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Magazine by mag4free vol.22


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Published in: Technology
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Magazine by mag4free vol.22

  1. 1. 14 Lipiec 2011Dzisiejszy TabbloidOSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA mag4free@gmail.comFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMExtending IT Virtualization to Informatica Drives MDM withOracle Database Infrastructure Oracle Database Cloud14 LIP 2011 03:00RANO 14 LIP 2011 03:00RANOLearn why Brian Babineau, Vice President of Research and Analyst Delphix software created a self-synchronizing cloud enablingServices at ESG, recommends the expansion of virtualization Informatica to quickly provision and refresh databases forinitiatives into the data tier to: development and testing, dramatically simplifying and accelerating the Master Data Management initiative. By using Delphix, • Reduce operating expenses Informatica was able to achieve: • Improve asset utilization • Faster time to market: saved 6 months in MDM project rollout • Cut capital costs • Self service access to multiple database sources for provisioning and refresh • Enable IT agility • Consolidate 6 development and 6 testing environments per production databaseRequest Free! • Reduced days to weeks of provisioning and refresh work to minutes Request Free! 1
  2. 2. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 14 Lipiec 2011FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM Corporate Express recently enabled self-service access to productionMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM data for their application projects by virtualizing their Oracle databases (a different technology complementary to serverPrivate Clouds for Oracle virtualization). View this webinar to learn how this new technology has helped companies like Qualcomm, Logitech, Informatica,Databases Comcast, and Boeing Credit Union achieve the following benefits by14 LIP 2011 03:00RANO virtualizing the data in their databases: • Faster time to market for critical applications and projects • Faster development with self-service database provisioning, refresh, and rollback (for multiple test runs) • Elastic capacity for new project environments (virtual databases require little time and little to no additional infrastructure) Request Free! FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMIT priorities rarely change: maintain flexibility to support evolving MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMbusiness requirements while operating within limited budgets. Whatdoes change is the context: current business objectives, technologytrends, and resource constraints. Today’s senior IT leaders have Accelerate, De-risk Oracle EBSturned to cloud initiatives to improve agility, remove organizationaldependencies, and cut capital costs. Yet several challenges limit Upgrades 14 LIP 2011 03:00RANOadoption of public cloud offerings: complexity of existing systems,data security, data locality, and data coherency—especially forapplications that run on databases.Request Free!FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMRoll Out Applications Twice asFast with DatabaseVirtualization Delphix reduces the complexities of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)14 LIP 2011 03:00RANO upgrades through efficient creation and refresh of nonproduction database environments, while slashing storage requirements. Download Delphix’s free Oracle EBS Upgrade Best Practices Kit and learn how to: • Dramatically reduce project risk for successful upgrades • Save time setting up databases for data to application mapping, customization testing, training, upgrade rehearsal, and UAT • Cut additional storage requirements by a factor of 12:1 Request Free! 2
  3. 3. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 14 Lipiec 2011FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMManaging Your Web SiteDevelopment for Fast GrowingCompanies13 LIP 2011 08:50PO POŁUDNIU The online world can be a scary place as the integration of the Internet into everyone’s lives has also brought with it an ever-increasing trend towards malicious activity. It is critical to choose e-commerce security solutions that continually evolve and extend to address a range of ever-changing needs. SSL- based security platforms with solid track records of meeting new challenges are the best way to defend, and future proof, e-commerce environments against a growing and dynamic Internet threat environment. Request Free!Maintaining a robust and current online presence for your businessmay require expertise that your current IT staff does not have. Frommobile applications to fully interactive web sites, your company’s FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMgrowth depends on having knowledgeable resources that you could MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMdeploy.An effective way to address this is through outsourcing web Malware Security Report:development which is why many companies are relying on theexpertise of outsourced companies that can provide top quality Protecting Your Business,custom software programmers to create applications that help drivebusiness growth. Customers, and the BottomRequest Free! Line 13 LIP 2011 08:20PO POŁUDNIUFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMChoosing the Right SecuritySolution: Moving Beyond SSLto Establish Trust13 LIP 2011 08:20PO POŁUDNIU Malware code is not easily detectable and may infect consumers’ computers when they simply browse your web site. Protect your business and customers by understanding the threat from malware and how it can impact your online business. 3
  4. 4. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 14 Lipiec 2011Request Free!FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMProof Positive - ExtendedValidation SSL IncreasesOnline Sales and Transactions13 LIP 2011 08:20PO POŁUDNIU Gaining the trust of online customers is vital for the success of any company that requires sensitive data to be transmitted over the Web. Most consumers are concerned that their sensitive information will be intercepted in-transit, or perhaps the destination web site is manned by imposters with malicious intent. Request Free! FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMWith the threat of identity theft and other types of fraud rampant on Best Practices andthe internet, many consumers are reluctant to release their details,even if that means abandoning a sale. Applications of TLS/SSL 13 LIP 2011 08:20PO POŁUDNIUThis white paper discusses how Extended Validation (EV) works, whyphishing is such a problem, and how to get better results using EVSSL.Request Free!FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMSecurity and Trust: TheBackbone of Doing BusinessOver the Internet TLS (Transport Layer Security), widely known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), is the most well known method to secure your web site. But it13 LIP 2011 08:20PO POŁUDNIU can also be used for much more. Request Free! 4
  5. 5. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 14 Lipiec 2011FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMProtecting Users FromFiresheep and OtherSidejacking Attacks with SSL13 LIP 2011 08:20PO POŁUDNIU Whatever disaster may occur, whether human error, theft, fire, defective components, or a system crash, having a remote backup of all of your important information ensures that it is safe, secure and easily accessible. Online data backup services have become more affordable, and service providers abound. Many online backup vendors offer similar functionality, but there are a number of variables, which can make selecting the right provider for your company a challenging task. This guide is designed to help IT decision-makers to determine the bestThe recent release of the Firesheep Wi-Fi attack tool has increased online backup (or remote backup ) solution for their company’s needs.awareness among both users and attackers of the inherent insecurityof unprotected HTTP connections. Firesheep allows an attacker Request Free!connected to the local network to monitor the web sessions of otherusers on that network. As experts proclaimed in reaction to Firesheep,the best solution to the problem is to use TLS/SSL for all connections FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMto web sites, including the home page. Download “ Protecting Users MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMFrom Firesheep and other Sidejacking Attacks with SSL” to learnhow to avoid these attacks. Best Practices Guide forRequest Free! Outsourcing Your Human Resources FunctionsFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM 13 LIP 2011 06:50PO POŁUDNIUMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMOnline Data Backup anEssential and EfficientSolution to Any Business13 LIP 2011 07:20PO POŁUDNIU The outside company can handle such functions as payroll processing and administration of insurance benefits, and can also assist with recruiting new employees and providing employee orientation and other services such as: • Handling payroll and employment taxes 5
  6. 6. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 14 Lipiec 2011 • Ensuring human resources compliance FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM • Managing workers’ compensation Food and Beverage Packaging • Overseeing workplace safety and risk management 13 LIP 2011 12:50PO POŁUDNIU • Providing and managing employee benefits and retirement programs • Ensuring compliance with employment-related laws • Providing resources and guidance toward increased productivityThis InsideUp Best Practices Guide is designed to help you to decidewhich HR functions your company should outsource and to find thebest PEO provider for your business.Request Free! Food & Beverage Packaging is especially for buyers, decision-makers,FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM and professionals delivering in-the-field coverage, analysis, trendsMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM and technical information.Outsourcing the HR Functions Request Free!in a Growing Small Business13 LIP 2011 06:50PO POŁUDNIUFor managers of small to medium sized businesses, the question ofwhether to outsource human resources deserves seriousconsideration. Outsourcing can be a viable management strategy formany companies. Increasingly, both small and large businesses arechoosing to outsource some or all of their Human Resources (HR)functions to a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).Request Free! 6