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Unit Plan Template En

  1. 1. Intel® Teach Program Essentials Course Unit Plan Template Click on any descriptive text, then type your own. Unit Author First and Last Samir Fahmy Meabed Radwan Name Ahmed Abdel Raheem secondary school for School District girls School Name Assuit School City, El-Qousia State Unit Overview Unit Title The world of work -unit 0ne Unit Summary In this unit are going to speak about jos and information about Sir Magdi Yaccob We will deal with his early life and his education We will speak about filling a form about your self Subject Area The world of work Vocabulary Tenses Present and past tenses Grade Level 2nd year secondary © 2000-2007 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Page 1 of 7
  2. 2. Intel® Teach Program Essentials Course Approximate Time Needed A week five periods 50 minutes each Unit Foundation Targeted Content Standards and Benchmarks • Preparing citizens and helping them to develop their everyday life skills including t critical thinking and analytical, scientific and problem-solving skills that enable the respond to present requirements and adopt them to face the scientific and technolog progress. • Developing students' abilities and potentialities, satisfying their needs and interests, providing them with necessary values, behaviors, and basic knowledge and informa about health, nutrition and environment, attitudes related to development and scient and professional skills that cope with the various conditions and environments. In addition to, paying attention to the sciences of the future, namely, science, mathema and foreign languages. • Paying great attention to the principle of “knowledge unity” by achieving balance a integration among the various school subjects so that they form various sources of knowledge in an integrative and coherent way. • Teaching English strategies stress activities of language forums, individual communication, in pairs or groups, and small groups work. Student Objectives/Learning Outcomes Students will be able to: • Discuss health topics in English and use it in most aspects of the project • Use knowledge from other curriculum subjects • Use dictionaries effectively • Summarize a medical text • Write a composition about medical topics • Develop an understanding of the precautions and cures of some diseases. • Do research on issues of concern to the community and © 2000-2007 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Page 2 of 7
  3. 3. Intel® Teach Program Essentials Course gather, evaluate, and synthesize data from a variety of sources to communicate their discoveries in ways that suit their purpose and audience • Use a variety of electronic and print resources to gather and synthesize information and to create and communicate knowledge to a specific audience Curriculum-Framing Questions What would you like to be? Essenti Why would you like to be so? al What does ……..do? Questio How can I affect my community? n 1-Where was Magdi born? 2-Why did he become a surgeon? 3-What was his father‘s job? Unit 4-where does a lawyer work? Questio ns 5-What does the civil engineer do? 6-Do you think our society need people like Ahmed Zeial Farouk El Baz and Magdi Yaccob? Content Questio ns Assessment Plan Assessment Timeline © 2000-2007 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Page 3 of 7
  4. 4. Intel® Teach Program Essentials Course Before project Students work on After project work begins projects and work is complete tasks completed • Mentio • • Observ • 1-ask • 1- • 1- n Brainstor ation questio Evalu Evaluat some m • Guiding ns ation e the websit -ask and • Answeri • 2- sheet. project es answer ng any speak • 2- • Que • Slides questio about Questi stio how n picture ons ning Check • Let s about • pres the list groups • 3-Read enta • Wiki help a map lesson tion Check each to gau list other meas ge • Newsl ure • stud etter the ent Check under nee list standi ds • Newsl ng • Proj etter ect scorin Rub g ric guide Assessment Summary I use students books-blackboard- chalk- biography of Magdi © 2000-2007 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Page 4 of 7
  5. 5. Intel® Teach Program Essentials Course Yaccob .tapes or CD Unit Details Prerequisite Skills 1-Student books- 2-Using the internet 3-Making an e-mail 4-Skill of reading an English story Instructional Procedures 1-A week before giving the unit I ask students to log onto the website and collect information about Rider Haggard 2-Make a list of irregular verbs(group A) Exercises about tenses(group B) Information about Magdi Yaccob( group B) 3-I make pre-questions about how to use this project in teaching. 4-We can send leaflets to parents to give us their opinions in the effective role in teaching through projects. 2-In the first lesson Teacher divide students into groups and determine the role of each group. 3-Discuss the need of students they need during the project. 4-In the third period teacher ask students to collect information about the Writer. Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction 1-I meet the slow students and know the reasons Resou why they do not like English. rce 2-I co-operate with the social worker to solve the Stude problems of these students. nt 3-Teachers should suggest with the director of the school to make free extra lessons © 2000-2007 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Page 5 of 7
  6. 6. Intel® Teach Program Essentials Course Non- 1-teachers ask non-native English speakers to Nativ send e-mails to native speakers. e 2-Collect information about the difficulties that Englis face students in learning English as a foreign h language. Speak er 1-Teacher asks them to help their friend in the same Gifted class. Stude 2-They should be the leaders of the groups. nt 3-They are asked to do researches and write a paragraph about any current events. Materials and Resources Required For Unit Technology – Hardware (Click boxes of all equipment needed) Camera - Laser Disk VCR Computer(s) Printer Video Camera Digital Camera Projection Video Conferencing DVD Player System Equip. Internet Connection Scanner Other       Television Technology – Software (Click boxes of all software needed.) Image Web Page Database/Spreadsheet Processing Development Desktop Publishing Internet Web Word Processing E-mail Software Browser Other       Encyclopedia on CD- Multimedia ROM © 2000-2007 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Page 6 of 7
  7. 7. Intel® Teach Program Essentials Course Student book Workbook Printed Printed sheets Materials Films Practical English Grammar 1-Multimedia Lab 2-Classroom Supplies 3-Tape cassettes 4-mobile phones www.longmansec.org Internet www.moe Resources 1-Some books about prepositions Other 2-Hello 8 Resources 3-Excel in English Book Two © 2000-2007 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Page 7 of 7