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Having an attitude of gratitude


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Change your thinking around by being grateful. It'll change your world.

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Having an attitude of gratitude

  1. 1. Having an Attitude of Gratitude by maggieowens | on July 24, 2013 Have an Attitude of Gratitude, It Will Change Your Life For a long time I thought I had an “attitude of gratitude”. I wasn’t completely right on that one. Oh, I was grateful for the regular stuff like having a roof over my head and food on the table, but I never thought I could be grateful for something or someone that irritated the ever lovin daylights out of me. I was out doing my 10 minutes of weeding, which by the way, ends up always being more than 10 minutes, and I heard my brother on the phone taking care of some business for my dad. It was at that moment that my attitude towards him changed. I’ll give you a very brief history. My brother and my dad, my daughter and myself all live together in a beautiful manufactured home built for us 2 years ago. My daughter is moving out in a couple of weeks and my brother and I take care of our 83 year old dad who has multiple medical issues. My dad and my brother (who has medical and other issues of his own) are not exactly positive people. I have chosen this whole time to live on the negative side with them thinking that I have been trying to be positive but still always thinking about what wasn’t getting done and what my brother should be doing. When I heard my brother on the phone this morning taking care of insurance issues and other stuff for my dad, I was able to be grateful that he is here to make those phone calls and is willing to. At that moment, my life changed. I was able to change around the things I was complaining about. Instead of complaining that I am the one that has to pull the weeds and do the yard, I was able to say “Thank you God, for giving me a yard to work in and make my own.” All this time I heard people say “make a gratitude list” and I didn’t because I was always writing down the same things. Now I am able to change my thinking and see many, many more things I have to be grateful for.
  2. 2. Benefits of Having an Attitude of Gratitude feel more relaxed sleep better less envious increased energy much nicer to be around achieve your goals kinder These are only a few benefits. The list goes on and on. I feel so much better already filling the rest of the day with a new attitude than if I was constantly noticing all the negative. You can be sure that starting tonight I will be making a list of 5 things that I am grateful for and it won’t be the same every day. Having this new attitude will allow me to see beauty all around me. If you need a change in your life, try a gratitude list and see if it makes a difference in your life. If you got any value from this post or know of someone it may help, please share it. I would also love to hear any comments you may have about having an attitude of gratitude in the comments section below. Here is to your happiness, I would love to connect with you, On Twitter you can connect with me @parmaggie On Pinterest,
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