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Gala Intensif


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Gala Intensif

  1. 1. Intensive English Movie Night 2009 «Star Wars» intro (movie) Girl Ladies and Gentlemen, parents, fellow students, welcome to the second «Intensive English Movie Night! Boy, (with an accent) Mesdames et Messieurs, bonsoir et bienvenue. Sorry for the accent, but we're not used to speak French in Intensive. Girl 7 groups had fun and learned a lot while producing movies, commercials, and many different things that, we hope, will impress you tonight! Boy What a challenge it was! Girl Yeah! The Jedi are back, and we are very proud to show you the sum of our work. Boy Yes, especially because tonight is the first gala of the 5th edition of the «festival le Boisé court toujours». Girl Oh! So it’s the 5th anniversary. Are there any gifts you think?
  2. 2. Boy I don’t know. We might find out later! Coming back to our gala, for each group, we will invite students to share their experience with us before we watch their presentation. Girl So without any waiting, please welcome _______________ and _______________ , from St-Gabriel School, in Victoriaville. Boy Good evening _______________ and _______________ . Girl Was producing a movie easier or harder than you thought? (The students answer.) Boy Did you discuss the project with your parents? What did they think of it? (The students answer.) Girl Thank you. Let's watch your movie. (Kidnapping) Boy Oh! It's a good start! Girl You bet! Hey! Where are my notes? Boy I don’t know! But if you give me a dollar, I might…!!! Girl Hey… Come on…! (He gives her the notes…)
  3. 3. Boy Let's go on with our second school, Notre-Dame des Bois-Francs, in Victoriaville. Girl We would invite _______________ and _______________ to join us on the stage. Boy and Girl Hello! Boy I have a question… Was it difficult for you to find the costumes for your movie? (The students answer.) Girl Does filming a movie take more time than you thought? (The students answer.) Boy So let's watch Bad Spies! (Bad Spies) Girl Who knows! We might see them in the next James Bond! Boy Yeah! Keep practising, Agents 00! Girl Now, St-David School, in Victoriaville, decided to produce some commercials. Boy Let's welcome _______________ and _______________ to tell us about this different challenge.
  4. 4. Girl Hi! How did you choose the products you are advertising tonight? (They answer.) Boy Did you study some advertising techniques before producing your publicities? (They answer.) Girl Let's see how convincing you are! (2 commercials) Boy Those were interesting presentations! Girl Yes. And now, we'll see another type of presentation. Boy Indeed. Some students from Mgr Grenier School, in Victoriaville, even learned some «old English» doing something special. Girl Let's ask _______________ and _______________ to present it. Boy Welcome to you! Girl Can you tell us more about what you did? (They answer.) Boy Was it hard to memorize the text? (They answer.) Girl Let's see the result. (3 Witches)
  5. 5. Boy Congratulations to you. Girl Now audience, are you ready for some action?! Boy Yes! I heard that the students from Le Manège School, in Victoriaville, made a movie in which they play football! Even in winter… Girl I hope there's cheerleading too! Go! Go! Go! Boy Well, we'll ask _______________ and _______________ . Girl Hello friends! So, are there cheerleaders in your movie? (They answer.) Boy How did you come up with the idea for your movie?(They answer.) Girl and Boy It's time for Power Stars! (Big muscles) (Power Stars) Girl Oh... I think we'd better be cautious with those energy drinks! Boy I agree! Girl It's time for a short commercial break. Boy Please stay tuned! (Boufimals commercial) Girl Those animals were cute!
  6. 6. Boy Yes, they were. You know, _______________, the students of Intensive English reinvest what they learn in so many different ways... _______________, from St-Edouard School in Plessisville has even written a song! Girl Are you serious? Boy Yes, please welcome her on stage for a musical moment. (Song) Girl Congratulations, _______________. That was great! Boy Our next stars are: one more student from St-Gabriel School, and one from Mgr Grenier in Victoriaville. Girl You are right. We invite _______________ and _______________ to present their movie and something else they did in class. Boy Hi! I heard you put up a fashion show? Girl Wow! (excited): Please tell us about that. (They give their explanations.) Boy Cool… and what about your movie? Were all the students involved in the production? (The student answers.)
  7. 7. Girl Let's watch a short version of their fashion show and the second movie from St-Gabriel, «the lesson»! (Fashion show +The Lesson) Boy Hey! Look what I found!... It probably felt from the screen during the fashion show! Girl Hey! Look! There are more here!... But I don’t want them… Take them… (throwing the «tuques» to the boy) Boy Stop that! (throwing them back…)(The war goes on for a few seconds…) Hey! This is what we can call: (both) «La guerre des tuques!» Boy Let’s take another break. We'll be right back (Commercials from St-David) Boy (Coughing and sneezing…) Girl Did you catch a cold?
  8. 8. Boy I hope not… I ate Mexican food yesterday! Oink… Oink…!!! Oh! I think it's time for the news. Let's ask _______________ and _______________, from Sacré- Coeur School, in Princeville, what's happening in the world today. Girl Hello _______________ and _______________ . I'd like to know how it was on the set of your news program. (The students answer.) Boy and girl Here is the result! (Princeville news) Boy I would invite another student from Sacré-Coeur, ___________ who wrote a story and she will present it to us. (The student comes and presents her story.) Boy Enjoying your night, audience? Girl Hey look! I found something too!!… Boy Oh no! Not that here! (scared…)
  9. 9. Girl (Talking to the audience…) You know why they call us «English Jedi»?? This is what Intensive teachers use in the classroom to make sure we only speak in English… and if we don’t… (she uses the sword and mime hitting the boy) Girl Well, more fun is coming with students from Notre-Dame des Bois-Francs School. _______________ and _______________, it's your turn! Boy Hi! I have a question... Was it difficult to remain serious when you were filming? (The students answer.) Girl And was it easy to film? Did you have to repeat the same scenes often? (The students answer.) Boy Thank you! So let's watch your movie: «Best Friends». (Best Friends) Girl Good thing you didn’t have a cold for real! I’m not sure you would have liked to meet «that» doctor…
  10. 10. Boy Yes! Hey, guess what! We're already up to our last movie before our «special» final section. Girl You are right... Our dessert is the movie of St-Edouard School, in Plessisville. Please welcome _______________ and _______________ . Boy Good evening, how did you choose the actors for your movie? (The students answer.) Girl Have you seen the final result? Are you nervous? (The students answer.) Boy and Girl So let’s enjoy your movie! (The Ball) Boy Hey, _______________, do you have a partner for the ball??? (flirting) Girl Oh... I do!!! (embarrassed) But _______________, did you know that some students had the chance to work with English monitors? Boy No. I didn't know about that...
  11. 11. Girl Yes! They are young adults who come from many places around the country, and they spend a year in our region to share their culture and language while learning more about ours! Boy Oh! Interesting! Girl The monitors prepared a little something for us tonight! I would invite Allison Gwynn and Kiel Walker to join us here! Boy Hello! Maintenant, c'est VOTRE tour de rusher. SVP, parlez- nous de votre expérience EN FRANÇAIS!!! (Ha! Ha!) (The monitors answer and do their presentation) Girl We are very happy you enjoyed your experience. Thank you! Boy Hey, _______________, I wonder if all this work is easy for our teachers... Girl Of course! I'm sure they had a good time editing these movies! We were so good! I'm sure they had a blast! Boy Well… we don’t have proofs for all of them but we do for some…take a look behind! (Video with the teachers.) Girl Anyways! We, students, surely had great fun! Boy Yes! Let's show the proof!
  12. 12. (Bloopers) Girl Well, that's about it for tonight. Boy We would like to thank you for coming. We hope you enjoyed your evening. Girl Once again, congratulations to all the students and thanks to all of those who are involved in this project and support it. Boy and girl «GOOD NIGHT!»