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You Got Skills #3: Types of Maps


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Published in: Travel, Technology
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You Got Skills #3: Types of Maps

  1. 1. DifferentDifferent Types ofTypes of MapsMaps
  2. 2. Introduction  In this slideshow you will learn about SIX different types of maps. As you flip through, think about what these different maps might be used for!
  3. 3. Physical Maps  Physical maps show what the surface of the Earth looks like. These maps include physical features like mountains, rivers, and lakes. Water is usually shown in blue. Colors are used to show differences in land elevations. Green is usually used at lower elevations (near sea level), and orange and brown is used to show higher elevations (mountains).
  4. 4. Physical Maps (example)
  5. 5. Political Maps  Political maps do not show physical features like mountains and rivers. Instead, they show state and national boundaries and capitals and major cities. A capital city is usually marked with a star.
  6. 6. Political Map (example)
  7. 7. Climate Maps  Climate maps give general information about the climate (weather) and precipitation (rain/snow) of an area. Cartographers, or mapmakers, use colors to show different climate or precipitation zones.
  8. 8. Climate Maps (example)
  9. 9. Economic or Resource Maps  Economic or resource maps show the type of natural resources or economic (business) activities that are done in an area, like farming. Cartographers use symbols to show the location of natural resources or economic activities For example, oranges on a map of Florida tell you that oranges are grown there.  (example on the next slide)
  10. 10. Economic Map (example #1)
  11. 11. Economic Map (example #2)
  12. 12. Road Maps  Road maps show major roads, highways, airports, railroad tracks, cities, and other points of interest in an area. People use road maps to plan trips and for driving directions.
  13. 13. Road Map (example)
  14. 14. Topographic Maps  Topographic maps use lines to show the shape and elevation of the TOP of the earth. Lines that are close together show steep terrain, while lines that are far apart show flat terrain.
  15. 15. Topographic Map (example)