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Pre-case presentation of our team in L'Oreal Brandstorm 2012 competition.

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L'Oreal Brandstorm 2012 pre-case_mmm

  1. 1. Welcome to Polish Beauty and Personal Care market! Beauty and Personal Care in Poland, June 2011
  2. 2. Polish consumer 1. Prefers to buy beauty products at drugstores (Rossmann)and health & beauty specialists (Sephora, Douglas).
  3. 3. Polish consumer 2. Is loyal to Polish brands (especially skincare and suncare products)
  4. 4. Polish consumer 3. Recently, more and more important target become also men, whose needs concerning cosmetics also increased recently (forecast of sales Man's grooming product is predicted to raise from 3,2% in 2010 to 17,2% in 2015!).
  5. 5. Polish consumer 4. According to Global Trends report, consumers watch out more about their expenses, choose discounted products and look for group deal coupons (Groupon, CityDeal)
  6. 6. NEW TRENDS
  7. 7. ORGANIC TREND • Organic cosmetics market develops in Europe despite recession. • The most popular subtypes are: – skin care – colour cosmetics – soap & bath – hair care • A significant life event, such as having children, encourages purchasing of natural/organic products. ORGANIC BEAUTY, Trans Global Trend Watch, January 2010
  8. 8. What do I REALLY buy? Is this product certificated? Was it produced in ethical way? Is it better in compare with other similar products? Consumer Trend Predictions 2010
  9. 9. Main competitors seem to be multinational manafacturers, such as Procter&Gamble or Avon Cosmetics... ...however, The Body Shop is created with certain values. And, what's especially important, those values are getting more and more influent to the avarage consumer. Beauty and Personal Care in Poland Report 2010
  10. 10. ...using natural ingredients, pro- ecological attitude, respect for employees, fair trade rules, cosmetics not-tested on animals – that's distinguish mark of this brand.
  11. 11. Yves Rocher in Poland Since 1959, Yves Rocher creates cosmetics inspired by nature. Ingredients comes mostly from company-owned hearvests located in La Gacilly, France. http://www.yves-rocher.com.pl/
  12. 12. Yves Rocher in Poland Yves Rocher seems to be the strongest competitor at organic beauty market in Poland. Beside holding 1,5% market share, it is pretty well known among customers for its natural image. http://www.yves-rocher.com.pl/
  13. 13. Yves Rocher in Poland Stores (almost 100 in Poland), are mainly located in shopping centers, some of them has its own beauty salon. On-line store is also available.
  14. 14. Yves Rocher in Poland Yves Rocher Foundation is running two social campaigns: Earth – the planet of women and the Planting Tribe, both focused on supporting nature protection and ecological education.
  15. 15. Yves Rocher in Poland
  16. 16. If Yves Rocher was a person... Has French roots Looks for natural ingredients Cares about environement, chooses ecological products Woman, 25-60 years old Middle class Educated, aware of ecological issues Expects good quality
  17. 17. Pat & Rub Despite its short existence on Polish market, Pat&Rub got already awarded by magazines Uroda and InStyle for the best product of the year. www.patandrub.pl
  18. 18. Pat & Rub As a new company, Pat&Rub is still on its way to gain reputation. Despite being new in the market, they show key signs of rapid development. www.patandrub.pl
  19. 19. Pat & Rub Products are available on-line and also in Sephora. Pat&Rub closely cooperates with SPAs and beauty salons, which seems to be very lucrative distribution chanel for this kind of products.
  20. 20. Pat & Rub Pat&Rub cosmetics are 100% produced from natural ingredients. As one of very few producers in Poland, Pat&Rub is certified with ECOCERT.
  21. 21. Pat & Rub
  22. 22. If Pat&Rub was a person... Beauty magazine reader Wealthy, big city habitant SPA, beauty salon guest/owner Looks for certified product, made in 100% from natural ingredients Woman, age 25-45 Shops on-line or in Sephora Expects high quality
  23. 23. THE BODY SHOP in Poland L‘Oreal has a very strong position, altough, The Body Shop brand is not well known among consumers.
  24. 24. THE BODY SHOP in Poland The Body Shop has 16 shops in Poland, and no other channel of distribution, such as e.g. on-line shop or indirect sale.
  25. 25. THE BODY SHOP in Poland The Body Shop products are known of its colorful packaging, which is strongly associated with exotic fruits and other ingredients they are made of.
  26. 26. THE BODY SHOP in Poland The Body Shop values are strongly highlighted. Social campaigns are as much important as beauty products itselves.
  27. 27. THE BODY SHOP in Poland
  28. 28. If The Body Shop was a person... Activist Wealthy Woman, 20-50 years old Educated, aware of ecology and social issues Big city habitants Self-confident
  29. 29. OPPORTUNITIESSTRENGHTS WEAKNESSESTHREATS International brand, (since 1976) Green state of mind Ethical and natural image Colourful packaging Products and ingredients inspired by nature Social campaigns Distribution Not well recognisable by Polish consumers High production cost High price Small number of competitors Variety of natural ingredients Change of consumer behavior Polish consumers are open for new trends Social campaigns - new customers Lack of organic leader - strong competition Economical crisis Consumers loyalty to other brands Low awareness about The Body Shop brand
  30. 30. The New, Iconic Product Trends: - specific age - specific skin types and skin problems The Body Shop Target: woman, 20-50 years old The Body Shop social campaigns are as much important as beauty products itselves. A significant life event, such as having children, encourages purchasing of natural/organic products
  31. 31. Activate TEEN-esteem! Curious Too shy to ask „Steal” mom’s cosmetics Skincare begginer Future responsible consument The worst time for self-esteem NO little peagant queen ‘As the twig is bent, so grows the tree’
  32. 32. Sample products Daughter age 8-14 Cream cleanser and toner For sensitive skin, delicate protection Cream Light cream that protects from UV Colour cosmetic Natural Lip Stick (no colour)
  33. 33. Defend Human Rights Some percentage of the income from ‘the mother-daughter’ product could be used to raise funds for an educational program about hygiene and personal care targeting kids in orphanages.
  34. 34. Questions? Marta Bednarska Monika Mądrzejewska monja15@wp.pl martabed8@gmail.com magfilipska@gmail.com Magdalena Filipska