Boosting ResponseAnd Revenue withMAgAlogsMaking deeperConnectionswith prospectsand Customers
One problem we must solve with ourmarketing material is how to make an…
A myth we needto address:People don’t readany more.And they certainlydon’t want to readmarketing material.
Tell a story your prospect or customer is interested in!
So…What is a Magalog(And more important…How can it help you boostresponse and sales?)
MagalogS – Sales letters on Steroids     Sales Letter Cover   Magalog (Slim Jim) Cover
SliM JiM             Bookalog           MagalogTaBloid              iSSuelog
average Magalog SizeS    TaBloid         Magalog                       &           SliM   10″ x 13.5″      iSSuelog       ...
Magalog Benefit #1Visually appealing.
Magalog Benefit #2                                                                                                        ...
Magalog Benefit #3Casts you as expert inyour industry.                  Don’t Believe What You’ve                Been Told...
Magalog Benefit #4Stands apart from yourcompetitors.
Magalog Benefit #5                                                                                                     Ans...
Magalog Benefit #6Reaches people whoaren’t online or wouldn’tknow to look for you.
Magalog Benefit #7Uses your…“Intellectual Capital.”
Magalog Benefit #8Helping people!
Building BlockS of                     SucceSSful agalogSA solid mailing list that you   Something of visual interesttrust...
Where to uSe your MagalogMantralogy                                                                                       ...
Magalog eXaMPle #1                                                                                                        ...
Magalog eXaMPle #1             “When you get the chance, go             for it. You can’t accomplish             anything ...
Magalog eXaMPle #2                                               Contents                                                 ...
Magalog eXaMPle #2   Big Apple Kirtan                                         By Gaura Vani                               ...
Magalog eXaMPle #2                                   Teenie Yogini                                                        ...
4 Major Questions tohelp decide if a Magalog    is right for You       at this tiMe
Your prospects and customers wantto know, “What’s in it for…
FRee Resources to help You BeginBoosting Your sales performance today! Book – Increase Sales &        The Magalog Guy Podc...
Questions?                         Comments?                    Ready to boost your                  sales performance now...
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Boosting Response & Revenue with Magalogs


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For those new to magalog marketing, this is Magalog Marketing 101. This presentation, with audio, is also available on my YouTube channel:

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Boosting Response & Revenue with Magalogs

  1. 1. Boosting ResponseAnd Revenue withMAgAlogsMaking deeperConnectionswith prospectsand Customers
  2. 2. One problem we must solve with ourmarketing material is how to make an…
  3. 3. A myth we needto address:People don’t readany more.And they certainlydon’t want to readmarketing material.
  4. 4. Tell a story your prospect or customer is interested in!
  5. 5. So…What is a Magalog(And more important…How can it help you boostresponse and sales?)
  6. 6. MagalogS – Sales letters on Steroids Sales Letter Cover Magalog (Slim Jim) Cover
  7. 7. SliM JiM Bookalog MagalogTaBloid iSSuelog
  8. 8. average Magalog SizeS TaBloid Magalog & SliM 10″ x 13.5″ iSSuelog JiM Bookalog 8.5″ x 11″ 5.5″ x 10″ 5.5″ x 8.5″Multiple factors go into what formatand size you might choose.Consult an expert!
  9. 9. Magalog Benefit #1Visually appealing.
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  12. 12. Magalog Benefit #4Stands apart from yourcompetitors.
  13. 13. Magalog Benefit #5 Answers questions, making the sales process faster. THE PAINTING PROCESS WHEELBUILDING For further information, please contact Duncan McNamara – John Wainwright – Product photography by Greg Falski Other photography by Ian Sansom and Ben Broomfield O T Produced by Blackheart Press for 14 Bike Co Designed by Nick Butterfield nce you have selected he vast majority of the style and size of wheels sold on our frame that you want, bikes are hand-built, 13 Ely’s Yard it’s on to the paint. in-store, by experienced The Truman Brewery London E1 6QL offer two types of We and talented wheel finishing, both which builders. for reasons of come included in the price of your bike. quality, customisation and suitability. Copyright and ‘blah, blah, blah’, the important shit that’s always on the back of a catalogue There are a huge range of colours that At 14, you can specify the exact hubs, are available, please visit the shop for a spokes, nipples and rims that you look at what is possible. require to your personal choice and budget. Next, the wheels are built by STOVE ENAMALLING hand to your specifications. You may The traditional way to paint a bike – the want a simple, no-nonsense, tough bike is sprayed and then placed in an wheelset that will deal with the rigours oven where the finish is baked onto the of the daily commute, or you may be frame for a glorious finish. more interested in colour matching the components to the rest of your bike POWDER COATING – or you might want both in the same A more durable finish that stands up well wheelset. Whatever your requirements,36 to the city streets and for bikes that will we can make it happen. From custom 37 be ridden every day. An electrostatic spoke patterns, to coloured spoke charge is passed through the frame and nipples, you’ll be amazed at what we a powder sprayed onto it. The frame can build in to a wheel is then heated in an oven where the M A D E I N B R I TA powder melts and sticks to the frame for We use deep section Rigida DP18 rims an incredibly strong finish for the majority of our wheel builds – they’re high quality, strong and CUSTOM It is possible to add fades, graphics and multiple colours to a single frame, reasonably priced. In addition to the raw, polished, black and white versions, we also offer anodised colourways which IN but these options are more expensive we have finished to our specification at a – please talk to us for more information! UK-based anodiser and as such, we are the only stockist in the world of these custom versions.
  14. 14. Magalog Benefit #6Reaches people whoaren’t online or wouldn’tknow to look for you.
  15. 15. Magalog Benefit #7Uses your…“Intellectual Capital.”
  16. 16. Magalog Benefit #8Helping people!
  17. 17. Building BlockS of SucceSSful agalogSA solid mailing list that you Something of visual interesttrust on each two-page spreadVisually strong cover with a Clear call-to-action andpromise of value inside clarity on what they getPage 2 letter that tells the An easy-to-understand“Why” ordering processContent that resonates with A great reason to go tothe reader your websiteSidebars that tell stories, A back cover that has impactor give immediate value and a promise of value
  18. 18. Where to uSe your MagalogMantralogy Spring 2010 MusicKirtan, conscious music recordsand events is what Mantralogy isall about. As our music cataloggrows, we hope you will comealong for the adventure. Ten Million Moons Chant4Change Gaura Vani & LIVE As Kindred Spirits Jai Uttal, Dave Released 2009 Stringer, Gaura Vani, Hosted by Shiva Rea Coming Summer 2010! Sweet Surrender Nectar of Prema Hara - Devotion Kamaniya & Gaura Vani & Keshavacharya Das As Kindred Spirits Released 2010 Released 2003 The Mayapuris Debut Album Coming Summer 2010! For wholesale pricing for any of our products contact Mantralogy PO Box 49 Place Stuyvesant Falls, NY 12174 Stamp Here
  19. 19. Magalog eXaMPle #1 Special Digest Edition “When you know who you are 3233-OS-2 and what you stand for, you You’re in stand in wisdom.” — Oprah Matthew Rolston On page 89 in O’s Big Book of Happiness, for a big Oprah talks candidly about her childhood secret that led to betrayal and a breakdown. Discover the lesson she learned that SURPRISE! transformed her life. Get your RISK-FREE PREVIEW copy today, see page 34. (Actually, 4 of them!) n Are you at a relationship crossroad? Do you stay because you’re afraid? Or are you ready for a change? 60 SECONDS to a better n Is it really time to go on another diet — or are you relationship! S.O.S for ready to accept self-love? Peel off and on page 34. certificate overworked, overcommitted, affix to n What kind of legacy do you want to leave and overwhelmed couples! behind? Now’s the time to create You’re tougher than your future! you THINK. How to n What’s really keeping you from being happy? save yourself from every Yes, it’s up to you — and you alone — to write your exclusive “O” tote now — absolutely FREE! imaginable disaster. life’s script! JUST FOR YOU! In fact, use the FREE O’s Big Book of Happiness can help you. You’ll get inspiration, Got 10 minutes?achieve the life you deserve — FREE! motivation and real guidance to help you make decisions — Get a BETTER n ONE VERY EXCLUSIVE GIFT GIFT sticker at right to claim your life-changing decisions — that bring you inner joy, peace, BODY! Puff and and real happiness... sweat for 30...45... n When it’s ok to freak out! According to experts, even 60 minutes?“ “losing it” is a rational way to weather life’s big and little Not anymore! snafus. Discover more unique coping tools! Matthew Rolston “Just let it go”— n What do you do when you run out of dreams? How HA! That’s easy to set new goals to surpass your previous successes! for you to say. A better n How to think like a thin person! Get over your fear way to overcome worry. of being hungry and watch the weight melt away! PLUS: What’s really keeping you from being happy? Surprising answers — Turn to page 34 to get your 8 and much more inside! RISK-FREE PREVIEW copy! 9
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  21. 21. Magalog eXaMPle #2 Contents What M Spring 2010 How has the ride coming a Mantra 1 What Makes The Mayapuris Tick? Visvambhar: Blast o ing the wave of M 2 Spring Cleaning by Jahnavi Harrison we are all droplets that’s been inund 4 Big Apple Kirtan by Gaura Vani love. Krishna Kishor “Kish 5 Recording Sweet Surrender with Prema Hara has been seeing and Rasa and th 6 Yoga of Love by Krishna Kishor the label and watc friends before this able to help make The Mayapuris 8 Mantralogy Lifestyle Catalog friends is actually 21 Raghunath Gaura Vani What’s the best on the road? Production Mantralogy Lifestyle Production K: Per diem, haha. Prema Hara V: The really uniq Executive Producer Keli Lalita Reddy Designer Keli Lalita Reddy share with each o there’s intense m Contributors Gaura Vani, Jahnavi Graphic Design Matt Blodgett Raghunath Harrison, Krishna Kishor Rico, Sachi Models Jeni-Leigh Wrightson, Narottama we are all friends, about each other Sharma Tester, Laksman Reddy, Leopold, Lotta other. Plus the mo Proofreader Mahamaya Partin and Ollie Pflaum in different countri Graphic Design Rasa Acharya, Gaura Vani Guest Models John de Kadt, Steve rience it all togethe Photography Rasa Acharya Gorn, Raghunath Cappo, TJ & Melinda Editor Rasa Acharya and Sachi Sharma Macchiaroli What’s the wors Produced and Printed in the USA Distribution MerchNow K: When the sche isn’t managed pr I n the summer of 2009, some of our Mantralogy crew mem- and mind can re bers, including Gaura Vani and the Mayapuris, toured the You get pains that USA. On one long drive we all discussed what it would could experience i take to make the fast—growing kirtan music “scene” stron- ger. Some of us have roots in the early 90’s punk rock, which relied heavily on zines, or small, fan-produced newsletters/ magazines as a method of sharing insights and creating community around a shared passion: in this case, music. As some of the kirtan scene’s largest fans, we discussed how great it would be to create a zine for us and our friends in the kirtan world. Although times have changed and most communication nowadays is digital, the printed word (and image) still could have a relevant place in the kirtan world today. At least, that is how we see it. Coupling news and feature articles with the Mantralogy Lifestlye catalog, we have come to call our version of the zine a “magalogue,” which is to be produced biannually. We hope to bring you a small taste of the kirtan scene with exciting products, events Music | Events | Lifestyle and music. We welcome collaboration in any respect, so if you have an idea or would like to contribute, please contact us through Rasa Acharya, Editor SPRING 2010 L to R: Bali, Visvam
  22. 22. Magalog eXaMPle #2 Big Apple Kirtan By Gaura Vani Recording T Sweet Surrender his last year has been a whirlwind - a blessing, but very intense. We toured the world twice (three times depending on how you count). Since then I’ve been spending as much time with my family as possible. What does Sweet Surrender signify Did anything mystical happen during Some friends ask, “When’s the next for you? the recording process? album?” With the response we received Keshava: We hear the word bhakti, or de- Keshava: When Gaura stepped in and from my band’s second release, Ten votion and for me that means surrender started to produce the songs with us is Million Moons, everyone’s excited for in total sweetness. It’s surrender in love. when we started to feel the magic. We the next one. I’ve actually been focused Sweet Surrender means bhakti or real had recorded the songs a year earlier, in another way. I’ve been in the studio love. but they really started to emerge when recording and producing albums for Kamaniya: It signifies the story of Drau- we got into the studio with Gaura. The my friends’ music groups - Prema padi who completely surrendered to arrangements are just amazing. Hara and The Mayapuris. Krishna while she was being demeaned Aside from recording, I’ve been by a group of men. She called out “Sri What feelings would you like others focusing a lot of energy in New York Krishna Govinda” which is the title track to experience with your music? City. With our new 12-hour kirtans of the CD. So sweet surrender is not a Kamaniya: Definitely the feeling of devo- scheduled at the Bhakti Center, negative thing like giving in or failing, but tion to the supreme. To feel inspired to regular events at Ashtanga Yoga it’s surrender to the supreme and accept- grow that devotion and explore it. NY, Jivamukti Yoga, Integral Yoga, ing that we are not in control. That brings and the Radha Govinda Temple in the greatest joy. This is the second album for Kes- Brooklyn, the Big Apple is even more havacharya das, but the first as Pre- happening. But I’m always keeping How would you describe the mood of ma Hara with Kamaniya. How has one eye on the amazing people we’ve the songs on Sweet Surrender? the experience been? done kirtan with this last year and I’m Keshava: They all start in a very mellow Kamaniya: By the second day of recording dreaming of my next chance to see mood. Some of the songs stay there for I was able to acclimate with the process them again. more of a meditation. And some of the of recording with Gaura Vani. I could trust songs develop into ecstatic joyful chant- him and that felt very safe. There was a ing, becoming more rhythm-reliant. I like point that I was being very hard on myself to concentrate on the melody, let you because of some musical technicalities become comfortable with that, and then, and Gaura helped me realize that, first of when the kirtan gets faster and more all, the mood is the most important thing rhythmic, you feel safe with what’s hap- and that’s what people will resonate with. pening and can let yourself go into the At times, things were quite intense and song. being in the studio brought up a lot of things that I had to deal with. So, in that way, it was similar to the path of Bhakti where it’s not all a bed of roses but it’s also purifying, sometimes with fire. But in the end it came together beautifully. “Sweet Surrender,” Prema Hara’s debut al- bum is being released by Mantralogy this spring. Be sure to catch them on tour this spring and fall by checking their website.
  23. 23. Magalog eXaMPle #2 Teenie Yogini Kids 100% Organic Cotton Sizes: 12-18 mo, 4T Girls Item # SESABYOGBU-BT Price: $15 I n his youth, he was an inspired, outspoken punk musician that led thousands of youth peers to adopt a positive mental Bhakti attitude, and a healthy Raghunath vegetarian, drug-free lifestyle. 100% Organic Cotton He became a celebrity touring Sizes: 12-18 mo, 4T the world many times over, Unisex performing with his band, Item # SESABHKTKH-BTSM Youth of Today and later, Price: $15 Shelter. The unexpected death of his father, the shallowness of the music scene and the desire to learn about health and spirituality brought him to Ganesh Ahimsa yoga, and then to India in the late 80’s. From age 22 to 27 100% Organic Cotton he practiced the brahm- Sizes: 12-18 mo, 4T acharya (celibate student) Unisex lifestyle. Mastering yoga Item # SESABHKTKH-BTSM asanas, breath work and Price: $15 pranayama, he became fas- cinated with learning how to assist the body to heal and detoxify. Presently, Raghunath is a master yoga teacher in Los Angeles and New York City. He is a Bhakti Baby gifted storyteller and an inspirational entertainer. His sweet kirtan is mixed with the purpose, passion 100% Organic Cotton and devotion reminiscent of his youth. Using ancient Sizes: 12-18 mo, 4T mantras, he writes his own sweet melodies that hook Unisex the audience, transform them and immerse them in Item # SESABKTBPP-BT bhakti. Price: $15 Raghunath is currently recording a kirtan/chant album that will be released through Mantralogy. You can find out more about his album and tour schedule at 20 Mantralogy - Spring 2010
  24. 24. 4 Major Questions tohelp decide if a Magalog is right for You at this tiMe
  25. 25. Your prospects and customers wantto know, “What’s in it for…
  26. 26. FRee Resources to help You BeginBoosting Your sales performance today! Book – Increase Sales & The Magalog Guy Podcast Report – Magalogs for Report – 10 Things You ShouldBuild Deeper Connections & my personal magalog Consultants & Coaches Know About Magalog Design Audio Interview – How to Promote Audio Interview – Magalog Copywriter Audio Interview – The Power of Passion Your Business Using Magalogs Eileen Coale in Business
  27. 27. Questions? Comments? Ready to boost your sales performance now? Contact me today to setup a FRee project consultation: Mike klAssenTHe MAgAlog guy 360-371-2746