Responsive Web Design – Few Best Examples


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Responsive Website Development | Responsive Web Design

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Responsive Web Design – Few Best Examples

  1. 1. Responsive Web Design – FewBest Examples
  2. 2. Responsive web design is a real buzz phrase in 2013 and it is something a lot ofdesigners are talking about. With the exciting growth of mobile usages, it has becomenecessary for every single website to be responsive to be able to have goodvisualization on various screen sizes.Creating something that looks great on all browsers and delivering quality viewingexperience to end users should be the benchmark for all web designs. In order todevelop a responsive website, there are number of practices you can adhere to whichwill help to make sure your site is viewed in the best possible light.In present time where customer always demand for something unique and creativelyattractive in digital world, what could be better than the responsive technology?Responsive technology enables visitors to view their favorite sites with quality on anydevices they want to use such as Smartphone, tablets like iPads or various othercomputer screen.Simple definition: Responsive web design is the practice of enhancing the userexperience by adapting the web page layout to the device he or she is using whenaccessing the site. Well, there are so many different ways to develop a responsiveweb design but media queries is one of the standard techniques.So, in this presentation we will see some fresh examples of responsive websites toreinforce the importance of adapting your layout for every screen size.
  3. 3. Fhoke
  4. 4. British America Household Staffing
  5. 5. Maryland Craft Beer Festival
  6. 6. Daniel Vane
  7. 7. Designed to Move
  8. 8. Evolve
  9. 9. Inspire Conference
  10. 10. Formfett
  11. 11. Digital Atelier
  12. 12. Andrew Lohman
  13. 13. Forefathers Group
  14. 14. Design Week Portland
  15. 15. Yaron Schoen
  16. 16. Friends of the Web
  17. 17. Simon Foster
  18. 18. Humaan
  19. 19. Nudge
  20. 20. Johann Lucchini
  21. 21. These Are Things
  22. 22. Andersson-Wise Architects
  23. 23. Stephen Caver
  24. 24. Roy Barber
  25. 25. Face.Works.
  26. 26. Lab Fiftyfive
  27. 27.
  28. 28. Louis Gubitosi
  29. 29. Julie Lavergne
  30. 30. Fork
  31. 31. Sunday Best
  32. 32. Earth Hour
  33. 33. Belong
  34. 34. White Lotus Aromatics
  35. 35. KGN Technologies is a responsive website development agencybased on India. Our roots in the web development industry have beenright from 2009 where we began creating unique, attractive, highlycustomized web sites for our clients.We have worked hard and hand picked our experience staff , trainedthem and through our experience we are engaged in successfulproduction of device independent web projects in various industries onan international level – projects that have been admired.There is a sense of reliability and trust our clients from Australian, UK,USA , Europe and other parts of the world have shown in our webdevelopment service. We have been successful and proud to be part ofseveral high end customizations.