Setting Up A Blog Part 2


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This is the second slideshare for my blogging workshop. In this slidshow you will change your "look & feel", add pictures to your blog and set options for your blog....

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Setting Up A Blog Part 2

  1. 1. Setting up a blog With Thomas Part 2: Format your blog Welcome back!! If you missed part 1, click here . In this part we will format our blog to look nice!!
  2. 3. Go to your blog…… Sign into with your username and password Can I still remember my username & password? If you can’t remember your username and password, check your e-mail for your message
  3. 4. To make changes to your blog, click on “ Site admin” I need to change my first post and delete the comment ….. I need a new look for my blog
  4. 5. Let’s start by Choosing a new “Look & Feel”
  5. 6. Scroll down and pick a theme Some themes have 1, 2 or columns, so you have to decide how much “side information” you want to have… You will change your header picture later…if you chose a theme that will allow you to. Click on the theme to implement the change for your blog
  6. 7. Go and check out your new look blog…... Let’s go check our other settings!!
  7. 8. Click on the Options tab Under General you can change your weblog title, tagline, who may comment Change the tagline to something funkie! Get with the blogging thing!!! Think about this… If you leave it un-ticked, you may get spam comments…
  8. 9. Change to our south african time zone  +2 hours!! +2 Remember to update your changes!!
  9. 10. If you want to keep it “fresh” with your newest blogposts, choose this one What do I want my fans to see first???? If you want your visitors to be greeted by the same page on arrival, tick this one and select your page or blog entry If your “fans” subscribe to your feed, would they like to see the full post or just a summary?
  10. 11. You want discussion and fans to link to you… keep all these ticked!!! You want to be notified if anybody leaves a comment… If you first want to approve comments, tick this one Good idea. You might want to contact poster later!
  11. 12. Tick all  You want all the bells & whistles!!
  12. 13. Are you ready to write your first post?? Then what are you waiting for?? Go for it!!! What am I going to blog about…mmm...
  13. 14. Give your post a relevant title This is a really good title My blogs are going to be about how to do really brilliant blog posts and will link to articles, resources and blogs that are really brilliant… Go ahead. Create your first masterpiece! You 1 st need to do more housekeeping
  14. 15. Categories is a way to organise your blog posts and pages for your visitors. Add categories that will best describe your blogpost or pages If you want good discussion…allow comments!!! And pings will tell you when someone links to you.. You can make your post private and give selected people the password You can even change the timestamp!!
  15. 16. Or link directly to another picture on the internet There are 2 ways to do it…you can either upload a picture from your computer… I would like to add a picture…. C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/user/My%20Documents/
  16. 17. How do I link to a picture on another website? Go to the webpage with your picture on…and right-click on the picture A window will pop up. Highlight the Url  right-click and copy
  17. 18. Click on the image icon Paste in the Url of the image (Right-click and paste) Provide a description What to blog about….._ Insert the picture You can now save your blog post!!!
  18. 19. Just one more thing  Delete this comment! Finally…go and view your site….
  19. 20. To get back to your Dashboard, click on Site admin
  20. 21. Time to create a page… Pages organise our blog very much like a website pages Blogging tutorials Choose a page title This page will introduce you to the nitty gritty stuff of how to create blogs….watch this space…. Go and view your page…
  21. 22. Click on your new page! Your new page!!!
  22. 23. The next slideshow will deal with how to customize the blogroll, manage the categories and side widgets This presentation is part of School 2.0 You are welcome to share this slideshow and improve on it as long as you let me have the improved version back… You can send it to [email_address] (I am trying to get in touch with my mail side!!)