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Transportation and Logistics Software - What Are Its Advantages?


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Logistics software, supply chain software, and warehouse management system (WMS) for freight forwarding, 3PLs, inventory control with online cargo tracking and import and export documentation.

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Transportation and Logistics Software - What Are Its Advantages?

  1. 1. MAGAYA8725 NW 18 Terrace, Suite 209 Miami, Florida-33172 786-845-9151
  2. 2. Reasons for Logistics SoftwareLogistics software helps logistics providers who manage shipping and other relatedservices for their customers. Logistics software helps automate many manual processes,reduces redundant data entry, and provides online tracking of shipments and cargo 24hours a day, around the world. With good logistics software, all types of cargo can behandled, from small packages to full container loads and consolidations. Shipmentdocumentation is included in Magaya logistics software. Wizards build air waybills andother documents quickly.Try Before You Buy: Try free trial Logistics Software and receive technical support at nocharge during the evaluation period. When you download the software, you get thecomplete software, not a demo version. Data you enter is kept in the software’s database soyou can continue your operations when you make your purchase.Get a Complete Solution: Unlike systems that use older modular-based technology,everything in one package. With Magaya supply chain software, you can automate yourbusiness with many built-in features designed specifically for logistic operations and therelated accounting transactions. Our complete package is full of features that meet yourneeds now and as you grow.
  3. 3. Customize the Software: Take advantage of our customization infrastructureand make your logistics software system as unique as your business. If your localmarket requires a specific document, just create it using the Magaya DocumentDesigner. When you add new fields to the existing transaction types in theMagaya software, these fields become available any place you need them –reports, documents, tracking; share them with other Magaya users; use themwhen integrating with other systems, and more.Connect with Other Magaya Users: Logistics software is built on the award-winning Magaya Network, an innovative infrastructure that connects you withother Magaya customers. Create your own business network of mutuallybeneficial partners working in places you need to reach. Exchangedocumentation and data from system to system instantly and avoid redundantdata entry, faxing, and courier expenses. languages.Track Shipments in Real Time: The integrated tracking features provide real-time access from anywhere in the world. As you enter data, your customers canlog in and see their shipment status, Proof of Delivery, or inventory data 24 hoursa day online. There is no delay - updates are visible as events happen.
  4. 4. Supply Chain Software
  5. 5. Keep Everything Moving SmoothlyIt takes a lot of moving parts to keep a business functioning smoothly. Supplychain management is like a juggling act a lot of the time: it involves makingsure that every part of the machine that is your business is functioning properlyand with the right timing. If the timing is a little off, it could cause everythingelse to come crashing down around it. Using supply chain software can reallyhelp to make sure that everything continues moving smoothly. Good logisticssoftware can make all the difference when you have so many moving parts thatyou need to keep track of.Before you choose a supply chain software program, its important for you tofirst delineate all of the different parts youre trying to keep track of. You canstart by listing the different departments involved and then list under eachdepartment what components youd need to keep track of with your logisticssoftware. Not every function of every department needs to be tracked by yourdepartment, and it can save a lot of time if you can streamline the informationbeing fed into the program by cutting out any unnecessary information thatwill just slow it down.
  6. 6. Freight Forwarder Software
  7. 7. Using Technology to Track SupplyChain Management Any company providing goods and services has to account for the raw materials needed. The company must order raw materials or products and track where they are and when in order to stay on track for production and productivity. Modern business takes advantage of the time saving technology that logistics software provides. This type of software is primarily concerned with where the products or raw materials are at any given moment. However, some software programs focusing on logistics also provide ways for communicating with customers through automated systems so they can track orders. Software specific to logistics can be packaged individually or as a part of a larger supply chain software management program.
  8. 8. Freight Management Software for the Logistics Industry What does the Magaya Cargo System do? Magaya Cargo System is a Logistics Software designed for international freight forwarders, NVOCCs, consolidators and forwarding agents, couriers, warehouse providers, and cargo airlines who require a complete and accurate warehouse management system combined with a fully- integrated accounting system. The user-friendly interface with interactive screens reduces the amount of work for the user.
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