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Magazine by mag4free vol.13


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Magazine by mag4free vol.13

  1. 1. 19 Maj 2011Dzisiejszy TabbloidOSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA mag4free@gmail.comFREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMLeaner, Faster, Better — Cost- Choosing the Right MedicalEffective Die Cast Components Billing Software for Yourand Complete Manufacturing Practice 18 MAJ 2011 07:50PO POŁUDNIUSolutions18 MAJ 2011 11:20PO POŁUDNIU If you are looking for a new software solution, chances are it is to improve your office workflow. Medical billing software can do this inLooking for a way to fabricate complex components, while controlling multiple ways. Besides being compliant with Federal regulationscosts? The answer is a reliable partner that will work with you through HIPAA enforces, it can save you time as well. This allows you morethe entire process – from consultation to completion. Request this time to answer patient questions and concerns, as well as dealing withfree guide to learn: insurers on tricky claims processes. • How state-of-the-art CAD workstations and MagmaSoft® This guide comes with no obligation price quotes from 2-3 medical software can cut costs before production begins. billing software providers – all pre-screened and qualified to best fit your billing software needs. • Why having a die casting partner that casts all of the most widely specified alloys, assures you of the optimal material Request Free! recommendation. • How a qualified, well-trained and motivated staff keeps Chicago White Metal Casting’s customers’ needs in focus. • The benefits of getting a total solution from one supplier.Request Free! 1
  2. 2. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 19 Maj 2011FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMThe ROI of Application F5 Virtualization Guide: SevenDelivery Controllers in Key Challenges You Can’tTraditional and Virtualized Ignore 18 MAJ 2011 06:20PO POŁUDNIUEnvironments18 MAJ 2011 06:20PO POŁUDNIU This overview guide outlines the seven areas of concern that accompany any major virtual platform implementation or migration.The concept of spending money to make money, often referred to as These critical pain points directly impact two cornerstones of the data“investing” outside of the technology industry, is something just about center: network and storage.every marketing campaign promises, but few deliver. The ROIcalculations to prove how quickly an investment will reap return often Request Free!come with a lot of conditions. For instance, it’s only valid onTuesdays, under a full moon, and when applied to a specific version ofsoftware deployed on a (now) obsolete piece of hardware. FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMBut solutions that provide a quick ROI along with significanttechnological benefits do exist. The trick is finding these solutions andproving that the ROI model is valid for almost every case. DNSSEC: The Antidote to DNSIt’s not magic. It’s simple math. This white paper won’t show you how Cache Poisoning and Otherto determine if there is a compelling ROI case for Application DeliveryControllers, but how to determine how much of a compelling case DNS Attacks 18 MAJ 2011 06:20PO POŁUDNIUthere really is.Request Free! Domain Name System (DNS) provides one of the most basic but critical functions on the Internet. If DNS isn’t working, then your business likely isn’t either. Secure your business and web presence 2
  3. 3. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 19 Maj 2011with Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). smarter storage strategy by automating the critically important but time consuming process of data capture and analysis.Request Free! Request Free!FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMSecuring the Cloud18 MAJ 2011 06:20PO POŁUDNIU Load Balancing 101: Firewall Sandwiches 18 MAJ 2011 06:20PO POŁUDNIUCloud computing has become another key resource for ITdeployments, but there is still fear of securing applications and data inthe cloud. With F5 devices, you can keep your most precious assetssafe, no matter where they live. There are many advantages to deploying firewalls, in particular, behind Application Delivery Controllers. This white paper will showRequest Free! how you can implement ADCs in a “firewall sandwich” to improve availability, scalability, and manageability across the IT infrastructure.FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM Request Free!MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COMCreate a Smarter Storage FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROMStrategy MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM18 MAJ 2011 06:20PO POŁUDNIU Engineering News-Record 18 MAJ 2011 01:50PO POŁUDNIUThis paper explores why it is important to have deep insight into yourfile storage environment, and offers tips on how to develop a storagestrategy that best meets your organization’s needs. It also looks at how ENR connects diverse sectors of the industry with coverage thatstorage reporting and capacity forecasting tools can help you create a everyone needs about issues such as business management, design, 3
  4. 4. Dzisiejszy Tabbloid OSOBISTE WIADOMOŚCI DLA 19 Maj 2011construction methods, technology, safety, law, legislation,environment and labor. Request Free!Your paid subscription includes: FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM • ENR‘s Greatest Construction Projects MAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM • ENR‘s Daily News Alerts HP BladeSystem Matrix: • ENR Insider - their weekly eNewsletter Building a Private Cloud 18 MAJ 2011 12:20PO POŁUDNIU • Regionalized news, videos and photos • Editorially driven webinars • Review videos in the ENR Library • Cost Reports and Annual Forecasts • Premium Access • Top Lists • SourcebooksIf you like ENR magazine and would like to continue receiving it, pay Many now look to the idea of “cloud computing” as their ideal futurethe special rate of $41.95 and receive 36 more issues (40 issues in all). state. The cloud promises theoretically infinite resource pools ontoOtherwise, keep just the 4 FREE trial issues and owe nothing by which applications are deployed on demand. Clouds emerged first as areturning the bill marked “cancel”. mechanism for Web and network computing, but have rapidly captured the imagination of enterprises and service providers as well.Request Free! The cloud vision and the underlying demand for flexibility is essentially universal.FREE TRADE MAGAZINES AND DOWNLOADS FROM But what suits Web and network computing isn’t necessarily whatMAG4FREE.TRADEPUB.COM enterprises and service providers need. This Illuminata SpotlightBusiness Value of Blade discusses HP BladeSystem Matrix, a ready-to-run IT infrastructure, and its use as an out-of-the-box platform for private clouds suited to18 MAJ 2011 12:20PO POŁUDNIU enterprise IT. Request Free!HP BladeSystem ProLiant server blades enabled these companies toconsolidate physical servers and components while still maintainingthe same workload capacity and performance. Blade technologies,such as HP Virtual Connect, reduced networking and hardware costsby enabling up to four FlexNICs per physical NICport; a single HPVirtual Connect interconnect module eliminates four switches. 4