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My teaching context magda liliana martinez ppp


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Published in: Education
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My teaching context magda liliana martinez ppp

  1. 1.  School: Institucion Eductiva Tecnica Empresarial el jardin. Type of school: public Located: Ibagué-Tolima Zone: urban Number of students: 1100 Grades: kindergarten to eleven grade Class size: 45
  2. 2.  Strata: 1-2 Educational Background 70% primary 20% some grades of secondary school. 10% bachelor degree Group: step or extended families Jobs: informal or employeed
  3. 3.  My students’ age range are 12- 16. 7th grade Low English proficiency level They live in the surroundings of Institución Educativa Técnica Empresarial El Jardin.
  4. 4.  Willing to participate Prefer communicative activities Take risks Dependent learners Irresponsible with homework No time management.
  5. 5.  Work in groups or by pairs. Role plays. Communicative games. Singing Saying tongue-twisters Making posters Few writing and listening activities.
  6. 6. A t.v set One projection screen and two video beams, 2 lap tops, 2 speakers and 2Two tape recorders microphoneswith low sound
  7. 7.  Worksheets: designed by teachers individually Quizzes and texts made by teachers Copies of activities are taken from different books. Dictionaries brought by students
  8. 8.  Textbook Audiovisual material Internet connectionReason: institutional policies due to students’ are from 1 and 2 strata.
  9. 9. At least a taperecorder while the Internet connectionlap is gottenAt least textbook as a English lab andguide includes standards software
  10. 10.  Incorporate standards for English Language as Ministry of Education Policy into the syllabus.