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Sd presentation


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Sd presentation

  1. 1. Superdance 2012 MAGGIE STIEVATER
  2. 2. Origin This fundraiser was started in 1975 by Father McMurtrie (the principal at the time) and a student, Maura O’Donnell, whose sister had recently passed away from CF Maura and her friends started this great tradition and it has certainly united all Bishop O’Connell students, families, and alumni Maura herself died from Cystic Fibrosis a few years later, along with many of her brothers and sisters The last remaining O’Donnell offspring graduated from O’Connell this past May
  3. 3. Theme The theme of Superdance 2012 was “This is….SUPERDANCE!” and was revealed at the Superdance Assembly held a month before the actual dance Since the theme was Roman-esque, committee members wore gladiator wear or togas with olive branches for the Assembly and the t-shirts designed for the dance had armor drawn on them
  4. 4. Theme The banner made by the The pin handed out to eachDecorations Committee and hung student that registered for up in the gym for the dance Superdance
  5. 5. Superdance AssemblySkits/Games All committee members
  6. 6. Our Annual Guest SpeakersA family whose children live with CF Jason, a CF patient who has lived longand come to the Assembly each year past what he imagined, came back to to speak and the Dance to have fun share his story with O’Connell students
  7. 7. Set-Up Before the DanceMy wonderful Set-Up & Wrap- Putting together tons of balloon Up Co-Chairs chains!
  8. 8. Set-Up Before the DanceArts & Crafts All of the committees!
  9. 9. Set-Up Before the Dance Another student-made bannerDecorating our school mascot in (the green monster is “Cystic his toga! Fibrosis”)
  10. 10. The Dance The collections committee Moms even came to hold a baketaking shifts counting the money sale!
  11. 11. The DanceOther committee members and One of the great bands we were me in our special black shirts lucky enough to have perform
  12. 12. The DanceStudents dancing to a band One of the many contests held performance
  13. 13. The End A big “thank you” to all our localClose to the final count… sponsors