristics :Preparation:Accommodated Cut out the pictures .1Accommodating .1 and glue them in heavylinguistic and spatial .cardsintelligences was Cut out the letters and .2considered in the design .glue them in heavy cardof this activity as
  3. 3. Match between the .3 Laminated sheet of .3letter phonic and the the pictures of the.picture .letters:Instruction :Extension ActivitiesShow the child how to .1 Students could write .1remove the activity the letters after hearingboard from the shelf it from the teachernoting the placement of without seeing the.each item pictures of the lettersTake the learning task .2 :Enrichment Activitiesto an open space at a Ask the child to .1.table describe the differentDemonstrate how to .3 between the phonic fortake the small cards of .the same letterthe pictures or letters Student could use the .2out from the small box, play dough to form theand match them with .letterthe phonic of the letters :Assessment TechniquesTools and Equipment Children use self .1:Needed correct method as the.Heavy color papers .1 .part edges stay together.Pictures of letters .2 Instructor observes .2.Glue .3 the children while:Checklist of Tray Items working and provides,Tray .1 .feedbackPlastic zip- lock bag .2 Instructor examines .3containing the pictures .the finished productor use box to keep the :Feedback Suggestionsobjects instead of How can you decided .1.pictures where should this ?picture should go
  4. 4. Now try to pronounce .2 :Key Wordsthe phonic without ,Reading.looking at the picture Letters phonic:Evaluation Rubric .matchingDoes not match .1between the picturesand the picture of the.letterBegin to pronounce .2the correct phonic for.the letterbegin to match the .3letters with pictures anddose not say the correct.phonicMatch all the letters .4with pictures and says .the correct sentences:Vocabulary.Letter, phonic:ReferencesReferences for the:RubricSue Hathway, ScienceRubric, Child CareCenter, Sulatn Qaboos.UniversityComments, Hints, &:SuggestionsStore the pictures in .1the plastic bag to save.them from dust
  5. 5. ‫أَ‬‫أُ‬‫إ‬‫ِ‬‫بَ‬
  6. 6. ‫بُ‬‫بِ‬‫تَ‬
  7. 7. ‫تُ‬‫تِ‬‫ثَ‬‫ثُ‬
  8. 8. ‫ثِ‬‫حَ‬‫حُ‬‫حِ‬
  9. 9. ‫جَ‬‫جُ‬‫جِ‬‫خَ‬
  10. 10. ‫خُ‬‫خِ‬‫دَ‬‫دُ‬
  11. 11. ‫دِ‬‫ذَ‬‫ذُ‬‫ذِ‬
  12. 12. ‫رَ‬‫رُ‬‫رِ‬‫زَ‬
  13. 13. ‫زُ‬‫زِ‬‫سَ‬‫سُ‬
  14. 14. ‫سِ‬‫شَ‬‫شُ‬‫شِ‬
  15. 15. ‫صَ‬‫صُ‬‫صِ‬‫ضَ‬
  16. 16. ‫ضُ‬‫ضِ‬‫طَ‬‫طُ‬
  17. 17. ‫طِ‬‫ظَ‬‫ظُ‬‫ظِ‬
  18. 18. ‫عَ‬‫عُ‬‫عِ‬‫غَ‬
  19. 19. ‫غُ‬‫غِ‬‫فَ‬‫فُ‬
  20. 20. ‫فِ‬‫قَ‬‫قُ‬‫قِ‬
  21. 21. ‫كَ‬‫كُ‬‫كِ‬‫لَ‬
  22. 22. ‫لُ‬‫لِ‬‫مَ‬‫مُ‬
  23. 23. ‫مِ‬‫نَ‬‫نُ‬‫نِ‬
  24. 24. ‫هـَ‬‫هـُ‬‫هـِ‬‫وَ‬
  25. 25. ‫وُ‬‫وِ‬‫يَ‬‫يُ‬
  26. 26. ‫يِ‬