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PGTP July Newsletter

  1. 1. July 2012 TRAVELING TIPS: PANAMÁ If you are traveling from or to Panamá you should be aware that migratory regulations constantly change.  Call the consulate of the country you are going to visit and ask what documentation is needed to enter your destination (For example: yellow fever vaccine, medical insurance, minimum Access budget required etc.).  If you want to travel from Panamá with your children call (507) 507-1969 and contact immigrations so that they explain all the steps you need to follow. Nowadays, they require documentation even if both parents travel with their CONTENT children. Rincones culinarios .............. 2 If friends and family visit Panamá: Osteoporosis ......................... 2 Yoga: Life balance ................ 4  What to do in the city? Cuentos de café .................... 5 Tour of the Esclusas de Miraflores, Panamá Canal PGTP Birthdays .................... 6 Las Américas Bridge Casco Antiguo NOTE FROM THE Amador Causeway EDITOR Panamá Viejo Thanks to all of the PGTP who  What to do in the country? contributed with the July newsletter. I invite everyone Bocas del Toro who wishes to write an article San Blas (Guna Yala) or comment to contact Las Perlas islands Volcán Barú in Boquete Valley de la Luna in Chiriquí Colón coastFor more information visit en-la-ciudad-de-panama
  2. 2. CULINARY CORNERS –MARÍA FE OLIVARES ¿Did you ever try ‘bandeja paisa’? If you feel the need of adventure, Visit “Mi tierra colombiana” in try Hindu and Lebanese food at Chanis and eat like the guy on Masala in Bella Vista or Beirut in Man vs. Food. the ‘Área Bancaria’ and Amador Causeway. If you opt for a healthy, low carb and vegetarian alternative eat at It never hurts to eat a couple of Go Green located in Multiplaza’s delicious empanadas at foodcourt. Caminito’s in Costa del Este or arepas at “El Gran Rincón To taste an exquisite Sunday Venezolano” at Plaza de Cristal. brunch, go to Hotel-Kitchen-Roof Bar Tántalo in Casco Antiguo. Happiness lies, first of all, on health. George William Curtis OSTEOPOROSIS –SOLANGE AZZOLINI LIC. SOLANGE AZZOLINI How to prevent osteoporosis multifactorial disease, there are certain situations that increase itsFor further Osteoporosis is a bone disease risk. Excessive alcoholinformation contact characterized by reduced bone consumption, smoking, mass It is responsible for prolonged immobilization, lack ofCel. 61075303 increasing bone fragility and, in regular exercise and a poor diet severe cases, causes spontaneous (low in calcium and vitamin D) fractures. are factors that increase the likelihood of occurrence of the It is a disorder that has no disease. symptoms. For this reason, sometimes it is not detected until To ensure dietary intake of the first bone is fractured. The calcium it is necessary to most common fractures are the consume at least 2 servings of ones in the vertebrae, wrists, hips milk, yogurt or cheese a day. It is and pelvis. also important to include foods that contain vitamin D to In youth and adulthood, there are promote their fixation in bones. ways to prevent bone breakdown that mainly affects elders. Diet Also, it is essential to keep in and exercise play a key role in mind that there are other factors both prevention and treatment of that can cause osteoporosis: osteoporosis. genetic background, older age, gender (women are more prone), Risk factors amenorrhea, early menopause and prolonged therapy with Although osteoporosis is a corticosteroids.2
  3. 3. Disease Progression Nutritional AspectThe fastest growth of bone mass Food is a fundamental pillar. Anhappens from the onset of puberty to adequate intake of calcium within alate adolescence: half of the total balanced diet (especially on the keybone mass is acquired during this stages of growth and boneperiod. development) is the key to prevent osteoporosis.The consolidation phase begins andlasts about 25 or 30 years. In this Milk, yogurt and cheese are a majorperiod of life, the human bone source of calcium. Some vegetablesreaches its highest mass. like kale, lettuce and spinach are also rich in this mineral. Nevertheless,If the adequate bone mass is formed the calcium in the vegetables isduring childhood and adolescence, it absorbed and used to a lesser degree,may become a factor that prevents since it has a lower bioavailability.osteoporosis. For this reason, havinga healthy diet is crucial. In some cases, calcium supplements are important. In spite of that,After 30 years or so, the curve of calcium in natural food protects thebone density starts to decrease and, bones to a greater extent than aeventually, the negative slope is supplement. Moreover, themore and more pronounced. absorption of dietary calcium is favored by other nutrients, such asBone mass begins to decline slowly lactose and ascorbic acid, amongbut at a steady rate. This loss affects other substances.both genders equally. Nevertheless,at the end of the menopause, women Recommendationsdecrease in bone mass accelerates.  Physical activity: improvesAccording to several studies, the bone health, promotes muscleestrogen deficiency (female sex strength, coordination and goodhormones) is the main cause of this health in general.difference between sexes. The boneloss occurs four times faster in the  Exercises: those in which onepre-end of menstruation. must bear their own weight.Worldwide, it is estimated that 1 in 3 Activities such as walking orwomen over 50 years old have strength endurance circuits.osteoporosis.  Drug treatment: specificWhy is vitamin D important? pharmacological or dietary supplements. Consult a doctor1. Increases intestinal absorption of and a nutritionist so that theycalcium and phosphorus. can work together.2. Sets the calcium and phosphorusin bones and teeth. Incorporate calcium to3. Helps regulate calcium levels in your diet and notice theblood (calcemia). difference in the short and long term!Vitamin D is found in fortified dairyproducts, egg yolks and fish livers.Also, by sun exposure, your body isalso able to form its own vitamin D. 3
  4. 4. YOGA: LIFE BALANCE –ARIANA SANMAI ROBLES LIC. ARIANA In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” means union. It comes from the root yug that is also found in words such as conjugal and jugular. In yoga,SANMAI ROBLES we are seeking to unite our being with our ultimate nature searching for a union of our mind’s greatest expression with that of our body. The objective of yoga is to stop suffering. There are many different forms, methods and schools of yoga in which the physical and mental practices are carried out. In the West we only understand the physical aspect. The most well known school of yoga is Raja Yoga, also called Royal or Classic Yoga. Included in Raja Yoga is the Ashtanga, 8 limbs. The knowledge of this class of yoga was compiled in a document called Yoga Sutras by Patanjali in 300 B.C.E. The 8 limbs include 1) yamas, which are codes of ethical conduct such as non-violence; 2) niyamas, which CEL. 6241-8780 describe committments such as devotion to the teacher; 3) asanas, the postures; 4) pranayama, breathing; 5) pratyahara, control ofAROBLESROBLES@GMAIL.COM the senses and the final three; 6) dharana; 7) dyana and; 8) samadhi that describe the meditation processes. The practice is not linear, however; work on one, allows at times, the improvement or interest in another. "There are many Yoga’s ethical code is based on universal values as Patanjalin says in yoga sutra II.31. But the difference from other spirtual practices is paths to that it is thought that it is not enough to know the concepts or evenenlightenment. Be recognize how difficult it could be to follow them if we do not have good health. Physical work allows one the well-being required tosure to follow one understand and apply this code in life. A person begins to know his or her body through the practice and to accept its limitations and with heart." -Lao understand the concepts of truth (satya) and non-violence (ahinsa). Tzu Furthermore, following universal values provides enough karma in order to continue practicing one’s asanas and improve one’s health. It is important to emphasize that yoga is not in conflict with any religion, in fact, people find tools in yoga that help understand the religion they grew up in.“Living in harmony In my own personal experience, I can share with you that in my first experiences during the moment of relaxation (shavasana), a wave of with oneself is feelings came over me and made me cry. I did not know what was happening nor that yoga worked not only internal processes such as living in harmony the digestion but that it also purged repressed feelings. Withoutwith the universe." being frightened off, I continued going to classes and each time I found more pleasure in doing the postures. - Marcus Aurelius Later, I confronted my own vanity when noticing that I was constantly comparing myself with the others and I had to learn to accept the fact that my practice varied from day to day and I learned that my body was not always the same. 4
  5. 5. I stopped comparing. I began to get to know myself both outside and inside the yoga mat. For example, I felt my resistance to changes, such as when the teacher gave a calmer class and I felt disappointed because I wanted to sweat or I saw my own violence when wanting to force my body into a posture. Little by little, I integrated a number of concepts without noticing until one day I seemed very happy and people asked me, “What have you done to yourself?” This change has been so profound that I have decided to share these beautiful teachings. Remaining perceptive to the interests of others, I trust that like me, they will become more and more interested in other aspects of yoga.CUENTOS DE CAFÉ –STEFANY COHENA year ago, I tried to publish my writers + 1 illustrator. We getfirst book, and it was one of the together for 2 hours, where we firsttoughest experiences of my life. I have an inspiration sessionsent my manuscript to several through a group dynamic. Then,publishing houses, they all took we have a writing session. I chooseages to get back to me, when they and edit the best stories to compilefinally got back to me they asked the Menú de Cuentos.for a physical copy of themanuscript, they spoke of hiring I have started to distribute thesomeone to diagram the book, of Menú de Cuentos in somecoordinating with the printing coffeeshops and restaurants topress, of illustrating the cover… all exhibit the writers story by story,of that so my 300 pages would be month after month. The clients atprinted on a book that would be a restaurant can buy a story for $1,placed somewhere on a bookstore, to read and share while they waitfar away from the world. for their meal.There had to be a way to revamp Cuentos de Café is an invention, anthe literary process. Of adapting experiment, a collaborativewriting to our current context, to project. We need of anybody whostop treating books like a medium believes in entrepreneurship +that is 500 years old. That is how I innovation + creativity to gethad a Eureka moment and came literary project going.up with Cuentos de Café. Cuentosde Café is a guerrilla publishing Are you in? If you want to let yourhouse that wants to promote imagination go wildwriters + illustrators through contactreading that is short and sweet. stefycohen@gmail.comOnce a month, I hold creativewriting workshops where I host 15 5If you are interested in publishing an article contact
  6. 6. LAST NAME FIRST NAME DATEPérez Carlos 01-julBru Bonnie 01-julFigueiredo Marcio 01-julUrdaneta Yesenia 02-julUrbano Gatica Jorge 02-julEspinoza Verónica 03-julNava Mata Luis David 03-julMorales Diana 05-julH Monterrubio Ricardo 05-julMoreno de la Riva Érica 07-jul LAST NAME FIRST NAME DATE Isabel Aliaga 01/07/2005McBryar Dustin 07-jul Eva Flores 01/07/2010González Salazar Vinky 08-julHünicken Agustina 08-jul Maya Rodríguez 01/07/2010Gómez Juan 08-jul Alfredo Acosta 03/07/1991Ballestrero Francisco 09-jul Ignacio López 04/07/2010Gaete Klagges María Isabel 10-jul Brittany Lintz 05/07/1991Mohallem Tarik 11-jul Kristen Lintz 05/07/1991Taracena Claudia 11-jul Ignacio León 05/07/2007Carlesso Nelson 12-jul Andrea Gómez 06/07/2005Bruzzone Daniela 12-jul Olga Carolina López Sayegh 07-julSapene Francisco 12-jul Diego Alejandro Sánchez 07-julUribe José 13-jul Ana Gabriela Perdorno 10-julCobo Francisca 14-jul Paulina Mendoza 13-julCobo Muller Francisca 14-julSocorro Manuel 14-jul Emilia Isabel Parra 13-julAzzolini Solange 14-jul Piero Reggiardo 14/07/2001Zuniga Claudia 14-jul Marcela Corral 14/07/2009Parra Ferrer Cesar Daniel 15-jul Alejandro Vargas Mejía 16/07/2005 LAST NAME FIRST NAME DATEPapp Tiffanie 15-jul Emil Hettich 17/07/2005 Espinosa Jaime 26-julCastillo Beatriz 15-jul Chávez Eduardo 26-jul Valentina Toro 17/07/2006Blanco Héctor 16-jul Pérez Mauri Ernesto 26-jul Mauricio Felicissimo 19/07/2003Becerril Francisco 16-jul García Alberto 26-jul Jimena Chavarría 19/07/2007Serna Andrés 17-jul Zerza Armin 27-jul Catalina Toro 19/07/2008Acosta Carlos 18-jul Ortiz Cesar 27-jul Luis López 21/07/1997Rueda Juan Carlos 19-jul Mata Hernández Viviana 27-jul Jimena Camargo 23/07/2007Nava Quintero Joseli 20-jul Aulenbacher Carlos 27-jul María José Márquez 24/07/1995Silva Reyes Mateo 21-jul Leal Claudia 28-julSánchez Yamila 21-jul Claudia Valentina Guerra Urdaneta 24/07/1998 Zaranda Neife 28-julSantos Carbajal Liliana 22-jul Gabriela Serrano 26/07/2000 Harris-Jovert Bárbara 29-julMarinelli Enzo 23-jul Sofía Cristina Tellechea Mingoia 27/07/1998 González Villaseñor Vera Iliana 29-julGuzmán Alejandro 23-jul Daniela Roa 28/07/1998 Urbano Julio Martin 30-julNoriega Gordillo José Fernando 23-jul Isabella Jiménez Delgado 29/07/2009 Figueroa Alejandro 30-julBarrales Christian 24-jul Rojas José 31-jul Santiago Jiménez Delgado 29/07/2009Bavcar Poblete Rodrigo 25-jul Rubino Rita 31-jul Paula Aguilar 29/07/2006Olivares María Fe 25-jul