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Thanksgiving presentation


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Thanksgiving presentation

  1. 1. Thanksgiving:An American Holiday By Kelsey Murray
  2. 2. What Is It?• Legend has it that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims. They had a huge feast and stopped fighting for one day in order to have this meal.• Today, Thanksgiving is one Thursday in November when families and friends get together to remember what they are thankful for.• Usually people eat a large meal in the middle of the day. This meal usually consists of a turkey and various side items, such as potatoes, salads, and green bean casserole.• Americans and Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving.
  3. 3. Who are the Pilgrims and Indians?• The Pilgrims were the European settlers who came to the Americas to colonize the land.• The Indians were the Native Americans who had lived in North America before the Pilgrims came.• These two groups of people fought a lot over land and cultural differences.
  4. 4. The First Thanksgiving• One year, there was a bad famine. In order to survive, the two groups of people joined together and had a feast so that nobody would be hungry.• It was was very rare and important that they spent a day together without fighting. Today, we remember this day and call it Thanksgiving.
  5. 5. The FoodFamilies eat a big meal together. Turkey!! Devilled Eggs Pumpkin Pie Green Bean Casserole
  6. 6. American Football• After the big meal, many people watch an American football game.• There are many American football games on the television on Thanksgiving Day.
  7. 7. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade• Macy’s is a big clothing store in the USA.• Since 1924, Macy’s has had a big parade in New York City.• The parade has musicians, floats, balloons dancers, and other types of street performers.• People stand in the streets and watch the parade. People also watch the parade on TV if they can not go to New York City.
  8. 8. The Macy’sThanksgiving Day Parade