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Ss une sap pcm


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Ss une sap pcm

  1. 1. UNE FLEXIBILITY AND INTEGRATION WITH SAP® BusinessObjects™ PROFITABILITY AND COST MANAGEMENT QUICK FACTS“The project was conceived as a great Company SAP Solutions and Services • Name: UNE EPM • SAP BusinessObjects Profitability and opportunity to improve the company’s Telecomunicaciones S.A. Cost Management information about product profitabil- • Location: Medellin, Colombia • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelli- • Industry: Telecommunications gence solutions ity and assess process cost. This is the • Products and services: Telecommunications • SAP ERP application services, information technology and com- • SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse first phase of a large project, which munication services, information services component will be followed by the deployment and complementary activities • Revenue: US$700 million Implementation Highlights of SAP BusinessObjects Planning and • Employees: 2,350 • Implemented on time and within budget, • Web site: despite unexpected events that came up Consolidation.” • Launched to support processes that have • Implementation partners: Capgemini, SAP® Consulting been reorganized, meaning the implemen- Andrés Vélez Vieira, Corporate Finance Director, tation had to be adjusted UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones S.A. Challenges and Opportunities • Use SAP software not only to capture Why SAP information but also for distribution, • Clear proposal assignment, and reporting • Full use of everything the software has to • Transfer financial knowledge among com- offer pany segments to expand costing model • Capability to integrate with future deploy- and profitability analysis ments (SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation application) Objectives • Build a flexible tool to support business Benefits opportunities • Administrative and financial analytic plat- • Support, define, design, build, and deliver form for managerial reporting, maximizing an improved cost management and profit- the value of SAP ERP licenses ability analysis model • An intuitive tool for releasing timely oper- • Certify staff responsible for profitability ating, analytical, and managerial reports and cost management on the SAP without incurring development costs BusinessObjects™ Profitability and Cost • Removal of new ABAP™ programming Management application language–based reports • Build profitability and cost management • More agility in information analyses with model and other elements within SAP multiple views software architectureSAP Customer Success StoryTelecommunications
  2. 2. In 2005 Empresas Públicas de Medellín, operating through its brandUNE EPM Telecomunicaciones S.A., reoriented its home public utili-ties market and set up three strategic business groups: electricalpower supply, water supply, and telecommunications. Now UNE isa fully publicly held corporation that renders IT and communicationsservices to its clients all over the country.The Need to Connect Intertwined Opportunities Related SolutionsIn its quest for excellence in serving its The changing scenario at UNE trig- Additionally, to crown the already-clients, UNE performed several organi- gered the need for a flexible solution achieved benefits, UNE decided furtherzational studies to help assess the per- that could adapt to the changes in the to deploy SAP BusinessObjects Busi-formance of the company’s accounting business. With SAP BusinessObjects ness Intelligence solutions for extrac-department. At that time, the financial Profitability and Cost Management, tion and reporting, which will be usedforecasting group was using SAP® soft- it was possible to come up with the not only by the corporate finance de-ware only to capture the information; necessary updates in the SAP ERP partment but by the whole company.the remaining processes (distribution, application to record initial informationassignment, and reporting) were carried and then use the SAP NetWeaver® Although the main effect has beenout with other tools, such as Microsoft Business Warehouse component for in cost management, all areas haveAccess and Microsoft Excel. Using these data warehousing, applying the busi- witnessed modifications in metric defi-different tools caused an increase in ness intelligence principles in SAP nition as well as in cost and revenueoperations, greater information risk, BusinessObjects software. assignment, as it was a cross-companytime delays, and additional work spent deployment, covering all companyon reprocessing. The main challenges posed by this processes. project were assessing the currentIn order to implement a costing and costing and profitability management Current and Future Benefitsprofitability model that could improve model, redesigning it in detail for furtherand optimize the process, UNE con- development and information load, cer- The project allowed UNE to analyze thesidered different solutions, including tifying the staff in charge of using SAP costing model used by the company,Oracle’s software, but it did not BusinessObjects Profitability and Cost which led to the decision of using time-offer similar functionality. The SAP Management, and building and deliver- driven activity-based costing (TDABC),BusinessObjects™ Profitability and ing the model and other tools that were a way of measuring and linking a com-Cost Management application was up and running on SAP BusinessObjects pany’s costs with the goods and ser-chosen with the secondary aim of Profitability and Cost Management as vices it offers, taking into account timetransferring knowledge company-wide, well as the processes established in as a, in the future, UNE could replicate the project’s technical specifications.the same model to other segments inthe company.
  3. 3. “The tools and costing model we had in place were not flexible enough to catch up with the business dynamics. Each modification could take four months, whereas today it can take as little as a week. Information trans- parency favors decision making.” LIliana Páramo, Deputy Director of Financial Forecasting, UNE EPM Telecomunicaciones S.A.With this variable in mind, the largest doing so will unleash growth and create nies of all sizes – including small busi-benefits UNE has gained by deploying significant new value – for our custom- nesses and midsize companies – canSAP BusinessObjects Profitability and ers, SAP, and, ultimately, entire indus- reduce costs, optimize performance,Cost Management are innovation, flexi- tries and the economy at large. Today, and gain the insight and agility neededbility, timeliness, and improvement in customers in more than 120 countries to close the gap between strategy andnot only transactional management but run SAP applications – from distinct execution.also strategic management of the busi- solutions addressing the needs of smallness. On the other hand, implementing businesses and midsize companies toSAP BusinessObjects software enables suite offerings for global organizations.integration with other tools in the port- SAP defines business software asfolio that will be implemented this year, comprising enterprise resource plan-such as the SAP BusinessObjects ning, business intelligence, and relatedPlanning and Consolidation application. applications such as supply chain man- agement, customer relationship manage-“The tools and costing model we had in ment, product lifecycle management,place were not flexible enough to catch and supplier relationship management.up with the business dynamics,” saysLIliana Páramo, deputy director of finan- From Walldorf to Wall Street:cial forecasting for UNE. “Each modifi- The SAP Success Storycation could take four months, whereastoday it can take as little as a week. In- Founded in 1972, SAP has a rich historyformation transparency favors decision of innovation and growth that has mademaking.” us a true industry leader. SAP has sales and development locations in moreFor More Information than 50 countries worldwide and is listed on several exchanges, includingFor more information about how the the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and NYSESAP BusinessObjects Profitability under the symbol “SAP.”and Cost Management applicationcan help your business, contact your Helping Companies Becomelocal SAP representative or visit us Best-Run Businessesonline at Our vision is for companies of all sizes to become best-run businesses. InSAP: Delivering IT-Powered today’s challenging business environ-Business Innovation ment, best-run companies have clarity across all aspects of their business,SAP delivers products and services which allows them to act quickly withthat help accelerate business innova- increased insight, efficiency, and flexi-tion for our customers. We believe that bility. By using SAP solutions, compa-
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