Imperialism - Maggie, Tate


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Imperialism in Africa

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  • Imperialism - Maggie, Tate

    1. 1. France in TheScramble for Africa Tate Allen and Maggie Berrier
    2. 2. Imperialism from 1800 to 1914 • Also known as the Age of Imperialism, when more developed countries took over less developed countries.
    3. 3. Scramble for Africa• The Scramble for Africa, also known as The Race for Africa, was when European powers took over African territory• This took place during the New Imperialism period• It was between 1881 and 1914
    4. 4. What caused the Scramble for Africa?• In 1873, Africa offered up an open market• Europeans realized that they could make a profit off of Africa• They came with goods, including guns, gin, and clothes, and sold them to the local people.
    5. 5. France’s Role in TheScramble for Africa • In West Africa, there was a lot of interest in the trade market. • By the late 19th century, it started to interest European countries • France was very active in trading in West Africa • Some French politicians wanted to expand into the interior of Africa for commercial gain. • By1870s, European states still controlled only 10 percent of Africa, and Algeria was controlled by France.
    6. 6. France’s Economics• West Africa had a large trade industry• Jules Ferry lead a group of poloticians who wanted to take over Africa for commercial gain after the defeat in the Franco- Prussian War of 1871• During the Long Depression, Africa offered France, Britain and Germany an open market that would give them a trade surplus.
    7. 7. African Economics• The trade with the foreigners which made some of the empires in Africa rich at that time.• Many crops were introduced, such as maize, pear and cassava
    8. 8. French Power• France gained control of Algeria and other parts of West Africa• French imperialists hoped to enhance the French economy to help recover from the Great Depression of the 1870s.
    9. 9. African Social Structure• The contact with Europeans in Africa helped promote the idea of state systems.• Trading with the Americans and Europeans did not encourage the development of Africa.• Many Africans were carried away as slaves, and it effected the population of Africa.
    10. 10. African Culture• Because of the Scramble for Africa, the original tribal cultures were altered because of the contact with the technology, religion, weapons and government forms of the Europeans.
    11. 11. Evaluation We think that the Scramble for Africa was good and bad.The Scramble for Africa helped France, but hurt Africa. Thecontact between the two countries helped spread culture, but France screwed Africa over.