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Maestro Artist Info And Press Kit


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Maestro artist bio and press kit

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Maestro Artist Info And Press Kit

  1. 1. Riaan Pieterse is a diverse electro-dance-pop Music Composer-Producer and Film Scorer and wasgiven the name "Maestro” by other musicians, artists and Dj`s.He loves working in different genres and creating his own unique, immediately identifiable style ofmusic that sets him apart from other producers and artists.He has performed at the Tembisa Stadium at Soweto, S.A. for a 12,000 member audience when hewas signed as a Recording Artist, Writer and Producer to Global Sunrise Records. His group, RhymeSyndicate, was published by BMG Records. He now records and produces solo. He has his ownproduction house and produced many artists, including "Sipho M Groove Thang" and "Da Syndicate."Maestro also produced and engineered Evette; Thobela FM Jingle; Phillip and Mpho; Jacob and Mpho;Color Side Cullinan Group; Godfrey; Arthur from 999 Records Dancers; Elias; Kwaito groups; Hip Hopand Afrikaans solo artists; Gospel a cappella artists, and so on. He is also a songwriter, rapper anddabbles in singing as well. He has built a great Fan base himself by interacting with Fans and they nowtotal in the thousands.Maestro has held the #1 spot on Reverb nation’s Electronica and Dance chart from the firstweek of entry to today and is also one of the most top 10 bands played on a dailybasis. Maestro submitted his music upon request to Sony Pictures in Hollywood via composer-producer, Aynne Pryce that own Dream Walker Enterprises based in Hollywood. She is signed withKenneth Kleinberg, that represents JK Rowlings and the Harry Potter franchise . His music waspersonally submitted by the Sr. VP of Post Production for Ghostbusters 3. His submittal ofthree soundtracks with action cues were met with rave reviews and more were requested.Ghostbusters 3 is currently on hold. Maestro was asked to resubmit and will be notified whenGhostbusters 3 is ready for production. He was also represented by Richard E Burkhart and Al Siegelfrom Hollywood before and is now looking for new people to work with as He does film and gamemusic as well as other genres. His music was also presented for Shark Night and also Maniac that wasdirected by Franck Khalfoun starring Elijah Wood. Recently He was also offered a Sony/ Iodadistribution deal in the USA and Worldwide for his music.
  2. 2. Facebook Fan Page This is a snapshot of myFacebook Fan page about a month or so ago with 1996 FansHere is the latest Snapshot of my Fan Page right now with 4573 Fans
  3. 3. Here is a snapshot of my Fan page reach about a Month or so agoHere is the latest Snapshot of my Fan page reach right now
  4. 4. Reverbnation Fan Page: Total fans on Reverbnation6417. Song plays 6,292. Facebook Likes 4500
  5. 5. Twitter:
  6. 6. YouTube: also have a group on Facebook with 1083 Members
  7. 7. Emma Lock:  He is currently working on a song called Guardian and L.O.V.E and various remixes with the Prolific Singer Song-Writer Emma Lock who hit the Electronic Dance scene in 2010, wowing dance music lovers with her angelic divine Vocals, infectious Melodies and flawless Lyrics. Guardian has been featured on a couple of Radio Stations and a few Record Labels were interested in signing the track as well as other`s Maestro produced. He and Emma are currently working on more songs together and are looking for an album deal with the right Record Label……Emma is known for her song ‘Save Me’ that smashed into the #1 slot on Beat port andAudio Jelly Charts, alongside DJ/Producer Andrew Chen aka DJ Shogun. Signed to ArmadaMusic, and heavily supported by Armin Van Buuren on ‘A State of Trance Radio’, ‘Save Me’ toppedthe charts for 5 weeks whilst clubbers around the world united, raising their hands and singingalong in support. Emma was voted in as “future-favored. “With 18 hits released since 2010,Emma Lock has worked with a number of established and upcoming DJ’s and producers. Tracks like‘Hiding to Nothing’ were included on the ‘In Trance We Trust” CD in 2011. ‘Cut and Run’ with BeatService was personally chosen to go on ‘A State of Trance in 2011 by Armin Van Burren.To date,Emma Lock is featured and collaborated on more than 80 track collaborations. “GeorgeAcosta, Feat Emma Lock’s “Never Fear” is #13 in Billboard’s dance-club Chart with abullet! Emma wrote this song and many others that chart on Billboard.
  8. 8. Maestro  Maestro is working on his own album titled From Dusk Till Dawn. He is also working with various singers and Producers. His music has been played on a couple of Radio stations. Roger Goode played a song he produced called Jaws Remix on Radio 5. Africa was played on Mutha Fm. Flying Cobra was showcased in a couple of clubs including some Uk one`s. Guardian was played on another 3 Radio Stations and a few Record Labels were interested in signing the track as well as other`s Maestro produced.  He recently got offered the position of Vice President for Equinox Recordings and He and the owner are also producing some songs together and working on a Dance Album. They have a few dance songs in the pipeline including Je Bent Mooi a dance track they are workin g on.  He was contacted by Rhinosilver Entertainment a USA based company to work together on different projects and music. They offered him a Sony/Ioda deal for his music and he will produce music for their artists.  He has a daily growing Fan base as you can see from the Snapshots and have even more Fans at this present moment in time.Imagine a full Orchestra on stage combining classical music with dance as a concept. Having dancerson stage like ballroom dancing, Africa dancers and so on. Imagine a stage performance where youprogress thru all the different areas in music and times and eras. Imagine a Fred Astaire song likesinging in the rain then turning into a dance tune. Maybe a remix of a legend like Nat King Cole. Darkintro`s like resident evil going into a stage performance. Opera singers on stage. The goal is to thinkout of the box and do concepts that will bring the paying public. We can even focus on dance but withvarious genres included. Look at what Robert Miles did with his song children. He made PlatypussRecords into what it is today, an Empire.I need to get my Music placed with major artists and in films, soundtracks and for games. If possible Iwould need management for Maestro as well as a good Record Label. I produce Urban POP and manymore styles including Dance. I see myself on stage with a DJ and singer and the concepts I describedabove. I am a versatile music producer and can produce any style of music. I do not want to limitmyself to producing only one style . I want to do music for films, games and so on. With the rightpeople behind me I want to win Awards and be in all the charts with every single song workingtogether as a unit like a well oiled machine. We are going for gold not silver. I have this outlook onlife; if one thing does not happen I do not cry and focus on the next. Failure is not an option I willeven consider myself. I have been told I can be a force to be reckoned with in the USA and abroad.They are not wrong and it will happen.I want to get signed to a USA or International record label as well. I have music ready and a cataloguewith various productions. I also did all the music for the Movie Zombie land or any other Horror movieor game for that matter and am ready with the material so it can be pre sented and used in variousfilm and game soundtracks……
  9. 9. Film and GamesGhostbusters 3 Opening Credits 3 Action Cues them all Opening Credits (Lyrics by Maestro) Planet Opening Credits of light and DanceCaribbean Dream Bent Mooi
  10. 10. After Midnight Cobra and HiphopPrepare for launch`t hold me back up Deaky Wife my bitch up
  11. 11. Aynne Pryce Dream Walker Company, LLC Owner Los Angeles, California aynne1@aol.comEmma Lock emma@emmalock.comAffan Baray CEO of Equinox Recordings mail@ammotasticmusic.tkDJ Stephen Mcconachie radio presenter Merv radio presenter . Andrei Andreas radio presenter is just some of the feedback I have received……Robbie Lock (Producer at Soviet Recordings)I like that old-school vibe it’s got with guardian, kind of cross trance n dance plus Emma`s vocalsadds so much seduction to the track which gives it much more dimension ... love that epic feel it hason Rider dance with the glorious piano riff which stands out a mile, sticks in your mind as well realnice gated synth with a driven bass line makes it really danceable but it’s this beautiful piano melodywhich makes that track for me really nice ....Suzy Solar (Top USA Dance DJ featured on Paul Oaken fold’s Grammy nominated album"Cream fields)Right on:) Ill be looking forward to the finished version. Please send it my way so I can support it:)cheers!I have great support from some Top Dj`s and music producers. And then of course all myloyal fans who are waiting patiently for my music to be out on cd……..
  12. 12. If you need any more information, material or songs I will be happy to send it your way as I have aCatalogue of many songs in all kinds of Genres . My email address is Ihave more game soundtracks, film music and various productions and will be happy to present it toyou..........I look forward to a productive working relationship. Thank you for your time.Sincerely,Riaan “Maestro” Pieterse