From Austin, Texas Capitol Building to Austin State Cemetery


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From Austin, Texas Capitol Building to Austin State Cemetery

  1. 1. Austin, Texas Capitol Building to Austin StateCemeteryby maggieowens | on January 16, 2013Things to See in Austin, TexasEver since I was 16 (many years ago), it has been a dream of mine to travel. I have been fortunate enough to dosome traveling in my time for which I am very grateful. Today, I am very pleased to be in Austin, Texas. I amhere for a conference for TheEmpower Network and I decided to take a couple of extra days to do some sightseeing.One thing that I will definitely do different the next time is that I will rent a car. I did my travels today on footand after walking for a total of about 4 1/2 hours my body said enough. But, I loved every minute of it. I reallyenjoyed seeing some of the things this city of Austin has to offer.Austin, Texas Historic 6th St.
  2. 2. Downtown 6th St Renovated Historical BuildingsThis seven block strip is home to dozens of pubs, clubs and restaurants. While walking along this strip, I saw several native stone buildings and Victorian buildings that have been renovated.If you are looking for some nightlife, 6th St offers live music, dancing and good food.Once I hit Congress Ave., I could see the Austin, Texas State Capitol Building.Texas State CapitolTexas State CapitolThe Austin, Texas State Capitol is the largest of the state capitols in the United States . Located at 1100Congress Ave., it is built from Sunset Red granite . Verybeautiful architecture and very impressive.This is a definite must see when you come to Austin, Texas.The grounds cover approximately 3 1/2 acres of land and is very serene and peaceful. Inside the capitol youcan take free tours which last approximately 1/2 hour and you are also free to wander around for as long as youlike.There’s lots to see and the tour is free. My favorite to see was the Senate Chamber and the House ofRepresentative’s Chamber. To be able to actually see where congress/senators and governor meet and makelaws and decisions is really pretty awesome.
  3. 3. To be honest, this is actually the first capitol building I have visited, but I know it will not be my last. Lots ofhistory here.Next I headed over to the Texas State Cemetery. I’ve got to tell you, it was a little further walk than I thoughtit would be. I decided to hail a cab at Red River St and 11th and it turned out to be only a few more blocksfrom where I was. Oh well. I should have hailed the cab back at the State Capitol Building.Republic Hill – Austin State CemeteryThere is one thing that I always like to do when I visit places and that is visit cemeteries. I don’t know why,but I just like to visit them especially when they have some of the beautiful tall head stones.The cemetery covers 22 acres and is the final resting place for individuals who have made a significantcontribution to the state of Texas such as Stephen F. Austin who is known as “the father of Texas”. Soldiers,elected state officials and other prominent men and women are buried here.You can pick up a brochure at the visitors center on the premises which will give you a information onlocations of monuments or where specific dignitaries have been laid to rest.Walking around the grounds of the cemetery, reading all of the history of the individuals on the tombstoneswas quite amazing.September 11th Memorial
  4. 4. One memorial in particular that touched me was the September 11th Memorial.These steel columns were salvaged from the World Trade Center at Ground Zero New York City. It wasdedicated on September 11, 2003.I hope you have enjoyed coming along with me on my journey. Maybe something you read or saw here willencourage you to visit Austin, Texas. My site seeing has ended for the day but will for sure continue ontomorrow in this very exciting city of Austin, Texas. I hope you come along. Would love to hear your opinionsin the comment section of this blog and if you found this information helpful and think it may help otherswhen visiting Austin, Texas, please share.Thank you for joining me. Until tomorrow,P.S. ~ If you like to travel and write about your adventures, you too can earn money by doing so. Check outthe video in the side bar, enter your best email address, and earn money by sharing about the things you loveand help others along the way. Would love to have you.