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Magazine by mag4free vol.16

  1. 1. 18 Czerwiec 2011Dzisiejszy TabbloidOSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA mag4free@gmail.comFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMLa Guia Esencial para AIX yIBM i(i5/OS) de Recuperacionde Desastres17 CZERW 2011 07:50PO POŁUDNIU Hasta hace poco, las soluciones de alta disponibilidad System i™ de IBM® estaban reservadas en su mayor parte para las grandes empresas. Ahora que esta alta disponibilidad es muchísimo más fácil de utilizar y menos costosa de poseer y gestionar, el panorama ha cambiado. Miles de pequeñas y medianas empresas pueden ahora permitirse el “lujo” de proteger sus datos externos en tiempo real, así como de recuperar datos de forma rápida y completa. Request Free!La presente guía le ayudará a garantizar la continuidad y lapreservación de sus negocios orientándole a través de tres pasos FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMfundamentales, desde la comprensión de los conceptos de MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMrecuperación de desastres y disponibilidad de la información hasta elcálculo de las consecuencias para el negocio del tiempo de inactividad. Major Logistics CompanyRequest Free! Previene la Caida del Sistema IBM i(i5/OS) durante laFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM Temporada de Huracanes 17 CZERW 2011 07:50PO POŁUDNIUCinco Razones Porque la AltaDisponibilidad en el Sistemai(i Series) debe serconsiderado paraOrganizaciones Pequeas17 CZERW 2011 07:50PO POŁUDNIU TCY atiende a 4 importantes navieras, entre ellas la más grande del 1
  2. 2. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 18 Czerwiec 2011mundo. Cada línea naviera cuenta con un inventario de contenedores,un histórico de movimientos, las posiciones de los contenedores en laexplanada y los días que permanecen en la Terminal. Toda esainformación queda bajo resguardo y administración de TCY, quienpara ello debe ofrecer una disponibilidad continua de 7x24, los 365días del año y en tiempo real. Esto debido a que sus instalaciones seubican en una zona de huracanes.Request Free!FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMOffshore The migration to Windows 7 has prompted most organizations to re- assess their approach to PC lockdown. With the advanced privilege17 CZERW 2011 06:20PO POŁUDNIU management capabilities offered by Viewfinity, enterprises have an alternative to the “all or nothing” approach to least privileges - because an “all or nothing” methodology prohibits organizations from meeting compliance, security and desktop operations goals. This white paper discusses how Viewfinity Privilege Management allows IT professionals to reach these objectives, without sacrificing user productivity or increasing support call volume. Request Free! FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMOffshore provides a rich editorial blend of international news and What to Look for in a Calltechnology for marine/offshore operations around the world. Topicscovered include seismic services, exploration, drilling, production, Center: A Free Guide onprocessing, pipelining, operating problems and design solutions. Making the Right Choice 17 CZERW 2011 02:50PO POŁUDNIURequest Free!FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMWindows 7 Desktop Lockdownwith Privilege Management17 CZERW 2011 05:20PO POŁUDNIU The purpose of this guide is to answer your questions about call centers, what types of services they perform, which of the various types of call centers your business might need, and how to select the ideal call center for your business. InsideUp will address the various Call Center Types, How to Select Vendor, Offshore vs. Onshore and much more. Request Free! 2
  3. 3. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 18 Czerwiec 2011 Traditionally, measuring customer support operations has been straightforward. Shorter hold times were better; higher abandonmentFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM rates were worse. But:MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM • Adding knowledge management and self-service to caseOnshore vs. Offshore: management adds to the complexityChoosing the Best Call Center • Multi-channel support efforts call for cross-product measurementService for Your Business17 CZERW 2011 02:50PO POŁUDNIU • Best practices frameworks, such as KCS, require new metrics There’s no simple trick to using metrics to optimize today’s increasingly complex customer service and support operations. Learn how Consona, with their customers, developed five measurement principles for their customers that lead to success. Request Free! FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM Diesel Progress InternationalThe question for most businesses has become, not whether to Edition 17 CZERW 2011 01:20PO POŁUDNIUoutsource call center needs, but whether to use an onshore or offshorecall center. There are advantages and disadvantages to each. Thisguide is designed to help you weigh the various factors involved indeciding between an onshore and offshore call center, and to help youfind the right provider to fit your needs.Request Free!FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMCustomer Service and Support:Using Analytics to Build a Diesel Progress International Edition, published six times a year, isRoadmap to Success distributed to more than 120 countries outside of North America. It covers the products, technology and industry news in the on-highway,17 CZERW 2011 02:20PO POŁUDNIU off-highway, stationary and marine industries. Primary readers include design, specifying and purchasing engineers at the original equipment and component manufacturers. Request Free! 3
  4. 4. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 18 Czerwiec 2011FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMHigh-Tech and TelecomCustomer Service and Support:Knowledge Management isNOT an Add-on!17 CZERW 2011 01:20PO POŁUDNIUA vendor with a knowledge base module for sale is telling you thatthey think knowledge is an extra, a side dish to the CRM main course.Nothing could be further from the truth. Knowledge managementmust be the core of any successful customer service and supportdeployment, not an add-on module. Knowledge is power, but onlywhen it is deeply integrated into the customer experience, the agentexperience and the enabling technology.This white paper explores the astonishing power of knowledge tosupport every customer service channel, speed problem resolutionand drive a better customer experience for high-tech and telecomservice and support operations.Request Free! 4