A magento conference worth imagining – and attending


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A magento conference worth imagining – and attending

  1. 1. Magento Imagine - A Recap Of TheWorld’s Most Brilliant eCommerceConference.April 8th – 10th 2013www.krishtechnolabs.com
  2. 2. About Imagine 2013 Magento’s third annual global eCommerce conference 1500 merchants, partners, developers and Magento enthusiasts frommore than 45 countries to network and share their ecommerceideas, innovations and best practices around the Magento Platform. Themed "The Art of Commerce," Imagine 2013 brings to life how toengage customers in todays global, Omni channel commerce reality.www.krishtechnolabs.com2
  3. 3. LocationLas Vegas, Nevada, USwww.krishtechnolabs.com3
  4. 4. Conference Held AtM Resort & Spa, Las Vegaswww.krishtechnolabs.com4
  5. 5. My Colleague at Imagine 2013Mike Patel (ioVista Inc)www.krishtechnolabs.com5
  6. 6. Our Hotel StaySouth Point Hotel, Casino & SPAwww.krishtechnolabs.com6
  7. 7. Day 1- Monday 8th April Registration Magento Ecosystem Success forDevelopers and Technology Partner Marketplace Opening Developers BarCamp & Networkingwww.krishtechnolabs.com7
  8. 8. Day 1- Registration With regular registration this timeMagento has Introduced POKENNetworking. Poken is a digital business card. You can exchange your businessinformation with other attendee bysimply ―touch‖ your Pokens together.www.krishtechnolabs.com8
  9. 9. Day 1- Magento Ecosystem Success for Developers andTechnology PartnerIn this session, therewas a seriousdiscussion in betweendevelopers andtechnology partnerson quality ofextension and serviceprovided by them.www.krishtechnolabs.com9
  10. 10. Day 1- Marketplace Grand Opening & Welcome toImaginewww.krishtechnolabs.com10
  11. 11. Day 1- What is Marketplace? A platform for Magento solution partner, industry partner andtechnology partner to showcase theircompany, services, products, skills and strength tomerchants, developers, partners and magento enthusiastic worldwide. A Place to generate new business, build partnership and showcaseyour brand to eCommerce World.www.krishtechnolabs.com11
  12. 12. Day 1- Marketplace Gallerywww.krishtechnolabs.com12
  13. 13. Day 1- Marketplace Gallerywww.krishtechnolabs.com13
  14. 14. Day 1- Marketplace Gallerywww.krishtechnolabs.com14
  15. 15. Day 1- Developer BarCampNetworking ―BarCamp‖ event was fordevelopers to learn about a myriad ofMagento topics in short, rapid-firepresentations. Among the most populartopic ―tracks‖ were ―Developing MagentoApps using the Mobile SDK,‖ ―PreviewingExtensibility in Magento 2‖ and an ―OpenForum‖ with Magento Chief TechnologyOfficer, Matthew Mengerink.www.krishtechnolabs.com15
  16. 16. Day 1 - Opening Night Networking Event, the traditionalwelcoming party.www.krishtechnolabs.com16
  17. 17. Day 2- General Session - Morning It’s 9am on Day 2 of Imagine…time for the kickoff keynotepresentations. 1,500+ people are packed into an auditorium that is vibrating withexcitement. The passion within the Magento Community beats stronger and louderthan ever.www.krishtechnolabs.com17
  18. 18. Day 2- General Session - MorningIn keeping with the conference’s theme, The Art of Commerce, thisyear’s Imagine main stage is a work of art…literally.www.krishtechnolabs.com18
  19. 19. Day 2- General Session - MorningThe team assembled an enormous, 21 x 65 3D facade on whichincredible stuff is projected.www.krishtechnolabs.com19
  20. 20. Day 2- General Session - MorningThe set design was stunning, and very cool!www.krishtechnolabs.com20
  21. 21. Day 2- General SessionIt all started with the amazing music and vocal percussion of TaylorMcFerrin -style Michael Winslow of "Police Academy".www.krishtechnolabs.com21
  22. 22. Day 2- General SessionRoy Rubin was the day’s first main speaker. He addressedMagento’s amazing year of growth for both the platform, as well as forthe customers and ecosystem worldwide. He also spoke to theconference theme — ―The Art of Commerce‖ — and inspired theaudience by conveying to them that they are the artists, and with theMagento tools available, they have the continued ability to createsomething powerful and unique.www.krishtechnolabs.com22
  23. 23. Day 2- General Session – MorningJohn Donahoe (CEO of eBay)Roy Rubin who wasfollowed by JohnDonahoe, whose keynotefocused on how technologyis ―obliterating‖ the linesbetween online andoffline, calling it all―connected commerce.‖ Inthis commercerevolution, he said, theindividual is at the centerand the consumer is incharge.www.krishtechnolabs.com23
  24. 24. Day 2- General Session – MorningJeff Jordan & Matthew MengernikJeff Jordan, meanwhile, spoke to existing trends in the ecommercemarket, like the physical retailer disadvantage and show-rooming2.0, and Matthew Mengerink closed out the morning keynotes with adiscussion on how to push the boundaries of how we think about thingsand how the commerce of today no longer marries yesterday’sprinciples.www.krishtechnolabs.com24
  25. 25. Day 2- Breakout SessionA Lot to Learn… 3 Tracks - Technology, Strategic Marketing andBusiness Solution 18 Sessions on most crucialaspects of eCommerce Speaker - Industry &Domain Expert Participants –Merchants, SolutionPartner, Developers, Industry Partner, TechnologyPartner 500 Attendees per sessionwww.krishtechnolabs.com25
  26. 26. Day 2- Breakout SessionA Lot to Learn…Before Lunch: Breakout Session Technology Track Learning To Fly: How Angry Birds Reached theHeights of Store Performance The Importance of Fully Managed Hosting forMagento Enterprise Strategic Marketing Track Traffic Jam: Going Beyond Search Engines Responsive Design: Where, Why, and How Business Solution Track Growing Strong: How Start-Ups and SMBs Growwith magento Enterprise Consumerization of Corporate Commercewww.krishtechnolabs.com26
  27. 27. Day 2- It’s Lunch TimeSo much hungry…www.krishtechnolabs.com27
  28. 28. Day 2- Breakout SessionA Lot to Learn…After Lunch: Breakout Session Technology Track Host and Boast: Best Practices for MagentoHosting Happy Together: Creating Successful MagentoERP Integrations Strategic Marketing Track The Search Continues: SEO/SEM Trends for 2013 ―The Conversion Surgeon‖ Business Solution Track Enabling Commerce Everywhere Hidden Gems: Using Data Driven Insights to GrowRevenuewww.krishtechnolabs.com28
  29. 29. Day 2- Breakout SessionWe have attended Business Solution Track Growing Strong: How Start-Upsand SMBs Grow with magentoEnterprise Enabling Commerce Everywhere Strategic Marketing Track ―The Conversion Surgeon‖www.krishtechnolabs.com29
  30. 30. Day 2- General Session - NoonIt’s 4:00 pm… Roy Rubinhighlighted how Magento isleveraging the powerof eBay Inc. to create aneven brighter future andthat moving forward, ―thiswill translate into morebenefits for merchants.‖www.krishtechnolabs.com30
  31. 31. Day 2- General Session – NoonJamie Clark, MerchantAdventures acrossMountains, Desserts& Retail.Jamie Clarke told us hisadventures of personal andof course, presented hismagento sitewww.liveoutthere.com .www.krishtechnolabs.com31
  32. 32. Day 2- General Session – NoonJamie Clark, MerchantDay Two concludedwith a keynote bySharonMeers, Magento’sHead of EnterpriseStrategy, who took tothe stage to shareMagento’s tremendoussuccess within thefashion industry.www.krishtechnolabs.comShe kicked off the segment with a discussion of how MagentoEnterprise Edition has become the platform of choice for many of theworld’s most prestigious brands.32
  33. 33. Day 2- General Session - NoonSharon Meers, Magento’s Head of Enterprise StrategyAnd concluded with a live, fashion runway showdown with 14 modelsshowcasing the latest looks from Magento customers CustoBarcelona,Erin Fetherston, Missguided, Nanette Lepore, PaulSmith, Rebecca Minkoff and Zadig & Voltaire.www.krishtechnolabs.com33
  34. 34. Day 2- Evening PartyA great way to end the conference.The conference was wrapped up with one of Magento’s legendary afterparties. As usual, despite a cold Las Vegas night, Magento pulled out allthe stops with an evening of great food, dancing and entertainment. Agreat way to end the conference.www.krishtechnolabs.com34
  35. 35. Day 2- Evening PartyA great way to end the conference.www.krishtechnolabs.com35
  36. 36. Day 3 – General Session - MorningJimmy Duvall , product manager, presented the new version ofMagento Enterprise 1.13 , highlighting its great improvement inperformance (65% faster page load): Re-indexing has been optimized. Now is incremental and automatic! Improved cache system Checkout faster refactored Improved tax calculations 350 ... and functionality improvementwww.krishtechnolabs.comThe morning agenda focused on the product update, PayPal and other innovation.36
  37. 37. Day 3 – General Session – MorningJames Barrese, CTO PaypalJames Barreseannounced two newPayPal extensions –―order ahead‖ and ―in-aisle selling‖ – wouldimmediately beavailable on MagentoConnect.www.krishtechnolabs.com37
  38. 38. Day 3 – General Session – MorningSteven Levitt, EconomistClosing out the morning session was―Freakanomics‖ co-author StevenLevitt, who captivated the audiencewith his anecdotes and stories. Hismost poignant messages were thatpeople don’t spend enough timethinking about ideas, and that weoften overlook even the most obviousones. Further, he exclaimed that wecan make up for the low quantity ofideas by the high quality of ideas.Even one or two breakthrough ideasper year from each of us can helpbring about great change, he said.www.krishtechnolabs.com38
  39. 39. Big Announcement1. Magento Enterprise 1.13Page loading has been improved, the re-indexing process has been improved by 83%and now 95% of the time you wont need to dofull re-indexing. Overall averageimprovement between EE1.12 and EE1.13 is65% and the conclusion was that ―We cansleep better with EE1.13!‖.www.krishtechnolabs.com2. Magento Community Edition1.8.2This is on route and will be with us in the nextcouple of weeks. A dozen areas have also beenimproved in CE but our impression was thatEE is definitely becoming the standard forserious Magento merchants.39
  40. 40. Big Announcement3. Magento 2This is still in the works and a Beta releasecan be expected in Q4 this year. Magento areworking hard to improve the architecture fordevelopers and solution partners and hopesto create something that is truly modular withclear separation of presentation and businesslogic.www.krishtechnolabs.com4. X.commerce FabricThis has now been decommissioned.40
  41. 41. Big Announcement5. New Front End DeveloperCertificationA Magento Certified Frontend Developeraccreditation was announced thus meaningfront end developers can now prove theirskill-set in Magento theming to their clients.www.krishtechnolabs.com6. Magento ConnectMakeup Magento Connect , eliminatingobsolete extensions, introducing a newsystem of ratings and reviews (from Februarythis year), new subcategories for improvednavigation and new home to show the mostrelevant, recent releases, staff picks andcustomer picks.41
  42. 42. Day 3 - It’s Lunch TimeSo much hungry…www.krishtechnolabs.com42
  43. 43. Day 3 – General Session - NoonA noon session started with A little more musicwww.krishtechnolabs.com43
  44. 44. Day 3 – General Session – NoonJohn Couch - Head of Design/Creative Director, MagentoThe theme for this year wasThe Art of Commerce. Fromthe Hall ways to the MarketPlace decor, the stagedesign, videos and the surprisefashion show. It was all a workof art. So who was behind theartistry? Magnetos Head ofDesign/Creative Director –John Couch with the aid of therest of the Magento team, theThe Buzz Lab crew and MikeRussek from 1028Designs.www.krishtechnolabs.com44
  45. 45. Day 3 – General Session – NoonJohn Couch - Head of Design/Creative Director, MagentoThe whole theme was designed using parts of Magento Logowww.krishtechnolabs.com45
  46. 46. Day 3 – General Session – NoonIt’s Team Effortwww.krishtechnolabs.com46
  47. 47. Day 3 – General Session - NoonMagento Winner – Most Innovative Site of the Year 2012www.krishtechnolabs.comDeliciousKarmaBY47
  48. 48. Day 3 – General Session – NoonJane McGonial, a world-renowned game designerwww.krishtechnolabs.com48
  49. 49. Day 3 – General Session – NoonGaming – Good or Bad ?www.krishtechnolabs.com49
  50. 50. Day 3 – General Session - NoonGaming – Good or Bad ?Jane explained how 20minutes gaming per day canbe helpful to increaseproductivity of the person. Sheconvinced ―Games are notwaste of the time.‖ to magentoaudience .www.krishtechnolabs.com50
  51. 51. Day 3 – General Session – NoonContents - Who is Going to Hawaii?www.krishtechnolabs.com51
  52. 52. Day 3 – General Session – NoonEvent Closed with Inspiring Song and Musicwww.krishtechnolabs.com52
  53. 53. Some of the people we managed to meetClient & Partners OnTap, UK (Gold Partner) IFUEL Interactive, US (Silver Partner) DEG, US (Gold Partner) Pixafy, US (Gold Partner) Guidance, US (Gold Partner) Corra Tech, US (Gold Partner) AOE Media, Germany (Gold Partner) Vince, Australia NUIMPACT Corporation, Canada Unleaded Software , US (Gold Partner)Technology & Industry Partner Nexsus Webshops App SLI Systems Shop Runner Listrack iNetU PayPal YOT PO. MAPMYIDwww.krishtechnolabs.com53
  54. 54. Our Take on Imagine Magento Is The Most Powerful eCommerce Platform With A StrongEcosystem. Magento Is Our Platform Of Choice For Emerging eCommerce. Mobile Commerce & Multi Channel Is Now The Key To Growth In TheeCommerce World. For Customers, Only Setting Up The Store Is Not The Key, It RequiresAn End-To-End Solution. Success Requires Creativity, Continuous Innovation And A MotivatedTeam Of Talented Individuals.www.krishtechnolabs.com54
  55. 55. Thank You.www.krishtechnolabs.com