SGA - Treasurer Workshop - Fall 2013


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The Fall 2013 Treasurer workshop hosted by the Student Government Association at Seton Hall University. This session was required for all Student Organization Treasurer's. Visit

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  • BLUE – filll out your name PURPLE – make sure they have the name of program, their club, and what they pruchased. I cannot believe how many times I get shit where it doesn’t say what club this is for. RED- See that complicated part with weird boxes? Don’t touch it!Next PART – if you bought stuff at riteaid….just put ‘riteaid’. You don’t need to put what you bought at riteaid. I know what you bought at riteaid because you are attaching the receipt to this form! If I'm curious, I can checkAPPROVALS –so don’t sign it!SPECIAL INTRSUCTIONS – note – 2 things happen to this form. 1 copy goes to me so I can take the money out of your club’s account. The other copy goes to Procurement, who takes that money that I took out of your account, and writes a check to you! However, they send it to your HOME address, so if you want it to your mailbox on campus, you have to write your address on here. Also put your student ID number. ALSO, you will not get this check any earlier than 2 weeks.
  • SGA - Treasurer Workshop - Fall 2013

    1. 1. Fall Treasurer Workshop Guide to Club/Organization Treasurers!
    2. 2. My Role as SGA Treasurer  To monitor the funding of all 130+ Clubs/Organizations  Allocate funding for each Academic Year in the Spring  Act as a liaison between organizations and Community Development  Process all financial paperwork  Oversee all financial transaction conducted by Student Government  Arrange and suggest Co-sponsorship requests  Co-Chair of the Finance Committee
    3. 3. YOUR Role as Treasurer  Process all financial paperwork (IDT’s, Check-Req’s, etc)  Always keep your budget current  In charge of your club/organizations fundraising efforts
    4. 4. Keep Track of Your Budget!  EVERYTHING must go on your Budget Spreadsheet  Purchases  GDS Orders  Fundraising Deposits  Credit Card Purchases  etc
    5. 5. How Do You Request/Access Money?  Program Proposals!  Submit ALL the time – for programs, for money, for finance committee, for meetings, etc  Submit via 25 Live – if you need the training please let me know
    6. 6. Timeline for Program Proposal Submission To Ensure funding…  One Week Prior – A simple meeting  Three Weeks Prior – An Event (no Dj’s, no Contracts)  One Month Prior – Large Event (On/Off Campus, DJ, Performers, etc.)
    7. 7. Contracts, Lodging, & Transportation 101 Contracts  Must be drawn up/signed at least two weeks prior to the event with Rachel Siconolfi in Room 221- University Center  W9 Form needs to be signed as well  Full Time faculty member must be the contact person for the contract  Once completed, It is important to HAND it to Rachel in Room 221 Lodging and Transportation  Have to receive transportation/lodging quote before submitting Program Proposal  Waiver forms/Chaperone forms need to be signed before payment  The final step: Reserve through Rachel Siconolfi Room 221 in the University Center
    8. 8. *NEW*- GDS Food Ordering Process  If your club/organization plans to order through GDS this year:  See Rachel to set up a GDS account for your organization  Also, GDS Menus will be in her office for your convenience to look at
    9. 9. Ways to Spend/Receive Money Want to Spend Money?  From your account – Only money that is present in your account will be spent  Via IDT for on campus services – found on  Community Development Credit Card – Order online services/transportation/lodging through the Credit Card *see Rachel*  Check Req – Spend money out of pocket, be reimbursed  Form found on Want More Money?  Finance Committee – Each Semester Finance Committee has an average of $33,000 to give in aid to clubs/organizations  FUNDRAISE – The best thing you could do for your organization! & the money accumulates from year to year!  *Remember*- All fundraised money is to be given to the University Center Ticket Office. Once your receive a receipt, bring it to Room 221 to record on your account
    10. 10. Forms – Check Requisitions  Reimbursement form  When submitting this form, please attach the receipt with your items that you purchased  DO NOT include personal items on this receipt – your request will not be granted  If you do not want it sent to the address the University has on file, indicate pick up in the “Special Instructions” area  Only purchases over $250.00 need approval from Community Development  If equal value or under, please have a statement signed by President and Treasurer confirming their knowledge of this purchase
    11. 11. If student, must be the address on file with the University Must include the following: • What expenditure was • Name of Club
    12. 12. Forms - IDT  IDT forms are used for the following:  Purchase on campus services (Print Shop, Campus ID Office, Etc)  Co-sponsorship via monetary aid
    13. 13. Name of Organization that money is coming from Name of Organization that money is going to Date Description/list of what is being ordered, event name Total all items
    14. 14. *NEW*- Finance Committee Forms Before You Want To Meet with Finance Committee…  Submit a program proposal requesting Finance Committee assistance  Once your program has been approved/received an approval email, Submit a FC form via survey monkey  - forms What To Bring To The Meeting  NEW – Finance Committee Breakdown Sheet – To be brought to the meeting  8 copies  - forms
    15. 15. *NEW* Co-sponsorship Request Form  New Process for submission , forms section, Co-sponsorship Request –ONLINE FORM!  Co-Sponsorship budget is open to:  Non SGA Recognized Organizations  Departments  Greek Life
    16. 16. Who I Work With…  Rachel Siconolfi, Room 221 (top floor in U-Center)   Colleen Dallavalle – Room 117A (1st Floor U Center (next to the Living Room))   Maggie Bach – Room 227 (top floor in U-Center) 
    17. 17. Treasury Team Ashley Jefferson SGA Treasurer Jessica Page Assistant Treasurer Timothy Hoffman Finance Chair
    18. 18. My Contact Information   Office Hours – Wednesdays 11-12:15, 5- 6pm
    19. 19. Reminder – INVOLVEMENT FAIR!  Involvement Fair is Thursday September 5 from 11am -3pm  Open to all Student Group and Departments  Sign Up Now to have a table or risk being on the wait list! 
    20. 20. Any Questions?