Chonga Girls Pwpt Jan 2009


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They’re still in their late teens, but actresses/writers Mimi Dávila and Laura Di Lorenzo, aka The Chonga Girls, are highlighting and spearheading a burgeoning Hispanic-American cultural movement.

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Chonga Girls Pwpt Jan 2009

  1. 1. Writers/Actresses/Comedians They’re still in their late teens, but Mimi Dávila and Laura Di Lorenzo, aka The Chonga Girls, are talented and witty writers, actresses and comedians.
  2. 2. Hispanic-American Cultural Movement Highlighting and spearheading a burgeoning Hispanic- American cultural movement, Mimi and Laura play their parts as sexy, sarcastic Chongas to the hilt.
  3. 3. Internet Stars In Spring 2007 they created a parody of “Fergalicious” that lovingly portrays teenage Chongas, as they are seen at suburban malls in cities like Miami and New York. “Chongalicious” turned Mimi and Laura into Internet Stars. CHONGALICIOUS Has had over Over 4.5 million YOUTUBE and Online Views
  4. 4. Media Celebrities Laura and Mimi became NBC: overnight media CBS - celebrities. Telemundo: Power 96: Chongalicious was one of Mun2: the most requested songs Make Over: at top Miami radio station Chonga Girls: Power 96. New Times: Miami Herald: They were profiled in New Times: newspapers, magazines 1006285/ and appeared on local and CBS: national TV shows on NBC, Telemundo: CBS, Telemundo and King Mango Parade: Mun2.
  5. 5. They have an insider’s fluency with youth and Hispanic-American culture, and they celebrate and poke fun at their surroundings in a way that brings everyone together.
  6. 6. Underneath the inspired silliness, Chongalicious dovetails perfectly with Mimi and Laura’s passion – writing and acting.
  7. 7. Mimi and Laura are continuing to define and expand the Chonga brand. A culture that was hiding in plain sight, Chonga culture is now in the limelight, with Mimi and Laura conceptualizing and creating the complete Chonga lifestyle, from fashion to music to video to the web.
  8. 8. A lot of interesting things happen in your life when you’re 19, bilingual, and hot.
  9. 9. Chonga Girls Blog In addition to their website, the Chonga Girls are now contributing their never-boring observations on their own Celebrity Blog:
  10. 10. National Prime Time Television During January 2009, the Chonga Girls were featured on National Prime Time Television to an audience of millions of TV viewers on Univisión’s flagship talk show Cristina. During the first 6 days after the show aired, Chonga Girls: • Received over 160,000 video views on Youtube • Got over 35,000 plays of their music on Myspace
  11. 11. MTV Development Deal Beginning in January 2009, Mimi and Laura will join the cast of MTV3 as they develop their own television show for the network.
  12. 12. TV Series MESH Academy The girls are now co-starring in the half-hour television series MESH Academy about performing- arts high school students reaching for their dreams.
  13. 13. Myspace Featured Artist Beginning on February 9, 2009 Chonga Girls will get huge exposure to 100 million Myspace members as Featured Artist for their song Chongalicious.
  14. 14. Chongalicious on iTunes Along with the huge exposure as Myspace Feature Artists, Chongalicious will be available on Feb 9, 2009 for download on iTunes for the first time ever!
  15. 15. Chonga Beauty Products Chonga Girls plans include unveiling a line of essential beauty products and accessories, created with the Chonga in mind.
  16. 16. Perfect Pitch Persons The Chonga Girls have an insider’s fluency with youth and Hispanic-American culture. They are perfect pitch-persons for mass market consumer products targeting the sweet spot of the youngest and fastest growing demo in the U.S.
  17. 17. Chonga Girls Websites Girls/33355812403
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Chongalicious Video Created, written and performed by Mimi Davila & Laura Di Lorenzo