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Concept Map 5b Baby L[1] (1)


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Concept Map 5b Baby L[1] (1)

  1. 1. SOCIAL STUDIES PROJECT<br />Mr. Diego Villamizar<br />Stu: Laura Angelica Castillo, Mafe Arevalo y Liz Martinez<br />
  2. 2. Concept Maps help to answer Focus Questions<br />Concept Maps represent Organized Knowledge <br />Organized Knowledge need to answer Focus Questions<br />Organized Knowledge is Context Dependent <br />Organized Knowledge includes Associated Feelings or Affect<br />Organized Knowledge necessary for effective teaching and effective learning<br />Organized Knowledge is comprised of Concepts<br />Organized Knowledge is comprised of Propositions<br />Focus Questions are Context Dependent<br />Context Dependent e.g. personal and social<br />Associated Feelings or Affect add to Concepts<br />Concepts connected by Linking Words to form Propositions<br />Concepts are Label with Symbols and Words<br />Concepts are Perceived Regularities or Patterns <br />Concepts are Hierarchically Structured <br />ConceptsMaps<br />
  3. 3. Perceived Regularities or Patterns in Events (Happening) andObjects (Things) <br /> Perceived Regularities or Patterns begin with Infants<br />Propositionsare Units of Meaningconstructed inCognitiveStructure<br />PropositionsmaybeCrosslinks show InterrelationshipsbetweenDifferentMapSegments<br />PropositionsareUnits of Meaningconstructed inCognitiveStructure<br />Propositionsare Hierarchically Structured <br />Interrelationsgipsneeded to see <br />Hierarchically Structured in Cognitive Structured<br />Hierarchically Structured especially with Experts <br />Hierarchically Structured aids Creativity<br />Creativity begins with Infants <br />Creativity needed to see<br />
  4. 4. Concepts<br />AssociatedFeelingsorAffects:<br />Concepts:<br />Propositions:<br />Personal & Social:<br />Crosslinks:<br />Events (Happening) & Objects (Things):<br />Symbols & Words:<br />Creativity:<br />Experts :<br />Interrelationships:<br />Infants:<br />
  5. 5. Terms<br />FocusQuestions:<br />ContextDependent:<br />OrganizedKnowledge:<br />LinkingWords :<br />EffectiveTeaching & EffectiveLearning.<br />HierarchicallyStructured:<br />CognitiveStructure:<br />DifferentMapSegments:<br />