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Being (H)appy in the classroom


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Presentation at the #schoolnetsa conference. A practical look at how to choose apps without making apps the centre of the activity.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Being (H)appy in the classroom

  1. 1. Being (h)appy in the classroom #Schoolnetsa Maggie Verster @maggiev Being (H)appy in the classroom
  2. 2. Use any drawing app to create a picture of how you feel about mobile technology in the classroom
  3. 3. Share your picture’s story…. • Tweet your pic • Tell your pic Share Tell Tweet
  4. 4. Share your classroom (h)appy story… Explain what your picture say…. Discuss
  5. 5. Summary?
  6. 6. Tyger Valley College Wordclouds
  7. 7. A B C D Room 594
  8. 8.
  9. 9. How do we go about choosing apps?
  10. 10.
  11. 11. #cofimvaba #ICT4RED APPS 4 rural contexts
  12. 12. #cofimvaba #ICT4RED APPS 4 rural contexts
  13. 13. Teaching strategies
  14. 14. What can make us unhappy?
  15. 15. Ipad vs the rest? Ipad Android et al No USB- no add on space Mini/micro USB/HDMI Loooooong battery life Eish short man! No local wifi hotspot (but I do have a work around) Seamless wifi hotspot No file control. Apps control files File control and management More apps but more pay More free apps
  16. 16. Why Android tablets and not iPad or dedicated eReaders?  Affordable long-term total cost of ownership (TCO) in terms of repairs, replacement parts, cost of hardware, cost of accessories, etc;  Availability of off-the-shelf, child-friendly, ruggedised devices;  Since it is open source, it enables a high level of customisation (e.g. preloading educational apps, device tracking, customised software, version control, custom configuration of devices per phase/learner/teacher, etc);  Support for open standards (e.g. ePub);  Options to create a South African Educational AppStore, without having to go via a proprietary appstore;  Ability to side-load content and apps (e.g. via an SD card);  Support for removable/expandable storage which is critical for content dissemination in low/no connectivity environments;  Ability to tightly control specifications of devices in order to save costs;  Possibility of lock-in is minimal. Why android? @merryl4d
  17. 17. Dedicated eReaders Kindle/other Proprietary (links to bookstores) New device Launch imminent, TFT LCD eReaders Wyzeman Proprietary platform Feature Phones Most brands MXit?, data cost, distraction Smartphones Vodafone 858 (Android) Distraction/acceptability factors High end Android Cost iPhone Cost + lock-in Tablets Google Nexus 7 (Android) Storage via cloud, no SD card Kindle Fire (Android) New model awaited Intel StudyBook (Android) Waiting for availability Chinese Custom (Android) Quality improving High end Android Cost iPad Cost + lock-in BYOD?
  18. 18. Can apps make us happy?
  19. 19. Assessment
  20. 20. Assessment Go to: Room Number 504 504
  21. 21. Productivity
  22. 22. Classroom management
  23. 23. Mind-mapping
  24. 24. Remote desktop
  25. 25. Plan to be (h)appy
  26. 26. Being (h)appy in the classroom #Schoolnetsa Maggie Verster @maggiev We don’t have to be appy to be happy