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Impact factor en 2011

  1. 1. ก ก ISI ! SCOPUS #$ % 2011 Impact J.Immediacy Pub. Pub. Doc. SOURCE factor IndexNO. Title Authors Source Title IPF Date. Year Vol. Issue B.P. E. P. Type ISI SCP ECTI-CON 2011 - 8th Electrical Engineering/ Electronics, Chiewthanakul, B., A (t, w) threshold Computer, Darath, N., Article Conf.1 scheme over Telecommunications 2011 232 235 X Wanapongtipakorn, number5947815 Paper insecure channels and Information S. Technology (ECTI) Association of Thailand - Conference 2011 A Practical Osaklang, S.; Crosstalk Kruesubthaworn, A.; Reduction Sivaratana, R.; IEEE Technique Applied OCT Conf.2 Supnithi, P.; TRANSACTIONS ON 2011 47 10 4014 4017 X X 1.363 0.119 to High-Density 2011 Paper Ungvichian, V.; MAGNETICS Hard Disk Kaewrawang, A.; Interconnecting Siritaratiwat, A. Assembly Traces Pornpromlikit, S., Technical Digest - A Q-band amplifier Dabag, H.-T., Hanafi, IEEE Compound implemented with Article Conf.3 B., Kim, J., Larson, Semiconductor 2011 X stacked 45-nm number6062465 Paper L.E., Buckwalter, J.F., Integrated Circuit CMOS FETs Asbeck, P.M. Symposium, CSIC Cellular lightweight Jitchaiyaphum, K., concrete Conf.4 Sinsiri, T., Procedia Engineering 2011 14 1157 1164 X containing Paper Chindaprasirt, P. pozzolan materials Proceedings - 2011 Chiral IEEE-APS Topical metamaterial Malathong, M., Conference on based circularly Sonsilphong, A., Antennas and Conf.5 2011 art. no. 6046812 898 901 X polarized Panpradit, W., Propagation in Paper microstrip Wongkasem, N. Wireless antennas Communications, APWC11
  2. 2. Proceedings - 2011 International Chirality control in Panpradit, W., Conference on metamaterials by Conference6 Sonsilphong, A., Electromagnetics in 2011 540 543 X geometrical Paper Wongkasem, N. Advanced manipulation Applications, ICEAA11 Chloride penetration and INTERNATIONAL corrosion Rukzon, Sumrerng; JOURNAL OF MAR7* resistance of Chindaprasirt, 2011 102 3 335 339 Article X X 0.83 0.117 MATERIALS 2011 ground fly ash Prinya RESEARCH blended cement mortar Chien, S., Doubleday, J., McLaren, D., Tran, D., Tanpipat, V., Combining space- Chitradon, R., International based and in-situ Boonya-Aroonnet, S., Geoscience and Conf.8 measurements to Thanapakpawin, P., Remote Sensing 2011 art. no. 6050092 3935 3938 X Paper track flooding in Khunboa, C., Symposium Thailand Leelapatra, W., (IGARSS) Plermkamon, V., Raghavendra, C., Mandl, D. Comparison on the performance of the 2011 18th IEEE confined- International chacogenide with Sainon, S., Conference on Article Conf.9 thin metal Harnsoongnoen, S., 2011 176 179 X Electronics, Circuits, number6122242 Paper interlayer and Sa-Ngiamsak, C. and Systems, ICECS optimised lateral 2011 phase change memories Kanchanatip, Degradation of Ekkachai; REACTION paraquat under Grisdanurak, Nurak; KINETICS JUN10 visible light over Thongruang, 2011 103 1 227 237 Article X X 0.829 0.185 MECHANISMS AND 2011 fullerene modified Raumporn; CATALYSIS V-TiO2 Neramittagapong, Arthit
  3. 3. Effect of actuating forces on aeroelastic Sleesongsom, S., Applied Mechanics Conf.11 2011 52-54 308 317 X characteristics of a Bureerat, S. and Materials Paper morphing aircraft wing Effect of chemical INTERNATIONAL Rattanasak, Ubolluk; admixtures on JOURNAL OF Pankhet, Kanokwan; JUN12 properties of high- MINERALS 2011 18 3 364 369 Article X X 0.691 0.026 Chindaprasirt, 2011 calcium fly ash METALLURGY AND Prinya geopolymer MATERIALS Effect of Fe3+ Bajamundi, Cyril Jose doping on the Escopete; Dalida, performance of Maria Lourdes KOREAN JOURNAL AUG13 TiO2 Pascual; Wantala, OF CHEMICAL 2011 28 8 1688 1692 Article X X 0.991 0.113 2011 mechanocoated Kitirote; Khemthong, ENGINEERING alumina bead Pongtanawat; photocatalysts Grisdanurak, Nurak ECTI-CON 2011 - 8th Kaengrang, S., Electrical Siritaratiwat, A., Engineering/ Effect of MgO Swadiponphollop, Electronics, thickness on S., Thanananta, P., Computer, Conf.14 temperature Ponukkha, J., Telecommunications 2011 art. no. 5947771 62 65 X Paper distribution in Leeprakabboon, M., and Information nanopillar structure Praseartcharoensuk, Technology (ECTI) V., Boonpanyarak, Association of S., Kaewrawang, A. Thailand - Conference 2011 Effect of palm oil Kroehong, Wunchock; fuel ash fineness Sinsiri, Theerawat; CONSTRUCTION on the NOV15 Jaturapitakkul, Chai; AND BUILDING 2011 25 11 4095 4104 Review X X 1.834 0.269 microstructure of 2011 Chindaprasirt, MATERIALS blended cement Prinya paste Effects of binder and CaCl2 Makaratat, Nattapong; CEMENT & contents on the Jaturapitakkul, Chai; MAR16 CONCRETE 2011 33 3 436 443 Article X X 2.421 strength of calcium Namarak, Charin; 2011 COMPOSITES carbide residue-fly Sata, Vanchai ash concrete
  4. 4. Effects of ESD and 2011 IEEE/SICE EMI on TMR International heads during Puapairoj, S. , Sa- Article Conf.17 Symposium on 2011 2011 419 423 X bonding process of Ngiamsak, C. number6147485 Paper System Integration, gold ball bonding SII 2011 machines Effects of operating factors Songklanakarin Chuan-Udom, S.,18 of an axial flow rice Journal of Science 2011 33 2 221 225 Article X Chinsuwan, W. combine harvester and Technology on grain breakage ECTI-CON 2011 - 8th Electrical Engineering/ Effects of track Electronics, width and stripe Kamwan, S. , Computer, height ratio on the Article Conf.19 Pijitrojana, W. , Sa- Telecommunications 2011 438 441 X characteristics of number5947869 Paper Ngiamsak, C. and Information CPP-GMR and Technology (ECTI) TMR heads Association of Thailand - Conference 2011 Efficiency factor of high calcium Class Sata, V.; Khammathit, COMPUTERS AND OCT20 2011 8 5 583 595 Article X X 1.015 0.024 F fly ash in P.; Chindaprasirt, P. CONCRETE 2011 concrete Electrical Hanjitsuwan, INTERNATIONAL conductivity and Sakonwan; JOURNAL OF FEB21 dielectric property Chindaprasirt, MINERALS 2011 18 1 94 99 Article X X 0.691 0.026 2011 of fly ash Prinya; Pimraksa, METALLURGY AND geopolymer pastes Kedsarin MATERIALS Ridtirud, INTERNATIONAL Factors affecting Charoenchai; JOURNAL OF FEB22 the shrinkage of fly Chindaprasirt, MINERALS 2011 18 1 100 104 Article X X 0.691 0.026 2011 ash geopolymers Prinya; Pimraksa, METALLURGY AND Kedsarin MATERIALS High Power Jeong, Jinho; Digitally-Controlled Pornpromlikit, IEEE MICROWAVE SOI CMOS Sataporn; Scuderi, AND WIRELESS AUG23 2011 21 8 433 435 Article X X 1.717 0.242 Attenuator With Antonino; Presti, COMPONENTS 2011 Wide Attenuation Calogero; Asbeck, LETTERS Range Peter
  5. 5. High-rate JOURNAL OF treatment of ENVIRONMENTAL Onodera, Takashi; molasses SCIENCE AND Sase, Shinya; wastewater by HEALTH PART A-24 Choeisai, Pairaya; 2011 2011 46 14 1721 1731 Article X X 1.190 0.185 combination of an TOXIC/HAZARDOUS (…); Syutsubo, acidification SUBSTANCES & Kazuaki reactor and a ENVIRONMENTAL USSB reactor ENGINEERING High-Strength JOURNAL OF Chindaprasirt, P.; Geopolymer Using MATERIALS IN MAR25 Chareerat, T.; 2011 23 3 264 270 Article X X 0.733 0.148 Fine High-Calcium CIVIL 2011 Hatanaka, S.; Cao, T. Fly Ash ENGINEERING Implications of rainfall variability for seasonality and Park, Ji-Hyung;(…); APR JOURNAL OF26 climate-induced Wirojanagud, 11 2011 400 3-4 323 332 Article X X 2.656 0.354 HYDROLOGY risks concerning Wanpen 2011 surface water quality in East Asia Instability of storage and Surawanitkun, C.; temperature Kaewrawang, A.; increment in JOURNAL OF DEC27 Imtawil, V.; Mewes, 2011 69 6 618 622 Article X X 1.080 0.141 nanopillars due to ELECTROSTATICS 2011 C. K. A.; Mewes, T.; human body model Siritaratiwat, A. electrostatic discharge Investigation on the corrosion resistance of Horsakulthai, Veera; CONSTRUCTION bagasse-rice husk- Phiuvanna, Santi; JAN28 AND BUILDING 2011 25 1 54 60 Article X X 1.834 0.269 wood ash blended Kaenbud, 2011 MATERIALS cement concrete Watcharase by impressed voltage Lightweight geopolymer made of highly porous Pimraksa, K., AUG siliceous materials Chindaprasirt, P., Materials Science29 15 2011 528 21 6616 6623 Article X X 2.003 0.313 with various Na Rungchet, A., Sagoe- and Engineering A 2011 2O/Al 2O 3 and Crentsil, K., Sato, T. SiO 2/Al 2O 3 ratios
  6. 6. Low Complexity Encoder of High Kupimai, Mongkol; ADVANCES IN Rate Irregular QC- Meesomboon, ELECTRICAL AND30 2011 2011 11 4 47 54 Article X X 0.555 0.104 LDPC Codes for Anupap; Imtawil, COMPUTER Partial Response Virasit ENGINEERING Channels Mathematical modeling of drying Triratanasirichai, K., characteristics of American Journal of31 Dongbang, W., 2011 8 10 979 983 Article X chilies in a rotating Applied Sciences Pirompugd, W. fluidized bed technique Mathematical modeling of heavy metals Tantemsapya, N.; WATER SCIENCE32 contamination from Naksakul, Y.; 2011 2011 64 9 1835 1842 Review X X 1.122 0.111 AND TECHNOLOGY MSW landfill site in Wirojanagud, W. Khon Kaen, Thailand ECTI-CON 2011 - 8th Electrical Engineering/ Message from Electronics, dean of Faculty of Computer,33 Engineering Theerakulpisut, S. Telecommunications 2011 art. no. 5947994 Editorial X KhonKaen and Information University Technology (ECTI) Association of Thailand - Conference 2011 Microfluidic chip- based nanoelectrode array as Triroj, N., miniaturized Jaroenapibal, P., Biosensors and 15-34 2011 26 6 2927 2933 Article X X 5.602 biochemical Shi, H., Yeh, J.I., Bioelectronics Feb sensing platform Beresford, R. for prostate- specific antigen detection
  7. 7. Mordenite Kulawong, Sittichai; modification and Prayoonpokarach, JOURNAL OF MAR utilization as Sanchai; INDUSTRIAL AND35 25 2011 17 2 346 351 Article X X 1.977 0.200 supports for iron Neramittagapong, ENGINEERING 2011 catalyst in phenol Arthit; Wittayakun, CHEMISTRY hydroxylation Jatuporn MULTIOBJECTIVE ENGINEERING EVOLUTIONARY Kanyakam, Siwadol; APPLICATIONS OF DEC36 OPTIMIZATION 2011 5 4 553 565 Article X X 0.882 0.204 Bureerat, Sujin COMPUTATIONAL 2011 OF SPLAYED PIN- FLUID MECHANICS FIN HEAT SINK Multi-objective topology Kunakote, Tawatchai; ENGINEERING37 optimization using 2011 2011 43 5 541 557 Article X X 0.936 0.116 Bureerat, Sujin OPTIMIZATION evolutionary algorithms Somna, Kiatsuda; NaOH-activated Jaturapitakkul, Chai; ground fly ash Kajitvichyanukul, JUN38 geopolymer cured FUEL 2011 90 6 2118 2124 Article X X 3.248 0.517 Puangrat; 2011 at ambient Chindaprasirt, temperature Prinya Proceedings - 2011 International Novel technique Conference on for high refractive Sonsilphong, A., Conf.39 Electromagnetics in 2011 art. no. 6046397 536 539 X index Wongkasem, N. Paper Advanced manifestation Applications, ICEAA11 Optimal design of a pin-fin heat sink using a surrogate- Kanyakam, S., Advanced Materials 308- Conf.40 assisted 2011 1122 1128 X Bureerat, S. Research 310 Paper multiobjective evolutionary algorithm Optimization for UV-photocatalytic degradation of Tantriratna, P.; paraquat over Wirojanagud, W.; INDIAN JOURNAL SEP41 titanium dioxide Neramittagapong, OF CHEMICAL 2011 18 5 363 371 Article X X 0.606 0.085 2011 supported on rice S.; Wantala, K.; TECHNOLOGY husk silica using Grisdanurak, N. Box-Behnken design
  8. 8. Optimization parametric study of deep drawing Advanced Materials 335- Conf.42 Sena, K., Piyasin, S. 2011 813 817 X process for a Research 336 Paper standardized cranial implant IEEE International Order selection of Conference on processed chicken Chatavithee, P., Industrial Article Conf.43 under production Piewthongngam, K., 2011 323 326 X Engineering and number6117931 Paper capacity Pathumnakul, S. Engineering constraints Management Pinned layer reversal effect on 2011 IEEE/SICE tunneling Sa-Ngiamsak, C., International Conf.44 magnetoresistive Harnsoongnoen, S., Symposium on 2011 art. no. 6147486 424 427 X Paper heads caused by Sompongse, D. System Integration, dynamic fly height SII 2011 heater voltage Plaster materials Chindaprasirt, P.; from waste calcium Boonserm, K.; CONSTRUCTION sulfate containing Chairuangsri, T.; AUG45 AND BUILDING 2011 25 8 3193 3203 Article X X 1.834 0.269 chemicals, organic Vichit-Vadakan, W.; 2011 MATERIALS fibers and Eaimsin, T.; Sato, T.; inorganic additives Pimraksa, K. Prediction equations for losses from Thai Sangwijit, P., Thai Journal of46 2011 44 1 23 31 Article X 0.085 axial flow rice Chinsuwan, W. Agricultural Science combine harvesters Product development to improve Poonprasit, M., Advanced Materials 156- Conf.47 environmental 2011 311 314 X Pangkamhang, S. Research 157 Paper performance in household textile processing Removal of red acid dye from Kulyakorn, K., synthetic Advanced Materials 156- Conf.48 Satawat, T., 2011 375 378 X wastewater by Research 157 Paper Pattakamol, S. adsorption onto low-cost material
  9. 9. Separation of ethanol from ethanol-water Kaewkannetra, P.; mixture and Chutinate, N.; APR49 fermented sweet Moonamart, S.; DESALINATION 15 2011 271 1-3 88 91 X X 2.590 0.541 sorghum juice Kamsan, T.; Chiu, T. 2011 using Y. pervaporation membrane reactor Pathumnakul, Supachai; Ittiphalin, Should feed mills Mongkon; COMPUTERS AND go beyond FEB50 Piewthongngam, ELECTRONICS IN 2011 75 2 243 249 Article X X 1.846 0.208 traditional least 2011 Kullapapruk; AGRICULTURE cost formulation? Rujikietkumjorn, Somkiet Shrinkage behavior of structural foam Chindaprasirt, lightweight MATERIALS & FEB51 Prinya; Rattanasak, 2011 32 2 723 727 Article X X 2.200 0.496 concrete DESIGN 2011 Ubolluk containing glycol compounds and fly ash Simultaneous topology, shape and sizing optimisation of a three-dimensional Noilublao, Norapat; COMPUTERS & DEC52 2011 89 23-24 2531 2538 Article X X 1.874 0.175 slender truss tower Bureerat, Sujin STRUCTURES 2011 using multiobjective evolutionary algorithms Spatio-temporal water deficit International Journal53 estimation of Pawattana, C. 2011 7 2 21 29 Article X of Geoinformatics sugarcane in Thailand
  10. 10. 2011 International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing and Sa-Ngiamsak, C., Communications Technical program Okada, M., Adiono,54 Systems: "The 2011 art. no. 6146053 Editorial X chairs message T., Kovintavewat, P., Decade of Intelligent Chalidabhongse, T. and Green Signal Processing and Communications", ISPACS 2011 The potential development for Sota, C., traffic accident Pookarbkaow, A., prevention of Sommart, J.,55 stakeholder in Social Sciences 2011 6 3 198 204 Article X Kanchanasantisuk, communities C., Fukuda, T., beside highway in Krungboonklong, P. the northeast of Thailand ECTI-CON 2011 - 8th Electrical Three-dimensional Engineering/ numerical Electronics, simulation of Harnsoongnoen, S., Computer, electrostatic Conf.56 Sainon, S., Puapairoj, Telecommunications 2011 art. no. 5947770 58 61 X discharge Paper S., Sa-Ngiamsak, C. and Information sensitivity for Technology (ECTI) phase-change Association of memories Thailand - Conference 2011 Topology and sizing optimization of trusses with Noilublao, C., Advanced Materials 308- Conf.57 adaptive ground 2011 1116 1121 X Bureerat, S. Research 310 Paper finite elements using multiobjective PBIL
  11. 11. ECTI-CON 2011 - 8th Electrical Upper bounds for Engineering/ the convergence Electronics, rate of a Computer, randomized local Polpinit, P., Conf.58 Telecommunications 2011 art. no. 5947889 520 523 X search in a load- Thipchote, M. Paper and Information balancing game Technology (ECTI) with variable- Association of capacity resources Thailand - Conference 2011 Use of Palm Oil Fuel Ash to Improve Chloride Chindaprasirt, JOURNAL OF and Corrosion Prinya; Chotetanorm, MATERIALS IN APR59 2011 23 4 499 503 Article X X Resistance of Chaicharn; Rukzon, CIVIL 2011 High-Strength and Sumrerng ENGINEERING High-Workability Concrete Using an artificial IEEE International neural network and Conference on a mathematical Thuankaewsing, S., Industrial Conf.60 model for Pathumnakul, S., 2011 art. no. 6117928 308 312 X Engineering and Paper sugarcane Piewthongngam, K. Engineering harvesting Management scheduling Utilization of fly ash blends from Chindaprasirt, pulverized coal CEMENT & Prinya; Rattanasak, JAN61 and fluidized bed CONCRETE 2011 33 1 55 60 Article X X 2.421 0.339 Ubolluk; 2011 combustions in COMPOSITES Jaturapitakkul, Chai geopolymeric materials Visible light- irradiated Wantala, Kitirote; degradation of Khemthong, KOREAN JOURNAL NOV62 alachlor on Fe- Pongtanawat; OF CHEMICAL 2011 28 11 2178 2183 Article X X 0.991 0.113 2011 TiO2 with Wittayakun, Jatuporn; ENGINEERING assistance of Grisdanurak, Nurak H2O2 Reported by : Walailak Saengwannakool Date 19-Sep-12