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Tools to Personalize eCommerce Site


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List of few essential tools very helpful for you to personalize your eCommerce store.

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Tools to Personalize eCommerce Site

  1. 1. Tools to Personalize your Ecommerce Site
  2. 2. CommerceStack This Magento add-on lets automatically generate related products for easy cross- sells and up-sells based on customers behavior. You can manually choose up-sells, cross-sells, and relevant items to mix with automatically generated ones. The products that you select will always come first.
  3. 3. CNET Intelligent Cross-Sell If you want to sell technology and consumer-electronics products, then consider CNET Intelligent Cross-Sell, which is software that handles cross-sells and upsells based on behavioral data and a site’s proprietary attributes, such as product profitability and review scores.
  4. 4. SiteApps SiteApps allows you to customize how the apps behave depending on user data and behavior. You can choose when the apps will appear, who will see them — based on BTBuckets or Google Analytics data — and how the apps interact with visitors.
  5. 5. WP Greet Box WP Greet Box is a useful WordPress tool that enables you to display personalized welcome messages based on where the user is coming from. WP Greet Box supports multiple referrers, including Twitter, Google search, Facebook, Digg, and more.
  6. 6. LoopIt LoopIt lets you add an “Ask your friends” button into your product page. Shoppers who need help deciding on what to purchase or are simply looking for advice will find this service useful.
  7. 7. Zendesk One of the best customer service features that Zendesk offers is its one-on-one support through any channel like — website, phone, social sites, email, and live chat. It then turns the inquiries into tickets. Moreover, its interface gives you an overall view of each customer so you can see their contact information, purchase history, submitted tickets, and more all in one place, making it easier to offer a personalized customer service experience.
  8. 8. LiveChat Provide personalized support by adding a live chat application in your site. LiveChat lets you do this easily by showing you specific information about the visitor that you’re chatting with, such as his location and the page that he’s currently on. It also lets users log on via Facebook, providing more insights. You can also add LiveChat to your Facebook Page.
  9. 9. These is the list of few best tools used for eCommerce sites personalization. Please suggest your favorite tools below in comment section. KGN Technologies is reputed eCommerce development company offering high quality eCommerce web solutions that fits both; your financial and business needs.