The french polish jv case


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The french polish jv case

  1. 1. The French-Polish JV case Group members Yasser Kortam Magdy A.Sattar Abd El-Hameed Mohamed
  2. 2. Group objectives Acting as HR consultants we will present our analysis and recommendations to the case F-P jv. Demonstrate our understanding to some of the HR main topics.
  3. 3. Presentation elements Firm presentation. Firm objectives. Current situation & key figures. Firm strengths. firm weakness and HR challenges. Recommendations.
  4. 4. 1-Firm presentation Under the name Durand-Masaryk (jv) the French Durand consumer electronics division with 51 % of the venture and management responsibility combine with the Polish television tubes producer in joint venture and located near Warsaw.
  5. 5. 2- Firm objectives Complement the existing product range in Europe with the manufacture of small and medium size television tubes. To be the “number one” supplier in Central and Eastern Europe.
  6. 6. 3- current situation & key figures D-M produce 1.1 m television tubes. $ 100 million investment. Absenteeism down to less than 4.5 percent. Products quality improved to match Western levels, with rejection rate of less than one percent. five new products were introduced in one- and-a-half years.
  7. 7. 4- Firm strengths Good team building. Effective training programs. Good management structure. Linking compensation to performance.
  8. 8. 5- Firm weakness & HR challenges Communication challenges. Language barriers Absent of regular meeting Mid. managers blocking information flow. Training challenges. No analysis for the training programs. No proper timing & scheduling (affects the productivity). Performance review challenges. Policy implemented was exported from different culture with out considering the Polish culture and economical situations. Unclear job description, the goals & responsibilities are un clear. Staffing challenges. Salary policy not related to local market. No career developing planning. Rewarding policy challenges. Using negative incentive system de-motivate people on long term.
  9. 9. 6- Recommendations Communication challenges.  English language training.  implement regular meeting system for communication.  Training programs for Mid. Managers (team work, effective communication, coaching …). Training challenges.  Do job analysis to plan the training programs to meet the requirements.  Design the proper timing & scheduling that doesn’t affects the productivity. Performance review challenges.  Adapt the Policy implemented to the Polish culture and economical situations.  Design a clear job description, to have clear goals & responsibilities. Staffing challenges.  Adapt the Salary policy to be related to local market.  Design career developing plan. Rewarding policy challenges.  Using negative & positive incentive rewarding system to motivate people.
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  11. 11. Thank you