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Help end world hunger


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Help end world hunger

  2. 2. Why help world hunger? Approximately 1/6 of the world’s population suffer from lack of nutrition and food. Nearly 15,000 kids die from hunger and other hunger related problems. 27% of children under 5 are severely underweight in the developing world. Click here to learn more about World Hunger
  3. 3. Cook for Life Application where you can virtually cook certain meals. The download for this application is free, but collects .25 cents a month that goes to food charities.
  4. 4. What’s the point? This app provides entertainment for the consumers who buy it, while also helping for a world wide problem.
  5. 5. Where does the food come How does the app work? from? The food that gets •Cook for Life will provided to the people have sponsors in need comes from that support the charities that ending world sponsor this app.. hunger. It will also collect .25 cents at the end of You will also get each month towards donations for food to virtually make charities. That is only meals with 3 dollars a year. accurate recipes for entertainment.
  6. 6. Title Screen Specs about Cooking for Life: Cook  Cook starts to cooking game, where you get to virtually mix, chop and slice ingredients and mix and cook meals together.
  7. 7. Cook Screen  Each recipe can be  clicked on and be brought to the screen where you virtually make the meal.
  8. 8. Donate Screen  This screen allows you to modify your donation amount, or if you want to donate right now or have a specific charity you’d like to donate too.  The pick one tab brings you to a list of links that allow you to donate to specific food charities.
  9. 9. Help Screen  This helps you answer any questions you may have with the payments or game play with the app design.
  10. 10. Videos SBW0BOPqM j0QNFAwv0&feature=related
  11. 11. World Hunger Charities• World Hunger Charities: Unicef Feeding America Bread for the World Action Against Hunger
  12. 12. Thank you for listening!