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Affiliate program on


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Magento Affiliate extension; price $99; 30 days money back guarantee; 15 days free trial.

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Affiliate program on

  1. 1. Do you want to have an Affiliate network to Sell 1000s Kitchen items for you?
  2. 2. You can run Affiliate program, attain hundreds of Referrals andthousands of Customers just by installing extension Install extension You will have Affiliate program Referral 1 Referral 2 Referral nCustomer Customer Customer Customer Customer Customer
  3. 3. Affiliate+ is a sales motivation Magento extension, powered by…Magestore- Magento extensions & templates Provider with over 3000 customers globally We are officially acknowledged as Magento’s Bronze industry Partner.
  4. 4. After installing Affiliate+ module, you canconfigure this link in the footer or header ofyour Homepage for customers to easily follow.
  5. 5. After installing Affiliate+, you can create your own AffiliateProgram like this: Set up commission rate for referrals Customers when purchasing To withdraw commission affiliates may receive discount must reach this amount
  6. 6. Affiliates sign up your program and begin to earn commission: get the links andbanners that you provide and post to their websites, blogs, social accounts… Affiliates get link Or get ads codeor source code
  7. 7. Affiliates placebanners on theirwebsite, blog…Or share on socialnetworkFacebook, Twitter,and email…
  8. 8. When someone clicks on the link and purchasesyour product, the referral will receive commission Affiliates receive Commission You enjoy SalesAffiliates can track commission
  9. 9. Besides easily setting up such affiliate program,you can: Create Multi affiliate programs which have differentcommission rates, customer groups… Enable referrals to import their contacts from Yahoo, Gmailand send links to friend groups via emails conveniently Let your affiliates refer friends by Coupon Code Pay referrals per sale or per lead View affiliate program Statistics + More…
  10. 10. “I’ve been really impressed by the way Affiliate Plus fits my businessneeds. It gave me a great solution to boost sales and traffics with keyfeatures.” Allan Walson - Owner - Fashionadvantage“Thanks for their awesome training video and fast support! Its beenused effectively on my store.”Schwarzman - Marketingsolution
  11. 11. Free Lifetime SupportFree Updates and bugFixesMoney Back Guarantee 30Days, no questions asked
  12. 12. Create your Go to Install the own Purchase extension program and Enjoy the benefit During the whole process, you can ask for our support any time
  13. 13. MAGESTOREWebsite: www.magestore.comEmail contact: support@magestore.comTel: 084 - 4 - 8585 - 4587 www.magestore.comMs. Alice Ms. Jenny TaAccount Manager Sales ManagerEmail: Email: