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Eng citation 2012


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Eng citation 2012

  1. 1. ก ก . .2012 $% ก& ( )% ISI $% SCOPUS ( )% 0 1 22 ก 2555 (( )% 4 5 ) ) Pub. Pub. DOC. SOURCENO. Title Authors DEPT. Source Title Date Year Vol. Iss. B. P. E.P. TYPE. ISI SCP A Methodology to Identify Crosstalk Contributor from 6-Line Suspension Assembly Prachumrasee, K.; APPLIED Interconnect of Ultra- Siritaratiwat, A.; COMPUTATIONAL High Capacity Hard Ungvichian, V.; Sivaratana, ELECTROMAGNETICS 1 Disk Drives R.; Kaewrawang, A. EE SOCIETY JOURNAL JAN 2012 27 1 22 27 Article X X A study of paddy heating for insect elimination and Ramatchima, P., Sudajan, improving milled rice S., Junsiri, C., Advanced Materials 472- 2 quality Thivavarnvongs, T. AE Research 2012 475 1707 1713 Conf. Paper X Wantala, Kitirote; Sthiannopkao, Suthipong; Arsenic Adsorption by Srinameb, Bang-orn; Fe Loaded on RH- Grisdanurak, Nurak; Kim, JOURNAL OF MCM-41 Synthesized Kyoung-Woong; Han, ENVIRONMENTAL 3 from Rice Husk Silica Seunghee CHE ENGINEERING-ASCE JAN 2012 138 1 119 128 X Assessing the effect of biomass ashes with different finenesses on the compressive Sinsiri, T., Kroehong, W., strength of blended Jaturapitakkul, C., 4 cement paste Chindaprasirt, P. CE Materials and Design DEC 2012 42 424 433 Article X X Biogas production from cassava waste cake in a two-stage anaerobic Promphiphak, P., Advanced Materials 512- 5 digestion system Wongwuttanasatian, T. ME Research 2012 515 351 355 Conf. Paper X X Comparative Performance of Surrogate-Assisted MOEAs for Article Geometrical Design of Kanyakam, Siwadol; JOURNAL OF APPLIED Number: 6 Pin-Fin Heat Sinks Bureerat, Sujin ME MATHEMATICS 2012 2012 534783 Article X X Comparison proximate analysis and heating value between cassava rhizome and Jongpluempiti, J., Advanced Materials 415- 7 perennial wood Tangchaichit, K. ME Research 2012 417 1693 1696 Conf. Paper X
  2. 2. Cross sectional suspension density along the height of a CFB riser under fixed and variable bed Somjun, J., Chinsuwan, Advanced Materials 361-8 inventory conditions A. ME Research 2012 363 1882 1886 Conf. Paper X Design of briquettizing machine for biomass Sakkampang, C.,9 briquette fuel Wongwuttanasatian, T ME Advanced Science Letters JUN 2012 13 565 569 ARTICLE X Effect of hydraulic retention time on hydrogen production and chemical oxygen demand removal from tapioca wastewater using anaerobic mixed Thanwised, P., cultures in anaerobic Wirojanagud, W., International Journal of Article in10 baffled reactor (ABR) Reungsang, A. ENE Hydrogen Energy 2012 Press X Effect of SiO2 and Al2O3 on the setting Chindaprasirt, Prinya; De and hardening of high Silva, Pre; Sagoe-Crentsil, calcium fly ash-based Kwesi; Hanjitsuwan, JOURNAL OF11 geopolymer systems Sakonwan CE MATERIALS SCIENCE JUN 2012 47 12 4876 4883 Article X X Effect of voltage pattern on intensity of electromagnetic emission during electric flame-off process of ball bonding Puapairoj, S., Sa- Advanced Materials 418-12 machine Ngiamsak, C. EE Research 2012 420 2265 2271 Conf. Paper X Effect of W/B ratios on pozzolanic reaction of Sata, V.; Tangpagasit, J.; biomass ashes in Jaturapitakkul, C.; CEMENT & CONCRETE13 Portland cement matrix Chindaprasirt, P. CE COMPOSITES 2012 2012 34 1 94 100 Article X X Evaluating on effect of HVAC series with impulse excitation voltage on porcelain Banhthasit, B., Tonmitra, insulator by using K., Kaewrawang, A., Advanced Materials 354-14 rotating wheel dip test Suksri, A. EE Research 2012 355 159 164 Conf. Paper X Experimental investigation of operating temperature on deposition Chiawchanwattana, C., temperature in spray Wongpichet, S.,15 drying chamber Triratanasirichai, K. AE / ME Advanced Science Letters 2012 14 1 304 309 Article X
  3. 3. Experimental investigation of using cassava rhizome to replace firewood for Dan Kwian pottery Jongpluempiti, J.,16 firing, Thailand Tangchaichit, K. ME Advanced Science Letters 2012 15 1 39 42 Article X Experimental study and cost evaluation for Kaewkannetra, ethanol separation Pakawadee; Chutinate, from fermentation Nirachorn; Moonamart, broth using Samart; Kamsan, DESALINATION AND17 pervaporation Tinnakorn; Chiu, Tze Yen CHE WATER TREATMENT MAR 2012 41 1-3 88 94 ARTICLE X X Feasibility assessment of using cassava rhizomes for firing pottery in Dan Kwian, Jongpluempiti, J., Applied Mechanics and 148-18 Thailand Tangchaichit, K. ME Materials 2012 149 1158 1163 Conf. Paper X Panpradit, W.; High negative Sonsilphong, A.; Article refractive index in Soemphol, C.; Number:19 chiral metamaterials Wongkasem, N. EE JOURNAL OF OPTICS JUL 2012 14 7 075101 Article ISI X Identification of the dynamic properties of a reinforced concrete Areemit, Natthapong; coupled shear wall Montgomery, Michael; residential high-rise Christopoulos, Constantin; CANADIAN JOURNAL OF20 building Hasan, Agha CE CIVIL ENGINEERING JUN 2012 39 6 631 642 Article X X Improved geopolymerization of bottom ash by Boonserm, Kornkanok; incorporating fly ash Sata, Vanchai; Pimraksa, and using waste Kedsarin; Chindaprasirt, CEMENT & CONCRETE21 gypsum as additive Prinya CE COMPOSITES AUG 2012 34 7 819 824 Article X X Influence of soil surface coverage on Saengprachatanarug, K., soil deformation by a Ueno, M., Komiya, Y., Engineering in Agriculture,22 traveling wheel Taira, E. AE Environment and Food 2012 5 1 1 6 Article X Investigating Laccase and Titanium Dioxide Kamwilaisak, Khanita;23 for Lignin Degradation Wright, Philip C. CHE ENERGY & FUELS APR 2012 26 4 2400 2406 Article X X Investigation of trapped charges- induced stain Seekumbor, E., formation on RF- Jaroenapibal, P., Diffusion and Defect Data PECVD diamond-like Lertwikool, N., Yamwong, Pt.B: Solid State24 carbon films W., Triroj, N. IE Phenomena 2012 185 28 30 Conf. Paper X
  4. 4. Leaching of heavy metals from solidified Napia, Chuwit; Sinsiri, waste using Portland Theerawat; Jaturapitakkul, cement and zeolite as Chai; Chindaprasirt,25 a binder Prinya CE WASTE MANAGEMENT JUL 2012 32 7 1459 1467 Article X X Maximizing volumetric efficiency of a diesel engine using an air pump to compress air- biogas mixture into the Applied Mechanics and 148-26 engine via venturi Kitti, W., Sujin, B. ME Materials 2012 149 1051 1057 Conf. Paper X Microstructure and strength of blended Boonserm, Kornkanok; FBC-PCC fly ash Sata, Vanchai; Pimraksa, geopolymer containing Kedsarin; Chindaprasirt,27 gypsum as an additive Prinya CE SCIENCEASIA JUN 2012 38 2 175 181 Article X X Modeling of soil displacement and soil strain distribution Saengprachatanarug, K., under a traveling Ueno, M., Taira, E., Article in28 wheel Okayasu, T. AE Journal of Terramechanics 2012 Press X Optimization of a triangular slot shape in a tire tread block by using the finite element Dolwichai, T., Limtragool, Advanced Materials29 analysis and MPSO J., Bureerat, S. ME Research 2012 505 424 428 Conf. Paper X Optimization of As(V) adsorption on Fe-RH- MCM-41-immobilized Wantala, Kitirote; GAC using Box- Khongkasem, Eakkachai; Behnken Design: Khlongkarnpanich, Effects of pH, loadings, Nuthakarn; Sthiannopkao, and initial Suthipong; Kim, Kyoung- APPLIED30 concentrations Woong CHE GEOCHEMISTRY MAY 2012 27 5 1027 1034 Article X X Optimization of molding sand composition for quality improvement of iron Saikaew, C., Wiengwiset, Article in31 castings S. IE Applied Clay Science 2012 67 26 31 Press X Performance enhancement of multiobjective evolutionary optimisers for truss design using an approximate 106-32 gradient Pholdee, N., Bureerat, S. ME Computers and Structures 2012 107 115 124 Article X
  5. 5. Tho-in, Tawatchai; Sata, Pervious high-calcium Vanchai; Chindaprasirt, fly ash geopolymer Prinya; Jaturapitakkul, CONSTRUCTION AND33 concrete Chai CE BUILDING MATERIALS MAY 2012 30 366 371 Article X X Resistance of lignite bottom ash geopolymer mortar to Sate, Vanchai; sulfate and sulfuric Sathonsaowaphak, Apha; CEMENT & CONCRETE34 acid attack Chindaprasirt, Prinya CE COMPOSITES MAY 2012 34 5 700 708 Article X X Resistance to acid and sulfate solutions of microwave-assisted Chindaprasirt, P., Materials and high calcium fly ash Rattanasak, U., Structures/Materiaux et Article in35 geopolymer Taebuanhuad, S. CE Constructions 2012 1 7 Press X Rubber and Methane Recovery from Deproteinized Natural Hatamoto, M.; Nagai, H.; Rubber Wastewater by Sato, S.; Takahashi, M.; INTERNATIONAL Coagulation Pre- Kawakami, S.; Choeisai, JOURNAL OF treatment and P. K.; Syutsubo, S.; ENVIRONMENTAL SUM36 Anaerobic Treatment Ohashi, A.; Yamaguchi, T. ENE RESEARCH 2012 2012 6 3 577 584 Article X X Some Physical Properties of Cassava concerned in machine Thangdee, D., Advanced Materials 482-37 design Wongpichet, S. AE Research 2012 484 2613 2617 Conf.Paper X Kongroy, Porntawee; Tantemsapya, Netnapid; Spatial distribution of Lin, Ying-Feng; Jing, Shuh INTERNATIONAL metals in the Ren; Wirojanagud, JOURNAL OF38 constructed wetlands Wanpen ENE PHYTOREMEDIATION 2012 14 2 128 141 Article X X Strength and water permeability of concrete containing various types of fly Homwuttiwong, S., ashes and filler Chindaprasirt, P., International Journal of39 material Jaturapitakkul, C. CE Materials Research 2012 103 8 1058 1064 Conf. Paper X Study of windage effects due to flow induced vibration of flex on Head Stack Nabudda, K., Limtragool, Applied Mechanics and 148-40 Assembly J., Piyasin, S. ME Materials 2012 149 268 271 Conf. Paper X Surrogate-assisted evolutionary optimizers for multiobjective design of a torque arm Applied Mechanics and 101-41 structure Pholdee, N., Bureerat, S. ME Materials 2012 102 324 328 Conf. Paper X
  6. 6. The effects of Sinsiri, Theerawat; Phoo- replacement fly ash ngernkham, Tanakorn; with diatomite in Sata, Vanchai; COMPUTERS AND42 geopolymer mortar Chindaprasirt, Prinya CE CONCRETE JUN 2012 9 6 427 437 Article X X The flow conditions to move different plastic particles in dilute Wiwattanasirikul, R., Applied Mechanics and 148-43 pneumatic conveying Sujumnongtokul, P. ME Materials 2012 149 932 937 Conf. Paper X The influence of physical properties on total friction factor in horizontal dilute pneumatic conveying Wiwattanasirikul, R.,44 of plastic particles Sujumnongtokul, P. ME Advanced Science Letters 2012 13 858 862 Article X The role of pig size Apichottanakul, A., prediction in supply Pathumnakul, S., Article in45 chain planning Piewthongngam, K. IE Biosystems Engineering 2012 Press X Utilization of bagasse ash in high-strength Rukzon, Sumrerng;46 concrete Chindaprasirt, Prinya CE MATERIALS & DESIGN FEB 2012 34 45 50 Article X X Vangchangyia, Somsack; Very Low Loss Swatsitang, Ekaphan; Tangent and High Thongbai, Prasit; Dielectric Permittivity Pinitsoontorn, Supree; in Pure-CaCu3Ti4O12 Yamwong, Teerapon; Ceramics Prepared by Maensiri, Santi; JOURNAL OF THE a Modified Sol-Gel Amornkitbamrung, Vittaya; AMERICAN CERAMIC47 Process Chindaprasirt, Prinya CE SOCIETY MAY 2012 95 5 1497 1500 Article X X Report By : Walailak Saengwannakool Date : 22/09/12 : ก ! " 2012