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Community feedback introduction


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Feedback system for Magento sites developed by Magestore. Users can interact with each other

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Community feedback introduction

  1. 1. 68% of customers search and refer feedbacksfrom purchased customers before buying96% of unhappy customers don’t complain,91% of those will simply leave and never come back56%-70% of customers will do business with youagain if their problems are resolved.
  2. 2. If you take Customer Service as your toppriority, you must take a look at the solution
  3. 3. It’s a Magento extension to help you build the perfect feedback system Allow users (store owner, customers) to interact and support each other Encourage customers to make more reviews and comments on your store Provide more information and increase creditability of your store
  4. 4. After installing the extension, your own Community Feedback system can be generated like this: Customers create a topic which can be a question, problem, idea or praise Customerscan see other user’s topics
  5. 5. Users easily interact with each other by replying to a topic
  6. 6. Customers can answer the questions, leave comments, discuss the issues, share their ideas… Product(s) Social related to Buttons the topic Suggested Users can keywords for searchingattach files to the reply
  7. 7. CommunityFeedback systemallows customers to leave feedbacks to a specific product right on the Product Page.
  8. 8. Besides, all feedbacks related to a specific product in yourstore will be listed and displayed on its Product Page. Topics about a product are shown at the bottom of the Product Page
  9. 9. Community Feedback extension also allows customers to createand view topics on your Facebook fanpage just like on your store. Feedbacks on Facebook and on your store will be synchronized.
  10. 10. It requires little effort to find out many feedback applications for your sitessuch as Get Satisfaction, Uservoice, SuggestionBox…These applicationsoffer a variety of features for professionals but they still make someinconveniences if you own a Magento site.
  11. 11. Community Feedback extension is designed to be totally compatiblewith Magento sites, helping you easily manage your website. Built-in extension (Configure directly inadmin section, no dependence on 3rd party) Leave feedbacks right on Product Page Customizable Theme & White labelavailable to all editions Open source Good price compared to its functions No additional expenses required
  12. 12. Free Lifetime SupportFree Updates and bugFixesMoney Back Guarantee30 Days, no questionsasked