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Multi axis turning imts 2012


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Multi axis turning imts 2012

  1. 1. Multi- ing b k to basics…Multie-tAxisacTurning Gt
  2. 2. MachineConfigurations 3- TMM 3-axis (X, Z, C) 4- TMXMY 4-axis or TMXMYS 6-axis 6- (X, Y, Z, C) or (X, Y, Z, W, C, C3)
  3. 3. TMX 2-axis ( X, Z, W ) 2-Programmable Tailstock Z- X- Axis Axis P r o g ra m m ab l e Tailstock
  4. 4. Programmable C-Axis C- TMM & MY/MYS Fully programmable C- Axis rotary axis for contouring operations Can be clamped in place for more rigidity when necessary
  5. 5. MY / MYS Machine Y-Axis Configuration 2-Axis Wedge Design • X-Axis • Used to compensate for clearance of the moving Y-axis • Y-Axis • Programmed as perpendicular plane to the X-axis. C3- C3-Axis (sub-spindle)
  6. 6. Visualize Movement Click for Video Y-Axis Perpendicular to X- X- axis
  7. 7. C-Axis Milling Y-Axis Milling(always points to center) (allowed to move laterally)
  8. 8. C-Axis Drilling Y-Axis Drilling(always points to center) (allowed to move laterally)
  9. 9. Let’s Talk PartsExamples…
  10. 10. TMM PartsAll features on centerlineC-axis & X-axis correlation for axialmilling of flats Click for Video
  11. 11. TMM PartsC-axis & X-axis correlation foraxial milling off center circles Click for Video
  12. 12. MY/MYS PartsFeatures can be off-centerline of theworkpieceFlats can be milled using the Y-axis Click for Video
  13. 13. Real-Real-World ExampleShow me the money…
  14. 14. 2 - Axis LatheOperatio Setup Time Cycle Time Description n Face, Turn OD Profile, Groove 1 1 hr 5:35 OD, Thread, Drill, Bore ID, Cutoff Face OAL, Turn OD Profile, Bore 2 30 min 1:27 ID Total 1.5 hours 7:02 3- Axis MillOperatio Setup Time Cycle Time Description n 1 30 min 1:03 Mill Hex 2 30 min 1:17 Mill Slot Total 1 hour 2:20 Grand 2.5 Hours 9:22 Total
  15. 15. Multi- Multi- Axis Lathe Operatio Setup Time Cycle Time Description n Face, Turn OD Profile, Groove 1 30 min 6:57 OD, Thread, Drill, Bore ID, Mill Slot, Cutoff Face OAL, Turn OD Profile, Bore 2 30 min 1:38 ID, Mill Hex Total 1 hour 8:35 Grand 1 Hour 8:35 Total Total Time Savings 1.5 Hours :47Saving Time …while the mill runs other work
  16. 16. Multiple OperationsConserving Turret Stations
  17. 17. The Dilemma… Tools Needed12 Stations Available - 14 tools 1. Rough Turnneeded! 2. Finish Turn 3. Groove 4. Thread 5. Radial Endmill 6. Spot Drill 7. Lg. Drill 8. Boring Bar 9. Cut-off Tool 10.Rough Turn (Sub Spindle) 11.Finish Turn (Sub Spindle) 12.Axial Endmill (Sub Spindle) Oops… 13.Cross Hole? 14.Face Groove?
  18. 18. The Solution…Multi-Multi-Tool Holders Dual 1” shank Dual ER 32 turning main and Collets main and sub sub Quad turning Dual turning (Y axis required) (Y axis required)
  19. 19. The Solution…Multi-Multi-Tool Holders Dual Axial Live Dual Radial Live Tool Tool (Y axis required) (Y axis required) Dual Boring Bar Blade Cutoff Holder (Y axis required) Extra Clearance
  20. 20. More Creative Examples
  21. 21. Tool Holder OrientationAxial vs. Radial
  22. 22. Axial Tool Radial Radial Tool Tool Axial Tool
  23. 23. Radial TMM Turret Tool Axial ToolTools Mount to TurretFace
  24. 24. TMXMY / MYS Turret Axial Tool Radial ToolTools Mount to Outside Edge of Turret
  25. 25. Tool Holder ClearanceBe Careful
  26. 26. Radial ClearanceLimited clearance for long tools –especially on the TMM (pictured)Measure before indexing turretUse offset toolholders whenpossible
  27. 27. Axial ClearanceLimited clearance for long toolsClearance issues on both front and backside of turret (main & sub-spindle)
  28. 28. Balancing the Weight
  29. 29. Turret BalanceSpace toolholders to evenly distribute weight – unbalanced weightcould cause premature turret damage and wear
  30. 30. Tool Holder StylesVDI vs. BMT
  31. 31. VDI TurretsMust indicate holders due to allowableplay in mountingSome holders have adjustment dialsbuilt-in to the holder
  32. 32. VDI AdvantagesQuick change-overMore availability of flexible toolholder options than BMTVersatility – can be used ondifferent turret styles (TMM orMY/MYS)Typically has higher qualitybearings than BMTCan be adjusted for increasedaccuracy
  33. 33. BMT TurretsNo need to indicateLocating keys present on turret
  34. 34. BMT AdvantagesMore rigid setupKeyed for quick alignment – butalso has no ability for fineadjustmentCan be DIY if needed – makeyour own
  35. 35. Workholding Choices3-Jaw vs. Collet
  36. 36. Advantages3-Jaw Chuck No part pull-back when closing Flexible – wide range of sizes Can clamp out-of-round or irregular shaped parts Disadvantages Must grease daily Not as accurate as collets Difficult to change stock sizes Serrations can damage part surface
  37. 37. Collet Chuck Advantages Easy change-over Chuck diameter is smaller – providing less interference Increased accuracy Low maintenance – no grease Disadvantages More expensive Separate collet needed for each clamping diameter – requires storage of many collets Part can pull-back when closing
  38. 38. 3-Jaw Interference
  39. 39. ProgrammingThe Hurco Advantage
  40. 40. Tool Setup Axial Radial Tool ToolAxial or Radial controlled by orientation
  41. 41. Tool SetupAxial or Radial controlled by orientation
  42. 42. Programming Select from menu
  43. 43. Programming Axial Programming Radial Programming (Part Face) (Part OD)
  44. 44. Programming Axial Milling Process Tab Geometry Tab
  45. 45. Programming Axial Coordinates Turning Tool pictured for reference only Looking toward chuck
  46. 46. Programming Axial Coordinates X+ TurretChuckZ- Z+Chuck X- Looking straight down
  47. 47. Programming Radial Milling Process Tab Geometry Tab
  48. 48. ProgrammingRadial Coordinates Looking toward chuck
  49. 49. Programming Radial Coordinates Y+Chuck X’- X’- X’+Chuck Y- View from turret – looking down tool
  50. 50. Programming Part Transfer