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Maggie Byrne Brand


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Maggie Byrne's submission to 2013 Twitter Contest for the upcoming Harold Burson Summer Internship Program #HBSI2013

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Maggie Byrne Brand

  1. 1. Maggie Byrne Brand MB S
  2. 2. About MBS Senior at the University of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignS Studying Public Relations, Communication & AdvertisingS Aspiring PR ProfessionalS Social Media EnthusiastS Proficient Internal (intraoffice) & External (clients & media) Communicator
  3. 3. History Custom website created
  4. 4. MissionS To combine MB’spre-existing PR knowledge and skill set withMB’sdesire to continuously learn about the PR industry in hopes of acquiring an internship at a renowned agency
  5. 5. Values
  6. 6. Capabilities
  7. 7. Services
  8. 8. Frequently Asked Questions • MB realizes the key to successful PR requires attention to detail. Every concept created, press release written and pitch presented needs to be free of errors and be completely brand aligned. • MB understands the importance of writing. There is an art to writing an concise e-mail, creating an original tweet and developing a clever pitch. MB is a very skilled writer, but is always striving to improve their writing.
  9. 9. Contact E-mail: