CIO Survival Guide -Sony Handbook to IP Video Surveillance Jan08


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This handbook was created for Intersec 2008. The purpose was to demystify IP Video Surveillance technology to customers who would like to transition from analogue based CCTV platform.

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CIO Survival Guide -Sony Handbook to IP Video Surveillance Jan08

  2. 2. Sony and ‘IPELA’ are registered trademarks of the Sony Corporation, Japan.Give him the besttools for the jobTalk to video analysis… Security for a modern world.The Sony range of Network Video Monitoring solutions brings together the best cameras, recordersand management software to support your security staff in delivering an immediate response toyour security needs.To find out more please contact OR call +971506240081
  3. 3. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE HANDBOOK TO IP SURVEILLANCEDIGITALEYES AND EARSV ideo sur veillance has traditionally been a closed-circuit analogue af fair run by the physical security staf f. But with the rise of IP-based digital systems, video sur veillance has become another application on the corporate network managed by the IT depar tment. Motion-activated digital sur veillance cameras are IP-based and capture better detail than analogue cameras,with video footage typically stored in corporate ser vers and shared over IP networks. One of the reasons for the growingpopularity of IP-based network cameras is that its much more flexible. Analogue cameras require dedicated fibre strandsfor each group of eight cameras. The cameras are streaming all the time and tying up bandwidth, typically 4.5 to 6Mbpsper second per camera. With IP-based digital video, you can use on-demand and multicasting, which definitely is lessbandwidth. Maintaining it is easier because people in IT organisations are experienced in network management. From aCIO’s perspective, leveraging the existing network to act as a security system is cer tainly cost-beneficial, from both thehardware and staffing perspective. But it’s also a way to beef up security. IP video-sur veillance systems offer features farmore advanced than what you can get from standard analogue CCTV (closed circuit TV). It’s no wonder these systems arebecoming increasingly popular in the enterprise. But it’s the new applications that are propelling a sur veillance surge. If you can look at customers, why not letmarketing count them? If you’re watching cash tills, why not let HR train new cashiers with that video? If you can see allthose shipping containers, why not pass those pictures to logistics? Software tools that do all this have launched videosur veillance, catapulting cameras into the enterprise and society at large. Though analogue still accounts for more than 60% of the installed CCTV market, industr y analysts expect sales ofnewer sur veillance technologies, such as networked video and emerging IP-based video, to rise at faster rates. Here isa caveat for IT managers looking at this new mode of sur veillance- the faster a new technology is deployed, the lessintelligent that deployment seems to be. So watch out for places where decision-makers are camera-happy but notnecessarily camera-smar t. Amidst the rush to get the latest, most power ful sur veillance tools, you might need to applysome knowledge, structure and direction, else you run the risk of building up inef ficient, inef fective sur veillance systems.CIOSURVIVALGUIDEPublisher Dominic De Sousa Published by Regional partner of VIDEO ANALYTICS | DISTRIBUTED INTELLIGENCE CIOSURVIVALGUIDE JANUARY 2008 n ISSUE 004 HANDBOOK TO IP SURVEILLANCEEditorial Director Dave ReederManaging Editor Kavitha Rajasekhar VivekEditor Jeevan ThankappanChief Designers Denis Fuentes, Ulysses GalgoDesigner Mark CantalejoManaging Director Amit Pateria © Copyright 2007 CPI.Sales Director Sreejith Nambiar All rights reserved.IT Manager Nadeem Hood While the publishers have made everyWebmasters Tristan Troy Maagma, effort to ensure the accuracy of all Elizabeth Reyes information in this magazine, theyProduction James P. Tharian Head Office will not be held responsible for anySubscription PO Box 13700 errors therein.Marketing Manager Miti Agarwal Dubai, UAE Tel: +971 4 3515316 INTELLIGENT VIDEO Fax: +971 4 3598486 The essential guide to A special supplement with Web: IP based video surveillance MIDDLE EAST IN CO-OPERATION WITH CASE STUDY SPECIAL FOCUS PROZONE PAGE 20 DEPA PAGE 10 3
  4. 4. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE MARKET TRENDS SMARTER VIDEO Video surveillance is at the front end of an astonishing transformation. Once a world of clunky cameras and closed-circuit coaxial networks hardwired into a room full of cloudy gray 5-inch screens, surveillance is rapidly becoming a land of sleek, intelligent cameras linked to software applications running on the IP network. S ome of these disperse sites from one applications are control room--something basic, such as that was impossible with motion detection closed-circuit systems. An setting off alarms. Some are even bigger benefit of digital clever, such as a grocery store is that central control and system where cameras at the monitoring allows you to put checkout counter are linked cameras at smaller sites and to the receipt tape. (This way, monitor them from the central loss prevention personnel can operations center. With CCTV, click on the record of any item you’d require a closed system purchased and be taken to at that smaller site and onsite that moment on the video.) monitoring, which itself requires More applications are coming, at least one employee. and they seem to be limited Digital video also beats only by the imagination. tape in terms of storage Though IP-based digital and retrieval. Tape-based video systems still make up systems can require a full-time a relatively small part of the employee just for retrieval. overall market (less than But the key to IP-based a fifth), it is enjoying rapid video surveillance’s appeal expansion, growing by 70% to is the ever-expanding 90%, and will be the primar y roster of applications being factor in the diminishing attached to it. In other market for traditional words, surveillance isn’t closed-circuit TV. (CCTV still just about security anymore. composes almost half the For example, British bed overall video sur veillance superstore Dreams recently market, but its share is deployed video surveillance for rapidly dwindling.) measuring foot traffic through a store to understand both The pan-tilt boom peak traffic times and also Digital video sur veillance shoppers’ browsing habits, appears to be living up to which in turn allows them to its hype. And, when done better configure merchandise well, it provides real ROI around the store. Of course for the business. First of f, the sur veillance is used for it allows for consolidation security as well, but it’s of monitoring: You can also being utilised to train watch many geographically new employees.4
  5. 5. Training, in fact, of cashiers at a grocer y their products can be more the video infrastructure ashas become a possible store doing their jobs expensive up front, reduced possible--training, marketing,killer applet for video correctly (and incorrectly) is power requirements, logistics, quality control.sur veillance, due in large edited into video packages increased flexibility and Get these groups on boardpar t to the increased quality that train new hires. Still lower long-term maintenance with using the new digitalof the images. For example, others are using cameras costs ultimately make digital sur veillance applications,in the retail sector, video to improve logistics, or systems more af fordable and then share the burden than CCTV. with them. If the system will Never theless, you can be used by them too, why Evolution show your CEO all the five- not have them pitch in from year cost-benefit analyses their budgets? Phase 1 and new applications you Not a lot of people Standalone CCTV systems. Relative dinosaurs, but sturdy and want. It’s still a shockingly are tuned to IP-video simple. They will fade as surely as typewriters did. high amount of capital to surveillance’s versatility yet, request, and it’s still video but it’s inevitable. Done right, Phase 2 sur veillance, in which he it really can improve business. Hybrid digital-analog systems. Sometimes networked, may be reluctant to invest, With IP digital video they use black-box digital video recorders. Represents since the old CCTV is not sur veillance, the potential is the transition between old and new--such as those word exactly broke. undeniable. The applications processors that came after typewriters, but before PC So how do you get the are real. More are coming, programs. infusion of capital you’ll and they are limited only by need? Pilot programs that the imagination. For sure, Phase 3 demonstrate ROI will help, digital video sur veillance on Fully digital, networked IP-based surveillance. Here, video but they must be well IP networks will take over. surveillance is just another node on the IT network. Cameras planned. Also, tr y to apply It’s just a question of when. have IP addresses, controlled centrally with any number of as many applications to Be prepared. software applications on top of the raw visual data. monitoring assembly lines ROI rules of thumb for quality control. Suddenly, sur veillance is You’re likely dealing with a CEO and CFO who want to know a business enabler, not just why they should invest in Escalade-like networked digital video barbed wire. when they’ve already got a perfectly fine Chevy CCTV system. That is, you need to demonstrate ROI. The catch It’s impossible to create a generic return case for video The newer technology, surveillance because, while its applications overlap, they however, requires a are also unmanageably varied. Still having said that, we can significantly higher capital descry some ROI rules of thumb from these sources and investment than did CCTV. others for when you’re building your case for the Escalade: The cameras have advanced Digital video surveillance scales well. The larger your optics that provide better planned installation, the more remote sites you plan to pictures; longer lines of monitor from a central control room, the more efficiency sight; automated panning, you can create and the faster your return will come. tilting and zooming; and Cost calculations favor digital video over closed systems. in some cases, pictures The economics of storage favor standard IT infrastructure from other spectra, such over closed systems such as DVRs.The equipment as infrared. Some digital functions better with less repair. It’s easier to expand on. cameras have their own Integration with other systems will cost more up front but IP addresses and become will also facilitate positive ROI. Linking video surveillance just another device on to access and safety, especially, could possibly allow the network that can be you to lower insurance premiums, but also to facilitate controlled from the Web response times to crises large and small. browser, like a printer or The more tings a digital video surveillance system ser ver. And, of course, does, the higher the ROI. What software applications, or all of them require even business activities, exist to extend the usefulness networking infrastructure of the surveillance infrastructure? Training? Marketing? and bandwidth. Digital Find all the ones that are realistic for you and attach a sur veillance camera vendors value to them. claim, however, that while 5
  6. 6. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE VIDEO ANALYTICS ANALYSE THIS You install the latest digital video surveillance system and sit back, content you’re covered. But when trouble happens, how do you comb through all that footage? Intelligent video content analysis systems are emerging to answer the question. A ll security systems arrival of end to end digital can recognise a face and constant live monitoring. per form the same IP based systems offers compare it with a list of past Operators have to watch fundamental task a fundamental advance in offenders, can “understand” enormous amounts of video – sor t through the development of event that certain events should punctuated by false alarms. ever yday events to identify based recording techniques be recorded, and offer data Manually searching through the exceptions to this that through intelligent analysis mining features to spot the extensive recordings pose a risk to safety and capabilities. However, trends for further analysis. generated and stored on security, then call attention the implementation of In the growing digital video videotape is time consuming to them. This editing process such solutions has been sur veillance market, analytics and exhausting. Then came has traditionally taken hampered by an inefficient help sort the actionable digital video recorders. The place manually. Human workflow dictated by legacy data from the virtual reams DVR’s hard disk recording operators obser ve events system architecture. of footage. In most cases, drastically improves as they unfold through Mimicking age old human you can install sur veillance accessibility compared “live” monitoring and/or by security organisations, analytics in just high-risk to linear tape recordings. watching recordings of these these systems consolidate areas of your operation. Random access capabilities events. A fundamental factor intelligence on the back enhanced with advanced in the success or failure of end. This creates workflow Timeline features like event search this approach is the limits of bottlenecks that limit This first generation help reduce the time and human attention. capabilities, drive up costs, technology combining long ef for t required to locate Typically, long periods and create systems that play VCRs triggered by alarm events. Additional of uneventful monitoring continue to press beyond the physical motion detection improvements such as m are punctuated by the limits of human attention. sensors could only achieve otion based recording at occasional false alarm. This To operate effectively, rudimentar y filtering. The higher frame rates provide presses beyond the limits video based security systems best results with this additional gains. Still, these of the human capacity for have developed numerous technique produce lengthy systems are plagued by an maintaining attention. Even strategies to focus on alarm recordings and demand unacceptable number of the most dedicated, best events. Thus far, the history trained security professional of the development of these loses focus after less than approaches aimed at targeting an hour on duty. when and where to record / Intelligent video analytics, which began appearing a few years a To counter this, effective live monitor then search and with new generation of digital cameas, can recozgnise a face an security systems must playback crucial events. compare it with a list of past offenders, can “understand” that provide automated solutions Intelligent video analytics, certain events should be recorded, and offer data mining featur to assist in this sifting which began appearing a to spot trends for further analysis process to make best use few years ago with new of human attention. The generation of digital cameras,6
  7. 7. Analytics use algorithms to determine normal patterns of events and behavior, and can issue alerts when something deviates from the norm.agondres 7
  8. 8. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE VIDEO ANALYTICS false alarms. persistent problem. The root With the arrival of IP cause of the problem is the based components, all inordinate demands systems the signal and control make on human attention. elements of these systems False alarms and the need for are fully digital. With this, operators to keep constant the digitisation process watch over multiple monitors moves from recorders to simultaneously, press beyond cameras equipped with high the limits of even the most per formance processors. capable security professionals. The recorder’s functionality According to scientific studies, shifts to managing and a well trained operators’ filtering digital data. effectiveness in detecting Video systems have events drops to just 50% while utilised various sensor monitoring nine cameras. technologies to successfully Failure to appreciate the implement event based limits of operator attention recording strategies with can lead to paradoxical reduced false alarms. results in system design. An Traditionally, physical increase in the number of sensors including infrared cameras to improve security detectors, human operators, may have the opposite or integrations of CCTV ef fect! Current motion systems with access control detection analysis can only systems keyed to doors and aler t operators when and the like have been used to where to look at images, trigger recording/monitoring. but are unable to identify Over the past five years, specific behaviors. advances in DVR and camera With intelligent video based video motion detection analysis, a system can have made these the be tuned to send an aler t preferred method for triggering based on highly specific recordings. Video motion conditions appropriate to detection offers numerous the individual cameras’ advantages. It allows for role within an installation. simpler, less costly systems The system designer can because it removes the need create highly customised for physical sensors devices. installations where each Also, physical devices are camera is set to deliver a limited to their specific range of alarms to signal coverage area, while video when various events occur motion detection covers the so that operators can entire camera frame. Event respond appropriately. based recording will continue Such a fine tuned system to improve as image based with a high degree of video analysis that makes Searching through detection strategies advance. filtering makes ef ficient better use of operator recordings for events use of the operator’s attention produces greater remains the primar y access Benefits of intelligent attention. They do not accuracy in monitoring to information captured in Video Analysis have to watch multiple with faster response security systems, yet this Despite the arrival of IP screens simultaneously, and times. While the number continues to be a dif ficult based systems, operator images that are selected of operators remains the and time consuming task. error that results in missed and presented are looked same, the system’s overall It requires an enormous alarm events remains a at carefully. Intelligent ef fectiveness increases. investment in time and8
  9. 9. Why IP digital video is hot Sometimes, hype is justified. Surveillance implementations are grabbing up IP digital video surveillance: 1. Better visual data. Optics have vastly improved with the new generation of cameras, which, by the way are more widely available. With better resolution, one camera can cover a wider area, or digitally zoom for fine detail. Casinos love this. 2. Standard IT infrastructure. Historically, “You were tied to your supplier,” says Joe Freeman, a security industry consultant and president and CEO of J.P. Freeman. IP- approach have introduced based video will allow CSOs to use the same servers new analysis capabilities and bandwidth as the rest of the company. What’s powered by centralised, more, cameras running IP over ethernet can have dedicated processors both data and power go through the same ethernet located at the back end cable, with backup power on the same supply as the of the system. Placing IT systems backup power supply. Prisons and areas centralised processing vulnerable to wide-scale natural disasters love this. capabilities between analogue camera and DVR 3. Efficiency through centralised monitoring and recorder creates a back automation. Simple math: When you have 30 sites heavy system that causes worldwide, feeding video into a single control room numerous issues and instead of having 30 control rooms creates efficiency. per formance bottlenecks. Automated alarming further reduces the need to keep Using dedicated CPUs eyeballs fixed to screens everywhere. Digital archives for video analysis is are easier to access (“Tape,” says one integrator, inherently costly. Centralised “basically requires a full-time employee.”) Global processing requires the companies with small sites love this. highest cost, highest per formance processors to 4. New applications. It is software that will finally meet the heavy demands of revolutionise video surveillance. Vendors are promising advanced image analysis. seemingly limitless applications to make video smart. The typical cost of a single Motion triggers, which can tell cameras to jump into video processing unit is high-resolution mode and track objects; software which relatively high – typically can discriminate between a human form and, say, a ranging from around 800 skunk (thus reducing false alarms); applications which Euro to 1,500 Euro. link video surveillance to access systems and safety Also, limits to processor systems, so that the surveillance system could call the capacity require that the fire department or help turn on sprinklers. Insurance number of units required companies love this. increases quickly as the system expands. Each processing unit can only support as many as four cameras. and direction. This allows inef ficient arrangement. But Most intelligent imaging for workflow innovation intelligent video analysis products are designed for use improving the overall based recording can focus in live monitoring. This same effectiveness of the security on just the impor tant real time processing utilizing system. Reducing the time information. This greatly expensive, high performance required to search for events reduces wasted storage centralised processors is frees operators to spend and so allows for improves also carried out for searches more time live monitoring. image quality compared to through recorded images. Current motion based current DVR systems. Unfortunately, this means that recording methodologies automated searches are no make inef ficient use of Intelligent video faster than the time requiredattention for system storage capacity. The critical analysis today for real time playback. Thereoperators to playback information captured and Using video image processing is no gain in the time investedrecordings to find crucial stored makes up only as a sensor to trigger the for these archival searchesimages. Intelligent Video a small percentage of monitoring and recording of compared to live monitoring.Analysis can filter footage what is actually recorded. events is an emerging trend This falls short of the real goalby searching for par ticular Most DVR’s are forced to that has been gathering for such searches – to siftfactors and combinations compromise image quality momentum over the past through multiple recordingsof factors the position and to gain additional storage few years. Companies at the from many cameras in a greatlysize of objects, their speed space to make up for this forefront in developing this compressed time period. 9
  10. 10. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE DEPA A NEW APPROACH Sony’s new IP based security architecture is a fundamental departure from today’s back heavy, centralised processor systems. S ony’s distributed previous designs. A DEPA across all the cameras per formance processors. video analysis system assigns specific simultaneously. This DEPA achieves greater is named DEPA, processing tasks appropriate significantly raises the overall system capabilities, Distributed to each separate component overall security capabilities. increases scalability while Enhanced Processing while sharing processing avoiding per formance Architecture. The DEPA power between like Advantage of DEPA bottlenecks, and requires design divides traditional components. This opens new High per formance with lower hardware investment. processing into two separate oppor tunities for system minimum investment: Pre compression video tasks. Front end processing flexibility and scalability. Compared to standard back analysis yields higher is distributed to the Overall system costs are end heavy consolidated accuracy: Compression endpoints of systems within greatly reduced by closely processing designs, DEPA artifacts that generate digital cameras while back end integrating pre processing divides up the analysis noise and trigger false alarms processing takes place at analysis and metadata tasks and shares them are an inherent shortcoming the recorder. generation in Sony, DEPA between cameras and of digital security systems As its name suggests, enabled IP cameras, with recorders. Having numerous that consolidate analysis DEPA distributes processing back end processing in inexpensive processors functions at the back end. power throughout the system network video recorders. In focused on specific DEPA’s workflow eliminates to avoid the per formance addition, the front tasks saves the need for this design issue by carr ying bottlenecks inherent to end analysis operates significant investment in high out front end processing10
  11. 11. inside the cameras. This is minimised. This is a starkanalysis take place before contrast with consolidated, Now, the new DEPA platform creates a new dynamicvideo is compressed for centralised processing with intelligent cameras and recorders closelytransfer over the network. designs. The back end heavy integrated to achieve what was not possible with theAs such, the object data processing requires full time legacy consolidated back end processing system design.discerned is not affected by video streaming. Worse, DEPA designs yields systems that are more effective,digital noise regardless of the to improve the accuracy of scalable and economical.compression type and ratio analysis, frame rates exceedthat is applied after wards. that needed for monitoring Suitable for a broad and recording.range of analysis & recorded architecture that separates system is eliminating falsesearches: DEPA post DEPA technology these contrasting tasks into alarms. The primar y cause ofprocessing does not need infrastructure a two step process offers false alarms is environmentalto carry out any image Intelligent video analysis fundamental advantages. noise created by wind andprocessing. Instead, it focuses for sur veillance systems Locating pre processing weather moving leaves andon analyzing object data. This typically breaks down in front end components trees, creating ripples onmakes a DEPA system ideal into two stages. First, and post processing with water or causing the camerafor application like multiple pre processing per forms back end equipment is a itself to vibrate. AGC noisechannel search that require tasks that include image logical distribution of tasks. can also be introduced asheavy back end analysis. conversion and object Understanding this, Sony has objects move in and out Also, since object data information extraction. Next, underscored its leadership of shadows triggering anis recorded separately from post processing utilizes in advancing IP based increase in gain and overallvideo streams, this data this information to carr y security by reconsidering scene brightness.can be filtered in a variety out analysis functions like the respective roles played Inaccurate detectionof different ways to speed decision making and aler t by cameras and recorders. is caused by the objectup the task of searching creation. These different Now, the new DEPA platform size, blending in with otherthrough archived video. With processes place different creates a new dynamic with objects with similar colors inconsolidated, centralised demands on systems. Pre intelligent cameras and the frame, and the rapidityprocessing designs, processing to extract object recorders closely integrated of movement. Trackinganalysis and filtering occur data is usually processor to achieve what was not motion vector informationconcurrently. This makes and memory intensive and possible with the legacy is an increasingly popularit problematic to alter the the information generated consolidated back end methodology, though somefilters after ward to facilitate can be shared with multiple processing system design. systems rely on just a basicsearches through recordings. applications. Post processing DEPA designs yields systems two frame comparison.Instead, the search must does not make such demands that are more effective, Sony’s intelligentbe star ted all over again but requires increased scalable and economical. cameras; SNC-RX550P, SNC-in real time reenacting live flexibility to select the right DEPA’s pre processing RZ50P, SNC-DF50, SNC-DF80monitoring – a painstaking, object information specific to is capable of detecting and SNC-CS50P IP camerastime consuming process. particular applications. both moving and stationar y enhance the basic motion Conser ves bandwidth: With multiple input object objects. The core challenge vector tracking methodologyConser ving network detection systems, an for any motion detection by analysing as many as 15resources and optimizingremote location monitoringare key concerns for IPbased security systemowners. With DEPA, theobject information metadatadoes not consume muchbandwidth. This informationinforms the back endprocessing which thendecides what images areneeded. Through thishighly focused approach,the amount of video datatransmitted from the camera 11
  12. 12. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE DEPA 3) Existing When object stays in a selected area beyond a specified period, the system creates an alarm. 4) Passing When object passes a vir tual line drawn in a In addition to these superior moving object detection capabilities, Sony’s scene, the system creates intelligent IP cameras can also detect stationary objects. Objects that appear, an alarm. disappear or that are left behind in the camera frame are recognised and this information is communicated to the back end processor to generate an 5) Capacity appropriate response. Objects in a selected area are counted and when the number grows beyond the specified capacity, the continuous frames. A new capabilities by continuously is dedicated to data system creates an alarm. algorithm drastically reduces analysing scenes and processing only. This environmental noise by extracting multiple background is far less processor 6) Unattended / identifying differences between patterns. The challenge is intensive than Intelligent removed objects the frames to distinguish that even nearly identical Video Analysis. Basic post When objects are left in shadows and to filter out images have minute processing tasks such selected area or when redundant, overlapping alterations. For example, any as filtering object data is objects in the area patterns and movements. This setting exposed to daylight a light task that can be disappear, the system produces a far more robust or even reflected daylight will carried out in the recorder creates an alarm. By detection system. experience continual lighting without the need for a leveraging various bits In addition to these changes as the sun’s angle, dedicated processor. of object data including superior moving object cloud cover and the like DEPA’s six post size and speed allows for detection capabilities, shift. Sony’s new algorithm processing motion filters calculating other motion Sony’s intelligent IP achieves high detection can be combined and such as direction. Then, cameras can also detect accuracy by minimising such overlaid to select highly combining basic and stationar y objects. environment change. specific criteria. calculated data generates Objects that appear, It identifies objects by additional analysis to give disappear or that are left comparing the background 1) Appearance the additional proper ties behind in the camera scene with several reference When objects appear in that these infer. frame are recognised background models. End selected area, the system and this information is users can adjust the creates an alarm. Applications for communicated to the back sensitivity to the length analysis include: end processor to generate of time an object remains 2) Disappearance an appropriate response. stationar y from 40 seconds When objects disappear 1) Overlay multiple object filters Sony’s DEPA enabled to 12 hours. from a selected area, the on the same scene to narrow cameras achieve these DEPA’s post processing system creates an alarm. focus to specific objects. 2) Record only those entering, not exiting, a building entrance. 3) Track customer traffic in different retail store departments then allocate salesclerks to service them. These trends can be recorded by time and date to detect patterns tied to seasonal events or sales promotions.12
  13. 13. Conclusion The DEPA platformsAccording to IMS research, intelligent video analytic DEPA’s front end processinganalysis will maintain the capabilities also providegreatest growth segment security consultants, Distinguishes objects from environmental noisewithin the security industr y value-added resellers and Detects moving and/or stationary objectsover the foreseeable future. systems integrators with Object information is converted into metadata and thenNew software and hardware flexible, power ful tools that transferred over the network separately from the digitalproducts are constantly of fer oppor tunities to design video stream.coming to ser ve this and customize solutionsexpanding market. to meet specific needs DEPA’s back end processing But profitability in for their clients. A growingthis market segment has range of DEPA enabled Receive and store pre processed object dataproven elusive because applications is coming from cameras.of technology limitations to market. These range Extract objects which match the filtering conditioncompounded by issues from highly specific deep set in recorderof system per formance data analysis packages to Display information; create alarm response appropriateand pricing. Whether such general purpose security to specific conditionsintelligent analysis will suites. DEPA enables abecome broadly acceptedin the market dependson ease of use andaf fordability. Sony’s DEPAplatform has now createdthe infrastructure forbroad based, economicaldeployment of theseadvanced analysiscapabilities. DEPA’s arrivalis the occasion for ever y According to IMS research, analysis will maintain the greatest growth segmentsecurity system professional within the security industry over the foreseeable future. New software andto reconsider their existing hardware products are constantly coming to serve this expanding market.strategy and to begin Whether such intelligent analysis will become broadly accepted in the marketplanning for implementing the depends on ease of use and affordability.workflow innovation the newarchitecture makes possible. growth in the market that allows intelligent analysis to be deployed in a variety of settings by a large number of security operations. This increase in the quality and functionality of IP based security systems will quickly establish a new standard for safety, security and sur veillance. 13
  14. 14. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE INTEGRATED VISUAL COMMUNICATION INTEGRATED VISUAL COMMUNICATION Sony has launched a new technology that enables videoconferencing at the same time as security video monitoring, which will have far reaching impact across multiple business, industry, medicine, education, environmental and social settings. U nveiled for the said Kees Hoogstraate, IP camera installed at the agencies which can see first time at the European Marketing Manager, proposed property together the potential of utilising GITEX technology Videoconferencing, Sony with a videoconference, videoconferencing with week in Dubai, the Professional Solutions Europe. possibly involving architects, simultaneous video monitoring. integration of Sony’s IPELA “Imagine worldwide interior designers or “Intelligence and speed of videoconferencing with its IP manufacturing and tradesmen, would make a response are characteristics video monitoring (IPM) suites engineering design teams long-haul journey to the site vital to the emergency services. is achieved by simply ‘calling’ meeting via videoconference redundant and save time, In times of humanitarian and an IP camera from within its to discuss the production of a money and reduce carbon natural disasters, a multi- videoconference environment. product while simultaneously emissions,” said Hoogstraate. agency approach is often “The applications are limited connected to a live IP camera He said videoconferencing necessary and the advanced only by one’s imagination showing the assembly line. has moved beyond conventional IPELA technology could provide and will have a strong Another example is estate business meetings and keen emergency response units impact in the construction agents, who could offer interest was now coming working together through a industry, oil and gas sector unique services to clients from emergency services videoconference with vital and traffic monitoring,” relocating overseas. An and regional environmental details and information on14
  15. 15. how best to approach a given latest generation of Sonysituation,” said Hoogstraate. videoconferencing equipment IPELA APPLICATIONS Intelligence and speed of and IP monitoring camerasresponse are characteristics will be able to take Oil & Gasvital to the emergency advantage of this unique Meet face-to-face with world-wide sales, marketing andser vices. In times of integration feature simply by engineering teamshumanitarian and natural installing a free of charge Share data from your PC with other participantsdisasters, a multi-agency software upgrade. Bring in vital, real-time, in-field AV dataapproach is often necessar y Hoogstraate said Sony is Traffic control & Emergency Servicesand the advanced IPELA the only company that cantechnology could provide provide this capability as it Assess the situation from behind the deskemergency response units is the only manufacturer who Make informed decisions but save critical time to go thereworking together through is pioneering technologicalone videoconference, vital innovations in both the Construction and Developmentdetails and information on videoconferencing and security Live update on progress of the projecthow best to approach a video monitoring industries. Connect project team, contractor and building site instantlygiven situation. Videoconferencing Provide customer with live update The IPC and IPM streamlines the corporateapplications focus on an decision making process,ability to recreate reality allowing staff, customers,through the excellent quality suppliers and other partners scientific research and Sony videoconferenceand precise recreation of to ‘meet’ more spontaneously weather forecasting. systems use H.264 videoimage and audio on screen. while dramatically lowering Different models can and MPEG4-AAC widebandThe IPELA solution can also their travel costs. Now fully link with up to five other audio compression whilst IPrun on existing IP networks integrated with flexible, IP- locations and can connect cameras can be connectedfacilitating excellent usability based video monitoring the up to any combination of using H.264 video (one-way)and integration with existing technology will have numerous videoconference systems or and G.711 (two-way).devices, and reduces costs applications in the fields IP cameras. “By enhancing customer’sof dedicated networks of security, traffic control, A full screen, four-split videoconference experiencesthereby improving ROI. Both and projects requiring the or six-split display layout with live audio and videoIPC and IPM systems also collaboration of teams. is available with site from remote networkcomprise intelligence as It also opens up names displayed to allow cameras, we believe westandard allowing for better oppor tunities for applications users to easily identify can open up a new realm ofinformed decision making. such as the remote each of the sites they are possibilities for our users,” Existing users of the diagnosis of sicknesses, communicating with. added Hoogstraate.From live connections in an IP conference direct to an assembly line,house for sale or natural disaster zone, participants can experienceinteraction like never before. 15
  16. 16. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE Q&A PACKING A PUNCH A whole new breed of intelligent applications is propelling a surge in IP- based video surveillance. Magesh Srinivasan, Marketing Manager, Sony Professional Solutions Middle East, talks about the key trends and new technologies in the digital video surveillance market. Do you see a transition What are the benefits of intelligent motion detection. from analogue CCTVs IP-based digital systems as In addition to this our to networked, IP-based compared to analogue? multi-codec cameras can systems? The main benefit is the generate Metadata. This Yes our IP business is ability to use the existing IP can be analysed by either growing much faster than infrastructure. This saves "Real Shot Manager (RSM)" the analogue business and time and money because software or "Network the average market growth the customer does not have Sur veillance Recorder of 40%. to install co-ax cables. Also (NSR)". This enables us features like Intelligent to create new applications What technology trends Motion Detection are not like people counting across are accelerating this shift? as easy to achieve in the a virtual line or in a virtual The growth of IP broadband analogue world. Finally zone. Can you give us a few networks and the acceptance most of our IP cameras examples by vertical? The of our customers to connect are PoE, this saves a lot of people counting application IP cameras across their installation time and cost for makes our cameras ideally existing network. This offers the customer. suited to many vertical a big cost saving to the markets such as retail, customer. Also, Sony is What kind of intelligent transport and venues. In leading the way in adding applications are possible addition, this technology leads intelligence to the camera with the new breed of the way in the traditional with features like Intelligent IP cameras? security business. Motion Detection. These By adding intelligence into Magesh Srinivasan, Marketing Manager, features are proving ver y the camera we are able Video surveillance is Sony Professional Solutions Middle East popular with customers. to provide features like evolving beyond passive16
  17. 17. monitoring to embedded Do you offer wireless intelligence in systems. Is cameras? Do you have video analytics a key area any industry partnerships of focus for Sony? in this area? Ver y much so. We see the Yes, most of our cameras systems of the future being feature a card slot for able to provide analytical a wireless card and/or suppor t to the security additional on board storage. operator. At the current We do not have partnerships time, Sony is able to deliver with industry partners in video on demand to the this area as we believe the operator exactly when an customer is best placed to alarm occurs. In this way, decide whom to work with. we are able to reduce false Each country has a different alarms and improve the set of wireless requirements. level of security for the customer. Is Power over Ether one of the key drivers of What kind of migration network cameras? path do you recommend? Again yes. This is a very popular How can users protect feature of our cameras. All of existing investments in our mini dome cameras are PoE their CCTVs? and selected box type cameras Many of our customers are too. We believe this makes the installation much easier for the installer and more cost effective for the end user. You will seeWe see the systems of the future being able more PoE cameras in the futureto provide analytical support to the security from Sony.operator. At the current time, Sony is able What factors shouldto deliver video on demand to the operator users keep in mind while choosing an IP-exactly when an alarm occurs. In this way, we based system?are able to reduce false alarms and improve I believe they should carefully consider and assess theirthe level of security for the customer. needs and requirements. Once these have been decided, its important to work with a leading already choosing Sony NVM supplier who is committed to solutions to upgrade their this industry and has a proven camera systems. track record. We also make a camera ser ver or network inter face How much bandwidth does to enable analogue a network camera use? cameras to be used on an This is a hard question to IP network. answer as it depends on so Additionally, our IP many factors such as codec cameras feature both used, frames per second, analogue and IP outputs. compression and resolution. This means a customer can Sony provides on and use the camera as par t off line tools to enable this of their analogue system to be calculated. For more and take the IP signal for information please visit transmission across the LAN our website: www.sonybiz. or WAN for IP monitoring. net/nvm 17
  18. 18. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE Opinion DELIVERING THE EFFICIENT SECURITY WORKFLOW The concept of automated workflow is tried, tested and proven – and is about to make an impact in the environment of network video monitoring, says Simon Nash, Product Manager, Network Video Monitoring, Sony Europe T he undeniable value outside any other related solution that features to escape the confines of a of workflow has networks, manually operated workflow, it also improves sluggish process. been recognised and and totally dependent on on each area of the security leveraged for many human intervention. All the process as well. The new The benefits of network years in environments, where key stages in any security end-to-end architecture is video monitoring repetitive but mission-critical process or policy, from threat only one element of the Sony There are obvious return-on- tasks must be completed detection to the subsequent solution that also includes investment benefits in bringing and are each reliant on escalation of procedures, the highly sophisticated new security video cameras into other outcomes. The idea have been almost entirely security software that runs the network, and away from is that minimising human reliant on security staff. on it, and intelligent cameras the stand-alone world of inter vention in a process The reason that this that both capture images and analogue CCTV. For one thing workflow improves accuracy situation has been allowed to share a significant part of the it is now no longer necessary and efficiency, at the same continue is simply that there processing load. to run, manage and upgrade time as cutting costs. was no alternative. What was Sony’s new Distributed two separate systems. The The security industry, missing from the security Enhanced Processing same investment that allows however, has not been set-up was an end-to-end Architecture (DEPA) supports a company to save money on able to take full advantage technical architecture that workflow functions that the voice over IP can now benefit of these benefits, largely could enable the alternative security industry can now the security system as well. because analogue CCTV, the workflow to function. utilise effectively. On a very Use of the network also foundation of modern security practical level it means that allows the possibility of systems, does not lend itself Security sophistication a multi-camera security set- additional hardware devices to network interaction. On delivered up need not be complex or to function alongside them, the contrary, before network Sony is now delivering a difficult to monitor. Instead the which can enable the video monitoring, security technical architecture-based seamless and sophisticated introduction of very practical monitoring has always sat network video monitoring software and intelligent camera advanced features, such set-up means personnel can as triggered lighting or door be guided to ‘hot-spots’. locking in response to a "There are obvious ROI benefits in bringing security The new workflow means detected threat. operatives can be alerted to At the front-end of Sony’s video cameras into the network, and away from the the right screens to watch, workflow-enabled security stand-alone world of analogue CCTV. For one thing at the right time, and can solution, and one of the even be shown the detail of a keys to its effectiveness, are it is now no longer necessary to run, manage and threat, and issue a response, the intelligent cameras that upgrade two separate systems. The same investment before it becomes an incident. are at the same time both that allows a company to save money on voice over Having technically joined up more integrated and more security devices backed up independent. One of their IP can now benefit the security system as well." by automated workflow allows most important capabilities network video monitoring is being able to recognise18
  19. 19. that bandwidth requirements are therefore minimised, because only legitimate threat images and data need be sent and stored. In a security environment where monitoring may be happening 24/7, the ability to screen out the irrelevant data is a big step for ward. Not only does it make for fast and accurate results when searching through historical data, it can also make a big difference to the time and costs involved in managing the captured material. The new Sony software that runs on the end-to- end architecture is called RealShot Manager, a simple to use security package that analyses, assesses and responds to the images it sees via the intelligent cameras. By aler ting and directing operatives to the visible threats within a frame of video, RealShot Manager provides more than just a safety net, of fering instead proactive detection. RealShot Manager is designed with the practicalities of security work in mind, and it’s not only in that respect that the software delivers the vitally Simon Nash, Product Manager, Network Video Monitoring, Sony Europe consistent on-line suppor t security professionals need. Other features include an unmistakable on-screenvisual security breaches, such camera ever suffers from. that those areas no longer highlight box to locate aas abandoned packages or The benefits of workflow need to form a security blind static threat and capturesuspicious movement, and also mean that the solution spot as they do with current the obser ver’s attention,trigger a rapid response. automatically triggers the next analogue CCTV. There is no leaving little room for error. To the jaded human eye stage of response. more need to ‘mask’ problem If ignored, it can even triggerwhat may be ignored as just areas within the field of view. an aler t.another package amongst a In-camera intelligence Most of the time-consuming It’s just one examplebustle of activity will not be Sony’s new intelligent false alarm scenarios can be of how RealShot Managermissed by a tireless intelligent cameras are sophisticated eradicated too. enhances not just thecamera. Likewise, the natural enough to know the difference The camera’s intelligence, security decision-makingand measurable drop-off in between moving people and added to the fact that it is process but also theattention when scanning busy safe background conditions, Internet Protocol (IP) based, response. The Sony DEPAcrowds of flowing people such as blowing trees or also means that it shares system is redefiningis not something that the splashing fountains, so the processing burden, and workflow for the security age. 19
  20. 20. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE Case Study EYES ON THE GAME IP-based surveillance cameras help Prozone to enhance its football performance and match analysis software for over half of the UK’s football premiership clubs. For added accuracy, “Being digital, the cameras the cameras also include were easily installed on to the intelligent features, which stadium’s IP network, allowing automatically refocus the for efficient and fast transfer cameras to where the of 5GB of visual data to activity is. Commenting Prozone’s production centre. on the technology, Phil “Prior to the company’s Tordof f, Head of Product work with Sony, Prozone was Management and Strategy reliant on the installation at Prozone explained, of dedicated networks, with “The cameras enable us costly and expansive cables to provide highly accurate connecting the cameras with and resilient footage for the server room,” commented analysis, ensuring that we Tordoff. “By migrating to a continue to stay ahead of digital network design, we can the game. The intelligence make use of the stadium’s features will allow us multi-use IP infrastructure, to maximize the viewing enabling us to share the costs D esigned by coaches positioning. For quick, effective angles and provide more of use with other stadium for coaches, Prozone and accurate relay of statistical comprehensive visions to services, including CCTV and offers a rich and data on player movements and the club.” IP telephony.” comprehensive set performances to the server Positioned carefully to of analysis tools, founded on room, where the footage is ensure that no blind spots Customer benefits physical, technical and tactical analysed, Prozone also required occur when one camera’s “By working with Sony we aspects of performance, a solution which could integrate line of sight is blocked have created the only digital offering football clubs full of fully with both its existing by players, ever y area stadium platform that is 90 minute match reviews for analogue and purpose-built, of the pitch is covered cutting edge and future quality control Shiraz Limbada, Technical Group Manager, Microsoft Mohammed and fitness dedicated networks. with a minimum of two proof, enabling integration of monitoring purposes. cameras, typically four, future technologies quickly Constantly looking to further The solution for resilience of capture. and cost effectively,” said develop its business offering, Impressed with the Video images are captured Tordoff. “The cameras not Prozone decided to upgrade its comprehensive portfolio of at a rate of 10 per second only provide excellent quality existing analogue technology Sony equipment installed which are then processed images but ensure that each to digital format and looked to at Arsenal Football Club’s by ProZone’s software to player’s tracks are monitored install a state-of-the-art digital grounds, the Emirate Stadium, provide highly detailed match for the full 90 minutes, camera monitoring system. The Prozone looked to Sony for information such as fitness thanks to automatic computer new cameras needed to be the upgrade of its cameras at and performance data. With recognition technology.” capable of capturing players’ the grounds. Sony installed this data they can track the ProZone’s PlayBack+ on pitch movements with high 10 Sony SNC-RX550Ps at runs of an individual player software seamlessly levels of clarity in a variety of sight-line points around the over a specified duration to integrates with the stadium’s multi-dimensional views, whilst roof of the stadium, ensuring measure fitness, assess how digital network and means offering remote management that the movements of all the defence works together as that at any one time, up to10 capabilities for ease of use and 22 players could be captured a unit or determine the overall people can now access the for tailored monitoring and lens simultaneously and accurately. effectiveness of team tactics. live camera feeds.20
  21. 21. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE Case StudySMART AND SAFEThe streets in a small town on the shore of Lake Maggiore in Italy is now a safer place thanks to networkV erbania, the capital incorporate intelligent of the province image analysis functions of Verbano-Cusio- and possess a number of Ossola, is one of the innovative features. Theymost idyllic and famous tourist have high sensitivity todestinations on Lake Maggiore provide clear images evenin Italy. The town relies heavily in lowlight conditions, and aon holidaymakers to fill its power ful 26x optical zoomstreets and generate income. to guarantee coverage of The regular influx of visitors wide areas with exceptionalmeans greater attention must image given to the security of The Verbania sur veillancepeople as they go about their system installed by Sonybusiness, whether recreational works on the Distributedor professional. This was the Enhanced Processingmotivation behind the town Architecture (DEPA) platform,council’s decision to trust which makes IP monitoringin Security Consultant Mario systems more intelligent,Grippa’s recommendation efficient and launch a communitysurveillance project based on The advantagesa system of network cameras. Mario Grippa and Verbania town council are thoroughlyThe solution satisfied with the securityThe decision was made to project. The project wasdesign a video sur veillance completed in just two monthssystem for monitoring and was in operation by the its competitors have yet to The human element onlycertain strategic locations end of 2006. master. It is not just the self- comes into play when real-in the town (which has the “Sony has successfully learning concept which has time monitoring is neededpeculiarity of being divided integrated advanced image proved decisive; it is the fact (for example during a majorinto several sections), analysis processes into its that network cameras used event), or when an automaticincluding streets and critical network camera. Previously, for community surveillance alarm is triggered.zones such as pedestrian this kind of analysis have adopted technological Furthermore, Verbaniawalkways, ferr y terminals and would have required the innovations which were town council is triallingthe dock area. An invitation deployment of a central previously non-existent.” a more complex solutionto tender was issued, first server, considerably raising Monitors linked to the ten alongside the Sony videofor the selection of innovative the costs of implementing and SNC-RX550 network cameras sur veillance system. As partcabling technologies managing the infrastructure. are installed in the Verbania of this scheme, the Municipaland subsequently for an A medium-sized municipality Municipal Police control Police Commander has beenintelligent camera network. such as Verbania might not room, which is currently provided with a portableWith regards to the latter be able to sustain such an undergoing restructuring. PC which can be used tosystem, the council opted for expense. In this case, Sony Even so, the system does not control the video camerasSony and its new SNC-RX550 has demonstrated its ability require the intervention of by radio and point them in acameras. The cameras to harness a technology which dedicated security operatives. particular direction. 21
  22. 22. CIOSURVIVALGUIDE Network Video INTELLIGENT SECURITY Can intelligent technology really deliver a return on investment and what can it offer government and local authorities today? S urveillance has long applications, from schools and been an essential hospitals to transport systems focus for governments and construction sites. and local authorities Har ton Technology at all levels, from traffic and College in South Shields, hospital monitoring to large- for example, is utilising a scale security operations for Sony solution as a deterrent one-off events. In the light and evidential tool against of recent security attacks burglar y. The school’s worldwide, CCTV and network previous analogue system video monitoring are under meant time was wasted increasing scrutiny, both in retrieving relevant footage terms of the information they and considerable delays can capture and the way in occurred between the which they allow security teams incident and action being to react quickly and effectively. taken. Now, using the event- For those responsible based system, suspicious for deploying such systems, incidents can be detected Internet Protocol (IP) based more easily, improving network video monitoring offers workflow as personnel need more flexibility and scalability only watch clips where an is other movement in the solution that would enable than ever before. With intuitive ‘event’ has been identified. surrounding environment. simultaneous monitoring, features to streamline recording and management workflow in the control room, Intelligent technology Scalability for and could easily be expanded the technology performs delivers optimum security changing needs in terms of camera numbers well against the challenge of Drawing on its heritage Change can happen at any and storage space. increased expectations from in AV and broadcast time, and it can happen on Intelligent cameras help the public and government technology, Sony has a vast scale - as the UK is identify problems immediately organisations alike. recently introduced cameras currently experiencing with the allowing security personnel However, whilst security with features providing proposals to merge regional to turn their attention to of citizens may be uppermost increased security and police forces in England and the task of taking action in the minds of government streamlined workflow. If Wales into large ‘superforces’. rather than one of continual bodies, budget constraints are a bag is left unattended Where such significant change monitoring. Such investments not far behind. Can intelligent at a station for example, takes place, a flexible security are also future-proof and technology really deliver a Intelligent Object Detection infrastructure pays dividends. can be adapted to changing return on investment and will proactively send an aler t Scalability through client needs, bringing savings for what can it offer government to security personnel or server architecture allows organisations as the cost of and local authorities today? even expor t the recording to organisations to increase ownership for CCTV systems is the police. With Intelligent systems as needs dictate. reduced. These solutions are Tailored solutions for Motion Detection, events The parliament of Asturias in key for governments as they every environment like a vehicle being removed northern Spain for example, strive to protect citizens and Network video monitoring from a car park can trigger asked Sony to provide a offer them the best services is effective in various notification, even if there flexible and economical IP for their money.22
  23. 23. Sony and ‘IPELA’ are registered trademarks of the Sony Corporation, Japan. For the best security team. Talk to video analysis… Security for a modern world.The Sony range of Network Video Monitoring solutions brings together the best cameras, recordersand management software to support your security staff in delivering an immediate response toyour security needs.To find out more please contact OR call +971506240081
  24. 24. How do you make a Sony and ‘IPELA’ are registered trademarks of the Sony Corporation, Japan.suspect bag stand outfrom the crowd?Talk to Sony about Intelligent Object video analysis… Security for a modern world.The Sony range of Network Video Monitoring solutions brings together the best cameras, recordersand management software to support your security staff in delivering an immediate response toyour security needs.To find out more please contact OR call +971506240081