What is a Complete eCommerce Software


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What is a Complete eCommerce Software

  1. 1. What is a Complete eCommerce Software?
  2. 2. Features should be required are: One Step Checkout Fully customizable design Social login and account sections Category pages Detailed product pages with multiple images with zooming facility Product reviews and ratings Real time tax and shipping calculation in shopping cart Save to cart feature Clear logo display of accepted payment methods Clear display of store security Easy to find contact information and form
  3. 3. Features should be required are: Easy access to design Multiple reports on traffic, sales and user behaviors Email access Inventory management Order management Customer group management Product management Product category management Bulk product import and export Sales and clearance management
  4. 4. Features should be required are: Email marketing integration Affiliate marketing management tools Upsell and Cross sell tools Coupons, gifts and discount codes Wish lists Customer deals Free shipping facility Deals like Get X when you buy Y Automatic email order and shipping confirmation Shopping feed integration
  5. 5. Features should be required are: WYSEWYG design editing Easy access to HTML and CSS FTP access Drag and Drop design facility Multiple image sizes 100% customizable Free customizable themes
  6. 6. Support the functionality where admin can sell products directly on their Facebook and other social networking sites. The best eCommerce software s is that which integrate with Facebook directly and allow store owners to manage all sales on once place. Software allowing merchants to post the videos about products on page.
  7. 7. Features should be required are: SSL technology PCI/PA-DSS compliance CAPTCHA or CV2 for fraud protection at checkout
  8. 8. Features should be required are: Fast checkout Set tax rules according to customers geographic area Google checkout PayPal integration Multiple payment gateway support Accept multiple currencies Accept offline payments Accept cheques Automatic tax calculation RMA system QuickBooks integration
  9. 9. Features should be required are: SEO-friendly urls Offers adding static HTML pages Add HTML to product and category pages Optimize Meta and Title tags Google analytics support Support Alt attribute to image Optimize universal navigation Support footer navigation Manage 301 redirects Fast page load
  10. 10. Features should be required are: Multiple ship-to Print shipping labels Real-time rates through FedEx, UPS and USPS integration Custom shipping rules based on location and weight Real-time package tracking Order tracking Drop shipping support Estimates shipping calculation Customer groups based shipping rules Free shipping promotions
  11. 11. Survey says that almost half of online shopping orders are made through mobiles such as iPad and iPhones and other smartphones. Mobile optimized eCommerce store can reach to these users category and increase sales on this important channel.
  12. 12. Features should be required are: iPhone app for store management Live chat option Newsletters Email marketing tools
  13. 13. Features should be required are: Up to 99.99% server uptime Daily backups and restores Insight into monthly bandwidth usage Email supports Live chat support/support forum Online tutorials Regular updates to remain competitive All new updates should be easy to install No added charges for updates
  14. 14. These are few must have features and make software a complete and reliable eCommerce software KGN Technologies is a team of expert web developers specialize in developing eCommerce website with over 4 and half years of experience. If you are looking for reliable eCommerce web development partner, please contact us at: info@kgntechnologies.com or call us on, +1 980 939 8093 (US) +44 (0) 203 372 4450 (UK)