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e-schools conference presentation


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Quick basic overview of waht and why Web 2.0 for education

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e-schools conference presentation

  1. 1. Maggie 2.0 Verster (BSc HED Bed Hons A+ CIW Ass) Lifelong learner Presents Get a bra, Bro!!!! Web 2.0 in Support of learning and teaching in the 21st Century Web 2.0
  2. 2. Outcomes At the end of this presentation you should…..  Be connected to a SUPPORT learning network  Know what Web 2.0 is.  Be inspired to use Web 2.0 tools in SUPPORT of teaching and learning And that all in ½ an hour 20 mins!!!!
  3. 3. Cone of learning (Dale/Hyland))
  4. 4. “I store my knowledge in my friends” Stephen Downes Web 2.0 is social: • All web 2.0 tools have build-in social networking features • Allows for learning collaboration!
  5. 5. Social Networking Sites • Free Wiki’s • Easy to use File-sharing sites • Anywhere Share & Collaborate anytime Web 2.0? RSS & Widgets iGoogle Netvibes Pageflakes
  6. 6. What skills and knowledge do we ALL need 4 the future?
  7. 7. NCS: 21st Century skills Learners must be able to Solve problems & Think critically Digital flat world Digital Flat World Digital Flat World Digital Flat World Create Function Work with knowledge and effectively in information new information a knowledge society • Access • Adapting • Efficient ICT • Analyse • Applying users • Evaluate • Designing • Good • Integrate • Inventing Communicators • Present • Authoring • Great • Communicate Collaborators Adapted from: Guidelines for Teacher Training and Professional Development in ICT
  8. 8. How do we support learning in the 21st century?
  9. 9. New Read Innovation Age Hear Pictures Appropriation Support Watch a movie Look at exhibit Bra Watch demo Adaption Seeing it done on location Participating in a discussion Adoption Giving a talk Doing a dramatic presentation Entry Simulating the real experience Doing the real thing Web 2.0 Teachers ICT Framework tools
  10. 10. Issues  Using the right tool for the right purpose (learning)  Keeping our learners safe  Acceptable Use Policies  Firewalls Web 2.0  Time Time Time  ……………
  11. 11. Wear your Support Bra…..  Share your learning by:  Twittering about the conference (@esnsa)  Get connected virtually (Skype / Mxit / Gtalk….Facebook)  Tagging using “esnsa”  Join our discussion wiki 
  12. 12. What did the one saggy boob say to the other saggy boob? If we do not get some support soon, they will think we are nuts!
  13. 13. Twitter: maggiev Delicious: maggiev Blog: Skype: maggieverster Web 2.0