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Magento Statistics - Magetraining presentation

Overview of Magento Statistics
Compiled by Matthew Harrington

Magento is a Leading eCommerce Platform:

Magento strives toward quality by offering certifications:

Magento has history going back to 2008:

Magento is a very big piece of software:

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Magento Statistics - Magetraining presentation

  1. 1. Magento Statistics
  2. 2. Over $50 Billion in Merchandise volume per year * Over 250,000 businesses use the Magento platform** Open-source nature makes it completely flexible. This allows businesses to customize the platform to their specific business needs, allowing them to me innovative and flexible in competitive markets. There are over 150,000 innovators in the Magento ecosystem*** A Leader
  3. 3. Quality Control Magento makes four types of Certifications available, each focussing on specific areas. These certifications help ensure people contributing to and developing on the Magento platform are knowledgeable of Magento and building things according to best practices. At the beginning of 2017, there were 5,288 people listed in the Magento Certification Directory, from 73 countries. The United States and India hold the largest number of certified individuals.
  4. 4. • Developed in 2008 by Varien Inc., of Culver City, CA (Interesting fact: Originally released under the name Bento) • eBay invested in Magento in 2010 (49% ownership share) (eBay also owns PayPal) • Magento version 2.0 was released in Nov. 2015, both Community and Enterprise; The 1.x version will be supported until Nov. 2018. • In November of 2015, Magento was separated from eBay and is now independently owned by the Permira private equity fund. History
  5. 5. • Magento 1.x vs. Magento 2.x Versions – Admin Differences Version 2.X uses a new directory structure, new layout elements, added full page caching to CE version, and integrated Varnish Cache.
  6. 6. • Magento 1.x vs. Magento 2.x The latest 1.x versions of Magento used the RWD Theme, the 2.x versions of Magento use the Luma Theme, which has a streamlined checkout process. Versions – Front-end Differences
  7. 7. • The most popular platform for the Alexa-ranked Top 1M sites • Magento holds an even higher percentage if looking at only Top 100K sites eCommerce Market Share
  8. 8. Magento consists of approx. 13,000 files and uses a DB with approx. 300 tables Magento is Big