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New books04

  1. 1. ENLIB - New Books (April 2011)No. Details 1 Title : The finite element method in heat transfer and fluid dynamics Author : J.N. Reddy, D.K. Gartling. - As Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computational Heat Transfer (CHT) evolve and become increasingly important in standard engineering design and analysis practice, users require a solid understanding of mechanics and numerical methods to make optimal use of available software. The Finite Element Method in Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics, Third Edition illustrates what a user must know to ensure the optimal application of computational procedures— particularly the Finite Element Method (FEM)—to important problems associated with heat conduction, incompressible viscous flows, and convection heat transfer. Year : 2010 Call No. : TA 357 R313 20102 Title : Intelligent Control Systems with an Introduction to System of Systems Engineering Author : Thrishantha Nanayakkara, Ferat Sahin, Mo Jamshidi. - Intelligent Control Systems with an Introduction to System of Systems Engineering integrates the fundamentals of artificial intelligence and systems control in a framework applicable to both simple dynamic systems and large-scale system of systems (SoS). For decades, NASA has used SoS methods, and major manufacturers— including Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Northrop-Grumman, Raytheon, BAE Systems—now make large-scale systems integration and SoS a key part of their business strategies, dedicating entire business units to this remarkably efficient approach. 2010 Year : 2010 Call No. : TJ217.5 N175 No.
  2. 2. 3 Title : Vibration-based condition monitoring : industrial, aerospace and automotive applications Author : Robert Bond Randall - Explaining complex ideas in an easy to understand way, Vibration-based Condition Monitoring provides a comprehensive survey of the application of vibration analysis to the condition monitoring of machines. Reflecting the natural progression of these systems by presenting the fundamental material and then moving onto detection, diagnosis and prognosis, Randall presents classic and state-of-the-art research results that cover vibration signals from rotating and reciprocating machines; basic signal processing techniques; fault detection; diagnostic techniques, and prognostics. Game-theoretic tools can be applied in each setting. In order to emphasize the broad potential scope of the theory, conventional applications from industrial organization have been largely replaced by applications from labor, macro, and other applied fields in economics. Year : 2011 No. Call No. : TA355 R1894 Title : Decision making in systems engineering and management Editor : Gregory S. Parnell, Patrick J. Driscoll, Dale L. Henderson - Decision Making in Systems Engineering and Management is a comprehensive textbook that provides a logical process and analytical techniques for fact-based decision making for the most challenging systems problems. Grounded in systems thinking and based on sound systems engineering principles, the systems decisions process (SDP) leverages multiple objective decision analysis, multiple attribute value theory, and value-focused thinking to define the problem, measure stakeholder value, design creative solutions, explore the decision trade off space in the presence of uncertainty, and structure successful solution implementation. In addition to classical systems engineering problems, this approach has been successfully applied to a wide range of challenges including personnel recruiting, retention, and management; strategic policy analysis; facilities design and management; resource allocation; information assurance; security systems design; and other settings whose structure can be conceptualized as a system. Year : 2011 Call No.. : TA168 D294 2011 No
  3. 3. 5 Title : Equilibrium theory in infinite dimensional spaces Editor : M. Ali Khan, Nicholas C. Yannelis (eds.). - The purpose of this monograph is to study several solution concepts such as the Walrasian Equilibrium, the Pareto opti- mality, the Core, the Nash Equilibrium and the Correlated equilibrium in the context of an infinite dimensional commodity or strategy space. Of course, the study of the above equilibrium notions in an infinite dimensional commodity or strategy space not only requires novel technical arguments and a modification and correction of much of our finite-dimensional intuition about these concepts, but this point also goes the other way; a successful formulation of the outstanding questions has also necessitated the creation of new mathematics. Some of the contributions in this volume also present a flavor of these technical advances that have been made in the last twenty years. Year : 2010 2010 No. Call No. : HB145 E677 20106 Title : Thermal design :heat sinks, thermoelectric generators and coolers, heat pipes, and heat exchangers Author : HoSung Lee. - The proposed is written as a senior undergraduate or the first-year graduate textbook,covering modern thermal devices such as heat sinks, thermoelectric generators and coolers, heat pipes, and heat exchangers as design components in larger systems. These devices are becoming increasingly important and fundamental in thermal design across such diverse areas as microelectronic cooling, green or thermal energy conversion, and thermal control and management in space, etc. However, there is no textbook available covering this range of topics Year : 2010 No. Call No. : TJ255.5 L4787 Title : Intelligent instrumentation: principles and applications Author : Manabendra Bhuyan. • Emphasizes basic design principles and applications of intelligent sensors using case studies and numerical examples • Discusses signal processing operations such as linearization, calibration, and compensation on which intelligent sensors rely • Investigates artificial intelligence as a critical component of intelligent sensors in real world applications • Uses MATLAB programs to validate design approaches With the advent of microprocessors and digital-processing technologies as catalyst, classical sensors capable of simple signal conditioning
  4. 4. operations have evolved rapidly to take on higher and more specialized functions including validation, compensation, and classification. This new category of sensor expands the scope of incorporating intelligence into instrumentation systems, yet with such rapid changes, there has developed no universal standard for design, definition, or requirement with which to unify intelligent instrumentation. Year : 2011 Call No. : TA165 B5758 Title Title : Advanced engineering mathematics with MATLAB (3rd) Author : Dean G. Duffy. - Taking a practical approach to the subject, Advanced Engineering Mathematics with MATLAB®, Third Edition continues to integrate technology into the conventional topics of engineering mathematics. The author employs MATLAB to reinforce concepts and solve problems that require heavy computation. MATLAB scripts are available for download at Along with new examples, problems, and projects, this updated and expanded edition incorporates several significant improvements. Year : 2011 Call No. : TA345 D858 20119 Title : Energy storage: a new approach Author : Ralph Zito. - Energy Storage: A New Approach presents practical solutions to the problem of energy storage on a massive scale. This revolutionary book describes technologies that include basic chemical concepts that engineers have been practicing for years, but presents new material that could transform the energy industry. Regardless where power is generated from—oil, natural gas, coal, solar, wind, or any of the other emerging sources— energy storage is something that the industry MUST learn and practice. With the world energy demand increasing, mostly due to industrial growth in China and India, and with the West becoming increasingly more interested in fuel efficiency and “green” endeavors, energy storage is potentially a key technology in our energy future. Year : 2010 201 Call No. : TK2980 Z58
  5. 5. 10 Title : Steam power engineering : thermal and hydraulic design principles Editor : Seikan Ishigai. - Originally published in 1999, this book takes a probing and specialist look at the many important advances which occurred in steam power in the fifteen years leading up to its publication. Large power plants as well as small-capacity boilers became more efficient and reliable, and their design and operation were enhanced by the application of modern computational techniques. This book provides a comprehensive review of such developments in steam power engineering. It discusses thermohydraulic principles and processes, with an emphasis on practical problems of steam power plant design and operation. Among topics covered are historical analysis, cycle design, thermal and hydraulic design of heating surfaces, pollutant control, and flow instability, from which are deduced strategies for further development. Originally intended for both students and engineers, the book treats realistic problems and offers a wealth of valuable insight into the design of large and small steam power plants. Year : 2010 201 Call No. : TJ400 S79911 Title : Dynamics of smart structures Author : Ranjan Vepa. - Dynamics of Smart Structures is a practical, concise and integrated text that provides an introduction to the fundamental principles of a field that has evolved over the recent years into an independent and identifiable subject area. Bringing together the concepts, techniques and systems associated with the dynamics and control of smart structures, it comprehensively reviews the differing smart materials that are employed in the development of the smart structures and covers several recent developments in the field of structural dynamics. Year : 2010 Call No. : TA418.9 .S62 V545 201012 Title Title : Introduction to finite element vibration analysis Author : Maurice Petyt. - There are many books on finite element methods but few give more than a brief description of their application to structural vibration analysis. This book presents an introduction to the mathematical basis of finite element analysis as applied to vibrating systems. Finite element analysis is a technique that is very important in modeling the response of structures to dynamic loads. Although this book assumes no previous knowledge of finite element methods, those who do have knowledge will still find the book to be useful. It can be utilized by aeronautical, civil, mechanical, and structural engineers as well as naval architects.
  6. 6. This second edition includes information on the many developments that have taken place over the last twenty years. Existing chapters have been expanded where necessary, and three new chapters have been included that discuss the vibration of shells and multi-layered elements and provide an introduction to the hierarchical finite element method. Year : 2010 201 Call No. : TA356 P512 201013 Title : Manufacturing engineering and technology Author : Serope Kalpakjian, Steven R. Schmid - Manufacturing Engineering & Technology, 6/e, presents a mostly qualitative description of the science, technology, and practice of manufacturing. This includes detailed descriptions of manufacturing processes and the manufacturing enterprise that will help introduce students to important concepts. The Sixth Edition has been completely updated, and addresses issues essential to modern manufacturing, ranging from traditional topics such as casting, forming, machining, and joining, to advanced topics such as the fabrication of microelectronic devices and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), and nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing. Year : 2010 201 Call No. : TS176 K14 201014 Title : Noise and vibration analysis: signal analysis and experimental procedures Author : Anders Brandt. - Noise and Vibration Analysis is a complete and practical guide that combines both signal processing and modal analysis theory with their practical application in noise and vibration analysis. It provides an invaluable, integrated guide for practicing engineers as well as a suitable introduction for students new to the topic of noise and vibration. Taking a practical learning approach, Brandt includes exercises that allow the content to be developed in an academic course framework or as supplementary material for private and further study. 201 Year : 2011 Call No. : TA355 B821