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New books jul

  1. 1. ENLIB - New Books July (July 2011)No. Details 1 Title : Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and Systems Author : Soteris A. Kalogirou - With the threat of global warming, and the gradual depletion of petroleum supplies, solar electric power is rapidly becoming significant part of our energy mix. The range of solar cells spans different materials and different structures in the quest to extract maximum power from the device while keeping the cost to a minimum. Devices with efficiency exceeding 30% have been demonstrated in the laboratory. Solar Energy Engineering: Processes and Systems. Solar Energy Processes and Systems includes all areas of solar energy engineering. All subjects are presented from the fundamental level to the highest level of current research. The book includes subjects such as energy related environmental problems, solar collectors, solar water heating, solar space heating and cooling, industrial process heat, solar desalination, photovoltaics, solar thermal power systems and modelling of solar systems including the use of artificial intelligence systems in solar energy systems modelling and performance prediction. Year : 2009 Call No. : TJ810 K142 Displacement- Title : Displacement-based seismic design of structures Author : G.M. M.J.N. Priestley, G.M. Calvi, M.J. Kowalsky. - Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Structures is a book primarily directed towards practicing structural designers who are interested in applying performance-based concepts to seismic design. Since much of the material presented in the book has not been published elsewhere, it will also be of considerable interest to researchers, and to graduate and upper-level undergraduate students of earthquake engineering who wish to develop a deeper understanding of how design can be used to control seismic response. 2009 Year : 2009 Call No. : TA658.44 P949 No.
  2. 2. 3 Title : GPS for land surveyors (3rd) Author : Jan Van Sickle. - Since the last edition of this international bestseller, GPS has grown to become part of a larger international context, the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). Both GPS and GNSS technologies are becoming ever more important in the everyday practice of survey and mappers. With GPS for Land Surveyors, Third Edition, a book written by a land surveyor, for land surveyors, you can stay in the know on the latest GPS techniques, technologies, codes, and signals. What s New to the Third Edition? • Sections on Real-Time Network Services, Block IIF, and control segment modernization • GPS code, such as the M-code, L1C, and L2C • An entire chapter dedicated to GNSS • Discussion of the Russian GLONASS system, the Chinese Beidou system, and the Japanese QZSS From fundamental theory to practical application and advanced technologies, the book covers GPS without pages of complicated math. It demonstrates the basics of GPS technology, common hardware, surveying methods, survey design, planning, and observation. Additionally, each chapter includes helpful review questions and answers. GPS and GNSS are revolutionizing the practice of surveying and mapping. This user-friendly manual gives you the tools needed to understand and use these important technologies in everyday practice. 2008 Year : 2008 No. Call No. : TA595.5 V217 20084 Title : Renewable energy systems : the choice and modeling of 100% renewable solutions Author : Henrik Lund - In this practical guide, globally recognized renewable energy researcher and professor Henrik Lund describes the modeling and simulation techniques that can be utilised to ensure at the outset of any renewable energy project that the resources available will meet supply demands. A clear, comprehensive methodology is set forth for comparing different energy systems abilities to integrate fluctuating and intermittent renewable energy sources. Dr. Lund offers a freely available accompanying software tool, EnergyPLAN, that automates and simplifies the calculations supporting such detailed comparative analysis. The book further presents concrete design examples derived from a dozen
  3. 3. successfully implemented renewable energy systems around the globe. It makes recommendations on the first steps of large-scale integration, focusing on the more immediate issue of conversion, rather than storage technologies. The text also undertakes the socio-political realities governing the implementation of renewable energy systems. Dr. Lund makes clear that it is the work of professionals in the renewables field to raise awareness that alternatives DO exist and that it is indeed economically and technically viable to choose renewable energy systems. To aid readers in that task, the book presents key strategies on how to overcome the inherent lethargy of entrenched institutions that seek to reinforce the status quo when confronted with objectives implying the need for radical technological change. After all, knowing there IS a choice is half the battle. Year : 2010 Call No.. : TJ808 L962 No5 Feed- Title : Feed-in tariffs : accelerating the deployment of renewable energy Author Author : Miguel Mendonça. - A feed-in tariff is a renewable energy law that obliges energy suppliers to buy electricity produced from renewable resources at a fixed price, usually over a fixed period - even from householders. These legal guarantees ensure investment security, and the support of all viable renewable energy technologies. Supporters argue that the feed-in model, if implemented effectively around the world, would greatly assist the energy revolution that is so desperately required; through CO2 reduction, market creation and development, job creation and improved energy security. Feed-in Tariffs is a concise introduction to feed-in laws, examining the experience of countries that have implemented this model. The author argues that the policy should be implemented anywhere with a suitable national power grid infrastructure, and identifies variations on the policy for those areas without. Alternative models and support schemes are examined to provide policy makers with the information required to consider the implementation of feed-in tariffs, and to introduce the concept to renewable energy technology manufacturers, producers, investors and supporters. With a foreword by Hermann Scheer. Published with the World Future Council. Year : 2007 Call No. : HD9502.A2 M539 No.
  4. 4. 6 Title : Multiple criteria decision analysis : an analysis integrated approach Author : Valerie Belton, Theodor J. Stewart. - The field of multiple criteria decision analysis (MCDA) - also sometimes termed multiple criteria decision aid, or multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) - has developed rapidly over the past quarter century and in the process a number of divergent schools of thought have emerged. Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis: An Integrated Approach provides a comprehensive yet widely accessible overview of the main streams of thought within MCDA. Year : 2002 Call No. : T57.95 B453 No.7 Title : First robots behind the design Author : Vince Wilczynski, Stephanie Slezycki - Personal robots are about as advanced today as personal computers were on the eve of the first IBM PC in the early 1980s. They are still the domain of hobbyists who cobble them together from scratch or from kits, join local clubs to swap code and stage contests, and whose labor of love is setting the stage for a technological revolution. This book will deconstruct the 30 regional winning robot designs from the FIRST Robotics Competition in 2006. The FIRST Robotics Competition (held annually and co-founded by Dean Kamen and Woodie Flowers) is a multinational competition that teams professionals and young people to solve an engineering design problem in an intense and competitive way. In 2005 the competition reached close to 25,000 people on close to 1,000 teams in 30 competitions. Teams came from Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Israel, Mexico, the U.K., and almost every U.S. state. The competitions are high-tech spectator sporting events that have gained a loyal following because of the high caliber work featured. Each team is paired with a mentor from such companies as Apple, Motorola, or NASA (NASA has sponsored 200 teams in 8 years). Year : 2007 Call No. TJ211 W6678 Title : Power to the people : how the coming energy revolution will transform an industry, change our lives, and maybe even save the planet Author Author : Vijay V. Vaitheeswaran. - Global warming, rolling black outs, massive tanker spills, oil dependence: our profligate ways have doomed us to suffer such tragedies, right? Perhaps, but
  5. 5. Vijay Vaitheeswaran, the energy and environment correspondent for The Economist, sees great opportunity in the energy realm today, and Power to the People is his fiercely independent and irresistibly entertaining look at the economic, political, and technological forces that are reshaping the worlds management of energy resources. In it, he documents an energy revolution already underway--a revolution as radical as the communications revolution of the past decades. From the corporate boardroom of a Texas oil titan who denies the reality of global warming to a think tank nestled in the Rocky Mountains where a visionary named Amory Lovins is developing the kind of hydrogen fuel-cell technology that could make the internal combustion engine obsolete, Vaitheeswaran gamely pursues the people who hold the keys to our future. Mans quest for energy is insatiable. It is also essential. By avoiding the traditional binaries that pit free markets against the wisdom of conservation and the need for clean energy, Power to the People is a book that debunks myths without debunking hope. Year : 2005 Call No. : TJ163.2 V1329 Title : Data envelopment analysis theory, methodology and application Editor : Charnes, A. - This book establishes a reference source for DEA that accomplishes the following seven objectives: • Motivates DEA as a new approach to organizing and analyzing data beyond its origin in efficiency analyses; • Presents an integrated framework, and standardized notation for understanding basic DEA models and their extension; • Develops a deeper understanding of computational issues involved in solving various DEA formulations; • Provides insights into the DEA process, its usage and interpretations; • Highlights the range of potential uses of DEA through examples of novel applications; • Provides an updated comprehensive bibliography; • Facilitates the diffusion of DEA by making Chapters 1--4 and 21 available for inclusion in operations research, econometric and statistic textbooks under normal provisions which maintain original copyright status. Year : 1994 Call No. : HA31.38 D232
  6. 6. 10 engineering Title : A text book of engineering mechanics Author : R.S. Khurmi - The objective of this book is to present the subject matter in a most concise, and compact manner. This book has been included in the Suggested Reading for the A.M.I.E (India) examinations. Year : 2008 Call No. : TA350 K45 200811 Title : Mechanism and machine theory Author : Ashok G. Ambekar - Gives discussion on areas of research such as function generation, path generation and mechanism synthesis using coupler curve, and number synthesis of kinematic chains. This book is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing courses in mechanical, production, electrical, metallurgical and aeronautical engineering. Year : 2009 Call No. : TJ146 A461 200912 Title : Electrical technology Author : Uday A. Bakshi, Varsha U. Baskhi - Gives discussion on areas of research such as function generation, path generation and mechanism synthesis using coupler curve, and number synthesis of kinematic chains. This book is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing courses in mechanical, production, electrical, metallurgical and aeronautical engineering. Year : 2007 Call No. : TK146 B169 200713 Title : Combinatorial optimization : some aspects Malhotra, Editors : Rita Malhotra, M.C. Puri -"Combinatorial Optimization comprises research-level linear and combinatorial problems together with algorithms and solution-procedures to solve them. The growing need of the industry and the increase in complexity of conglomerates and multinationals entail focus on two very significant classes of problems namely Transportation and Assignment Problems included in this volume. Far- reaching variants of these problems like the Multi-index and Multi-objective Problems, Bulk Transportation Problems, Flow and Budgetary Constrained Transportation Problems and the Three-Axial Sums Problems are investigated and analysed. Extensions to the Two-Stage and Bi-level Allocation Problems
  7. 7. form the salient features of the book. Practical applications of the problems examined are also discussed. This volume opens new avenues for research in the field of allocation problems." Year : 2007 Call No. : QA402.6 C731 Title : Fluid Mechanics and Turbo Machines14 Author : Madan Mohan Das - Primarily designed as a text for the undergraduate students of aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering and other branches of applied science, this book provides a basic platform in fluid mechanics and turbo machines The book begins with a description of the fundamental concepts of fluid mechanics such as fluid properties, its static and dynamic pressures, buoyancy and floatation, and flow through pipes, orifices, mouthpieces, notches and weirs. Then, it introduces more complex topics like laminar flow and its application, turbulent flow, compressible flow, dimensional analysis and model investigations. Finally, the text elaborates on impact of jets and turbo machines like turbines, pumps and miscellaneous fluid machines. Year : 2009 Call No. : TJ267 D229 2009