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Lantern poem1


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Lantern poem1

  1. 1. By Daniel and Gemma
  2. 2. Lantern Poem Definition This is a five line poem is written in the shape of a Japanese lantern. Each line is limited by a specific number of syllables Line 1- 1 syllables Line 2- 2 syllables Line 3- 3 syllables Line 4- 4 syllables Line 5- 1 syllables
  3. 3. Gemma’s Example Beach Water Shining Bright, Like a diamond Wave
  4. 4. Dan’s Example Juice Drink it It’s yummy It’s good for you Slurp
  5. 5. Gemma’s Example Sun Through clouds Shimmers down Onto our earth, Bright
  6. 6. Dan’s Example Fruit Are yum Are tasty And healthy for You
  7. 7. Thanks for watching