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  1. 1. ECO Lodge in ECUADOR for sale
  2. 2. Relax next to the pool, surrounded by an abundance of nature…
  3. 3. Comfortable cabañas, integrated in nature…
  4. 4. Enjoy the good things of life….
  5. 5. The Eco Lodge is situated in central Ecuador. A breathtaking property in the Napo province, sheltering a thriving eco-lodge. A place highly recommended by various international travel agencies and guidebooks. Besides its own share of Amazon rainforest and unique fauna and flora, the property’s key highlights are the bordering crystal-clear Amazon river and the +13 hectares of free-to-develop land. In short, a place lacking in pretense or any artificiality so common to overblown eco-resort concepts and an ideal location to experience an authentic immersion in the rainforest.
  6. 6. Key high-lights Investment opportunity g eneral : Thanks to the absence of any building regulations, the property owner can give a new destination to the land. The 'free-to-develop parcel can be separated from the property without compromising the integrity of both the tropical forest and the tourist activities from the eco-lodge. The owner has several options like selling these areas to the rapidly rising middle-class population. Eco-tourism is booming business in Ecuador. With its 14 years in business and the unique combination of luxury, pleasure and Amazonian fauna and flora, the eco-lodge has earned a status of 'being incontournable when visiting Ecuador. For the last 5 years, the lodge has a double-digit growth record. Further enlargement of the eco-lodge and tourist activities is possible! golf : One of the few short-comings of Ecuador is the shortage of good golf courses. This place offers a unique opportunity to build a 9 to 18 holes golf course in the heart of the Amazon. While playing their favorite game, golfers can enjoy the wonders of the Amazonian rain forest. After the game, they can relax in the luxurious lodge accommodations. Detailed information available.
  7. 7. Total ground surface: 137.92 ha / 340.81 Acres Primary + secondary rainforest : 113.00 ha / 279.23 Acres Eco-lodge + developed ground: 11.35 ha / 28.05 Acres Free-to-develop land: 13.57 ha / 33.53 Acres The property is free of tropical diseases like malaria and dengue fever Luxurious eco-lodge with 14 guestrooms and a 32 person capacity. All rooms are equipped with private toilet, hot shower, wifi and terrace Modern restaurant and large swimming pool 14 years in operation Staff: 10 full-time employees and 8 part-time exployees
  8. 9. Contact for all information Magda Vandenbussche – Knop International Property consultant Member of Fiabci Email: [email_address] Call: +32 497 75 96 96