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Big mag the unique value of magazine brands magnify 2019

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Big mag the unique value of magazine brands magnify 2019

  1. 1. The unique value of magazine brands Nancy Detrixhe Research Manager Magazine Media Association (MMA)
  2. 2. The unique value of magazine brands
  3. 3. members 135 Male 123 Onder die steden, welke vanoud. 8 April 2019 until 19 April 2019 Field work METHOD Community study TARGET GROUPm/f 18 - 65 years Magazine media users (>1x p/mnd) Offline/online Multiple magazine categories METHOD QUALITATIVE Data collection online QUANTITATIVE n=1,007 Sample size 6 May 2019 – 14 May 2019 Field work
  4. 4. On a wonderfully rainy Saturday afternoon reading Quest at home with a nice cup of tea and cake! A real indulgence moment for yourself...! I think I will save the article on preventing cavities for next time ;-). Enjoyment now and then is allowed! Magazines need to provide relaxation My partner watches TV and I leaf through the Happinez. Lovely to be together and still do your own thing It is Friday afternoon, almost half past 2, a nice cup of coffee, wood stove is on, a sock on the knitting needles with the first just finished and leafing through Knippie, the sewing magazine for children's clothes! Wonderfully relaxed afternoon, no stress, no buzz. Our daughter and granddaughter of 3 months are visiting so all in all a nice relaxed afternoon just before the weekend!
  5. 5. Wine life on the table next to a cup of coffee, travelguide Lissabon and a bottle of water. A standard morning ritual in the weekends. This magazine is a good expansion of our hobby which is good wine, recipes and information on beautiful wine regions. Ideal for leafing through and finding inspiration for road trips Just received the latest Kampioen. A moment of reading on a park bench in the sun. Getting inspiration for Spring and Summer. Lovely!
  6. 6. Power of diversity. 1 unique value.
  7. 7. Magazines are the ultimate realization of a me-moment
  8. 8. Satisfaction. Value for time.
  9. 9. Reading experience: The power of print.
  10. 10. With magazines you determine your own algorythm.
  11. 11. 83% 82% 79% 77% prefer magazines to online because of the ultimate reading experience perceive magazines as a source of relaxation in busy and hectic times feels in control when reading a magazine is fully concentrated on the content of the magazine
  12. 12. Everything is digital nowadays. It is nice to have moments in which you’re not online. You can pick up and go through magazines any time you like. “You get a magazine and read the things you’re interested in at that moment without any disruption. Online you read things pushed by clickbait or promotions. Meanwhile you’re busy with Whatsapp and e-mails which keep arriving continuously. “ For me, magazines are unique, because of their tangibility. Plus I am much more focussed on the content. Online I am easily distracted because of the other possibilities the internet offers. “ I read magazines specifically to create a me-time moment. I choose the magazine to fit this moment, the one that offers content I like to read at this moment. On social media content arrives unsolicited. “
  13. 13. For young people, having offline moments without any distraction or disruption is an important motivation for reading magazines.
  14. 14. Advertising is no mood killer.
  15. 15. 84% believes that advertising belongs to the content of magazines
  16. 16. % experiences advertising as a (very) negative thing OOH Newspaper ads Magazine ads Cinema Radio TV Online ads on PC/laptop Online ads on smartphone
  17. 17. 25% 37% 39% 39% 43% 43% 47% 61% 69% 71% 76% 80% 82% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Pop-ups online Reclame podcasts Online banners Reclame op mobiel Reclame social media Sponsored online content Digital video reclame Reclame in zoekmachines Outdoor Radio-spots Brievenbusreclame TV-reclame Print (dagbladen, magazines) Trust in advertising for buying decisions (% respondents)
  18. 18. Compared to influencers, magazine content leads to purchase more often.
  19. 19. Magazines more effective than expected.
  20. 20. Omnichannel
  21. 21. Magazine brands’ online activities are an important trigger for their offline visibility and accessibility
  22. 22. 57% follow minimal once a week the website or app of a magazine brand. 49% follow minimal once a week social media channels of a magazine brand.
  23. 23. Different channels. Different functions.
  24. 24. Print Website/ app Social media Relaxation Me-moment Entertainment To kill time Up-to-date information Up-to-date information Learn more about a specific topic To kill time
  25. 25. Readers compile their own unique portfolio of magazine brands.
  26. 26. Conclusion: But we have print.
  27. 27. 88% say magazine brands are indispensable!