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  • Sub product selection criteria
  • - Tomato Juice Example
  • Raise right ep

    1. 1. Raise Right EP What Type of GIP EP’s should I raise in my entity?
    2. 2. What is “a right EP”?
    3. 3. What makes a “RIGHT EP”  Study Background  Duration  Work Experience  Language  Technical Skill(optional)  Expectations – Job Description  Expectations – Country / Region
    4. 4. The importance of Sub Product Based EP Raising
    5. 5. Minimum Criteria Marketing Channel Marketing Message Sub Product Supply Understanding
    6. 6. Minimum Criteria Marketing Channel Marketing Message Sub Product Supply Understanding
    7. 7. AIESEC provides 16 types of internships.
    8. 8. There are 121 detailed background requirements Advertising + Public Relations Brand & Trademark Management Consumer + Buyer Behavior Customer Relationship Management Import & Export International Marketing Introductory Marketing Market Research & Evaluation Product Planning, Development & Control Retail + Sales Marketing Marketing Example:
    9. 9. Our ability of offering different product varies
    10. 10. Different TN entities have their strength in offering internship opportunities depends on their market and experience.
    11. 11. Go to GIP Wiki to learn more of each product and be aware of what kind of products we can offer: http://www.myaiesec.net/content/viewwiki.do?contentid=1024008 5
    12. 12. Choose the products that fits both supply and student market potential. Student Market Potential Supply of AIESEC Network
    13. 13. Minimum Criteria Marketing Channel Marketing Message Sub Product Supply Understanding
    14. 14. Fact 1: In Commerce Type Sub segment there is extremely high supply of EPs v.s. TN Supply. It is important to- Raise higher quality Eps
    15. 15. • Duration Unless we are talking about GIP Teaching majority of TN takers require 4month+ • Work Experience Competition against EPs in company shortlisting, usual company practice • Study Background Higher and specialized study background • Language Regional Country TN requirements Who are higher quality Eps Commerce Type Sub Products?
    16. 16. Fact 2: The world has huge demand for specific technical background Eps. It is important to- 1) Align supply with sub-sub background 2) Drive the demand with EP supply
    17. 17. • Expertise Member HR to support technical recruitments • University Work together to build access to specific class groups • Subsegment Break this down further than Engineering and IT when targeting • Connection to Market Linking back your message to the person who goes on X How to find specialized Eps?
    18. 18. Minimum Criteria Marketing Channel Marketing Message Sub Product Supply Understanding
    19. 19. The basis of Strategic Marketing
    20. 20. Target Who will buy your sub products? Understand their wants, needs, interests and what context they’re living in during the time period when you wish to run the recruitment campaign “Know your potential customer”
    21. 21. Channel With what channels your target will be approached? • In which way your target is getting information? • What channels do they visit / trust? • Are they active in the channels you use? How often? • What do they do there? Channel
    22. 22. How to define the: The power of channel shows when it fits right target!
    23. 23. ChannelPush Strategy In the classic marketing formula, the emphasis was on promotion – pushing your message out to the world at large. Activities • cold calling, • unsolicited mail or email, • paid advertising (online and off), • promotional events like trade shows, • and some forms of PR, like blasting out press releases
    24. 24. ChannelPull Strategy Building affinity and connections. attract clients in your niche, Activities • develop referral partnerships, • become visible at networking events, • get booked as a public speaker, • have articles published, • land media interviews, • build a content-rich website.
    25. 25. Channel It is much easier to make a sale when clients contact you as the result of hearing about you from someone else, or after sampling your expertise.
    26. 26. Channel1. University related channel University channel is the easiest channel to work with and allows focus and target recruitment. University Services • Partnership Management • Mass access to students • Targeted access based on your opportunities Uni Management / Professors • Partnership Management • Clear Benefits-Reputation
    27. 27. Channel 1. University related channel Youth Organisations • Search the top youth organisations in your universities • Focus based on sub product • Product Development together
    28. 28. Channel 2. Outside University Channel External channel has a lot of potential but takes more time to make it work. Other Relevant Organisations • External environment are not only our universities • Search Based on your top profiles • Associations/ Institutions • Access to massive amount of people Examples • Organisations of (youth) Unemployment • Organizations of professional orientation • EU programs – Young people apply for jobs abroad
    29. 29. ONLINE 3. Online Channel Online channel can reach massive amount of people easily. The key is to tailor the reach specific background we want. • Facebook/Twitter • Website • University virtual platforms
    30. 30. Message What parts of your product are the most attractive for your customers? What is the core value proposition of your sub product you are presenting?
    31. 31. Expectations S&D Value Proposition CustomersMessage Message
    32. 32. Expectations S&D  Longer Duration  Specific Regions  More Work XP Example of AIESEC Germany Message
    33. 33. Value proposition  GTK New Business Culture  Need for International Competencies  Contact / Network  Pool of Opportunities  Support from AIESEC Message Example of AIESEC Germany
    34. 34. customers  International Cross Culture XP  Better than Semester Abroad  Don’t have to leave the country forever  Enough time for real culture shock Message Example of AIESEC Germany
    35. 35. message “Work in an International environment and equip yourself with unique competencies” “Challenge yourself and experience a new business culture” Message Example of AIESEC Germany
    36. 36. message  Excellent English (B2-C1 CEFR)  Bonus to have language: Spanish, French, Mandarin, P ortuguese (A2 – B1 CEFR)  Prior Internship XP in related field  Minimum 4 months availability Subsegment Channels Message Example of AIESEC Germany
    37. 37. Minimum Criteria Marketing Channel Marketing Message Sub Product Supply Understanding
    38. 38. Thank You