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Magazine by mag4free vol.14


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Magazine by mag4free vol.14

  1. 1. 20 Maj 2011Dzisiejszy TabbloidOSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA mag4free@gmail.comFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMOptimizing Marketing-to-Sales The Extended SalesLifecycle: Grow Revenue from Enterprise: Channeling BetterMarketing Campaigns Results19 MAJ 2011 06:50PO POŁUDNIU 19 MAJ 2011 06:50PO POŁUDNIUImproving the quantity and quality of the leads generated and For organizations that rely primarily or entirely on an indirect salesmanaged by the Marketing and Sales organizations isn’t a simple task force via the channel, resellers, distributors, alliances or partners, thein today’s multi-touch, multi-channel environment. This research de-centralized nature of sales management presents increasedreviews the best practices that optimize lead management practices challenges in overall productivity. These obstacles represent boththroughout the entire lifecycle of the opportunity; from Marketing’s internal visibility into and control over channel performance, as welldemand generation campaigns to Sales’ closing the business. In as external-facing support and enablement for both indirect sellingFebruary of 2011, Aberdeen surveyed 414 marketing and sales partners and the end customers themselves. While Aberdeen Salesexecutives around the globe to identify the key trends and strategic Effectiveness research frequently documents the best practices andinitiatives to deliver effective campaigns and improve lead technology adoption trends among high-performing direct salesmanagement activities to improve sales effectiveness. The analysis in teams, are these solutions and approaches equally robust enough tothis report highlights the capabilities and technologies organizations maximize revenue within a larger, dispersed marketing/sellingdeploy to improve demand generation, lead nurturing, and avoid lead ecosystem? Or instead, are there additional ways in which the channelpipeline leakage. can be uniquely empowered by the original vendor, OEM or producer to deliver substantial, accurately forecasted sales results?Request Free! Request Free! 1
  2. 2. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 20 Maj 2011FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMWorkforce Scheduling 2011:Automation Drives Accuracy,Efficiency and BusinessOutcomes19 MAJ 2011 06:50PO POŁUDNIU Despite the wealth of experience among Aberdeen’s end-user community in delivering Business Intelligence (BI), prior Aberdeen research has found that 57% of business intelligence projects are delivered late. Many companies still struggle to deliver the right information to the right business managers at the right time. This research study found that organizations are faced with the twin pressures of growing data volumes and shrinking decision windows for business managers. This research is focused on how organizations can make their BI implementations more agile so that managers can easily find the information they need as business needs change. The report is based on data collected from 170 organizations using BI in February and March 2011.This report, based on data from more than 200 organizations, buildson Aberdeen’s previous research by examining how Best-in-Class Request Free!organizations leverage workforce scheduling capabilities andtechnologies to impact organizational goals. Analysis of survey data,collected in February and March of 2011, builds the business case for FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMautomation, empowering employees through shift bidding/swapping, MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMand taking advantage of scheduling optimization tools. Best-in-Classorganizations are able to balance the need to manage compliance andheadcount costs against employee engagement and manager Compliance Management:productivity. The study also shows that scheduling accuracy is criticalfor organizational success. Effectively Manage SafetyRequest Free! Incidents 19 MAJ 2011 06:50PO POŁUDNIUFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMAgile BI: Three Steps toAnalytic Heaven19 MAJ 2011 06:50PO POŁUDNIU Organizations are often challenged with the myriad of Environmental, Health, and Safety regulations that need to be complied with across the enterprise. While finding information in a timely fashion is a constant challenge, the uncertainty surrounding change in future regulations and the complexity of managing regulations across 2
  3. 3. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 20 Maj 2011different regions consistently haunts industrial organizations. FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMCompanies are looking for ways to reduce the cost of compliance, MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMimprove the safety of people, products, and processes, and surpasscorporate goals around Sustainability. This research will provide a Enabling Compliance androadmap for success, based on the best practices adopted by over 175executives to effectively manage the above challenges. Business ImprovementsRequest Free! through XBRL 19 MAJ 2011 06:50PO POŁUDNIUFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMBusiness Answers at YourFingertips: The Real-TimeValue of BI19 MAJ 2011 06:50PO POŁUDNIU In a world where investors and shareholders expect 100% accountability among companies, executives constantly struggle to find ways to promote transparency in their accounting information. Few would deny that the recent XBRL mandate by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has profoundly changed the world of financial reporting. Aberdeen has examined accounting practices across businesses to understand the processes and technologies they have in place to address financial calculation, compliance, and audit control. This study aims to demonstrate that top-performing companies can achieve a high-level of success in financial reportingToday’s business decision maker is challenged by a multi-dimensional accuracy and accounting efficiency though a strategic combination ofand continually evolving competitive environment. In one dimension, process re-engineering and XBRL technology implementation.the evolution of technology and the subsequent acceleration ofinformation flow have created an environment that handsomely Request Free!rewards timely generation of business insight. In another dimension,the volume, disparity, and overall complexity of that information isexpanding at an alarming rate. Aberdeen’s December 2010 FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMbenchmark report, Data Management for BI: Fueling the Analytical MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMEngine with High-Octane Information, supports this assertion indemonstrating that the average company sees a 41% year over yearincrease in data volume. This growth in volume is then compounded Control Engineering 19 MAJ 2011 06:20PO POŁUDNIUby an average of 15 unique data sources that feed into their BusinessIntelligence (BI) and analytical systems. Today’s top performingorganization has developed a strategy to manage the growth in datavolume and complexity while at the same time exploiting that data tocreate quicker business insight. This Aberdeen Research brief honesin on the critical time element of a Best-in-Class BI strategy. Theresearch shows that these top performers are leveraging real-time ornear real-time analytics in order to proactively manage their businessand drive substantial performance improvements.Request Free! 3
  4. 4. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 20 Maj 2011Control Engineering is the must-read information source for FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMengineering decision makers in the global control, instrumentation, MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMand automation marketplace. For more than five decades, ControlEngineering has been providing premier information on technology, The GNU/Linux Advancedproducts, news and trends in processing, discrete, and hybridmanufacturing industries. Each issue provides the right balance of Administrationeditorial to keep you on top of the latest industry developments. 19 MAJ 2011 12:20PO POŁUDNIURequest Free!FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMGNU/Linux Basic19 MAJ 2011 12:20PO POŁUDNIU In this ebook “The GNU/Linux Operating System”, the main contents are related with system administration. You will learn how to install and configure several computer services, and how to optimize and synchronize the resources using GNU/Linux. The topics covered in this 500+ page eBook include Linux network, server and data administration, Linux kernel, security, clustering, configuration, tuning, optimization, migration and coexistence with non-Linux systems. A must read for any serious Linux system admin.This 255-page guide will provide you with the keys to understand thephilosophy of free software, teach you how to use and handle it, and Request Free!give you the tools required to move easily in the world of GNU/Linux.Many users and administrators will be taking their first steps with thisGNU/Linux Basic guide and it will show you how to approach and FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMsolve the problems you encounter. This guide is not intentionally MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMbased on any particular distribution, but in most examples andactivities the book will be very specific so it will go into detail usingDebian GNU/Linux (version 4.0 -Etch-). Introduction to WebRequest Free! Applications Development 19 MAJ 2011 12:20PO POŁUDNIU It defines the basic concepts for web servers and studies the case of Apache, the most used webserver, while other free software 4
  5. 5. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 20 Maj 2011webservers are not forgotten. It continues with webpage design Free software is increasing its presence in mainstream media and infocusing on HTML and JavaScript. XML Schemas, their validation debates among IT professionals, but it is still unknown for manyand transformation are covered as well as dynamic webpages built people and even those who are familiar with it lack specific knowledgewith CGI, PHP or JSP and database access. in some important areas.Request Free! What is free software? What are the implications of using a free license? How are free software projects organized? Which are the main business models associated to them? What motivatesFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM developers, especially volunteers, to become involved in free softwareMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM projects? Who are these developers? These are the sort of questions that will be addressed in this 291 page eBook.Introduction to Software Request Free!Development19 MAJ 2011 12:20PO POŁUDNIU FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM Open Networks - When Users Create a Network 19 MAJ 2011 12:20PO POŁUDNIUFree Software is developed with specific collaboration techniques andtools that engage and enable world-wide communities. Professionalsneed to handle different programming techniques, languages anddevelop specific workgroup skills. This eBook also introducesinformation about collaborative and distributed work commonlyknown as “the bazaar model”.Request Free! The term “Open Network” can have different meanings in different environments. In this eBook an Open Network is a network that can include any user and that any user can join as they wish; in this context, “open” means the opposite of “private”. Open does notFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM necessarily mean free and users may charge a fee for making theirMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM resources available to others. One key social component of OpenIntroduction to Free Software Networks is solidarity, as each user makes his or her unused resources available to the rest of the community.19 MAJ 2011 12:20PO POŁUDNIU Communities are enabled by open network design and innovation emerges. That is the foundation of P2P production and distribution models, IP telephony and multimedia streaming technologies. Request Free! 5
  6. 6. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 20 Maj 2011FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM ambiente de trabajo, ya sea des- de el escritorio del PC personal, hastaMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM el servidor de una gran empresa.Legal Aspects of the Aprenderemos cómo proporcionar desde GNU/Linux los servicios necesariosa diferentes ambientes de usuarios y máquinas. El campoInformation Society de la administración de sistemas es enorme, hay muchas tareas,19 MAJ 2011 12:20PO POŁUDNIU muchos problemas por tratar, hay que tener grandes conocimientos de hardware y software, y no está de más un poco de psicología para tratar con los usuarios finales de los sistemas. El libra no pretende abordar una distribución GNU/Linux particular, pero se han escogido un par de ellas para tratar los ejemplos: Debian y Fedora (y deri- vadas de Red Hat). Request Free!This 300 page eBook will provide a general background on conceptslike existing legal systems of software protection - copyright, patents,trademark and key concepts like Copyleft and free licenses - uponwhich practical skills for different contexts can be built. This eBookaims to provide the knowledge and tools that are needed to assess thepossible legal issues that can arise in a Free Technology environmentand will provide the reader with the information needed to answer tocommon questions and doubts, and to take the right decisions from alegal perspective.Request Free!FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMAdministracin Avanzada delSistema Operativo GNU/Linux19 MAJ 2011 12:20PO POŁUDNIULos sistemas GNU/Linux han llegado a un grado de madurezimportante, que los hacen válidos para integrarlos en cualquier 6